Arashi asks “Are You Happy?” in new album

Arashi will be releasing their new album on October 26! The group’s 15th album “Are You Happy?” expresses “the current Arashi according to Arashi” through the theme of “Happy,” incorporating a rich variety of music. In their 17th year, Arashi asks, “Are You Happy?”

And in addition to their solo songs, this time each of the members were in charge of original Arashi songs using the “Happy” theme. Five songs that are even more individualized than usual are included on this album! This is a powerful album that will envelop all who listen, packaging up Arashi’s current progress as they continue on forward!!

There are not much detail yet on the album, but take a look on the available info on tracklist below.

First-run limited edition
☆Deluxe booklet special packaging specs

12 new tracks (7 tracks including album and lead songs +5 solo tracks)
+ singles Ai wo Sakebe,  Fukkatsu LOVE,” “I seek,” and “Daylight” with a total of 16 tracks (track order TBD)

Album’s lead track “Title TBD”
(Music video+making-of)

Regular edition

12 new tracks (7 tracks including album and lead songs +5 solo tracks +bonus track)
+ singles Ai wo Sakebe,  Fukkatsu LOVE,” “I seek,” and “Daylight” with a total of 17 tracks (track order TBD)

(via J-net)

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    • Aeiru

      2003-How’s It Going? 2016- Are you Happy? Sounds nice

      ANYWAYS ARE YOU HAPPY!? AM I HAPPY?! YES I AM HAPPY OMG my wallet is not though.
      Anyways, the title sounds like something Aiba or Ohno would came up with xD

      It’ll be Arashi Happy Tour sounds great. lol. I expect something Happiness-like.

      • whatever

        YES :D Same here, my wallet… so many releases this fall…
        (and after Digitalian and Japonism – as awesome as I found them – I’m happy about getting some happy Arashi again :D )

    • Midna

      I have no words

      • anarafan

        You’re not happy?
        i am making a joke

        Serious though, out of curiosity could you elaborate please? I think the title is cheesy but it didn’t bother me much when I think of Aiba asking me that question.

        • Midna

          The title makes me cry. I have loved the singles this year so if we get some jazzy or city pop tunes in this album, I’ll be hella happy. But at this point, I don’t know what to expect. I’m just hoping it’s good. If it’s all genki type songs ….

          • anarafan

            I’m trying not to expect much so not to be setting myself up for disappointment lol. Jazz and city pop sounds awesome.
            If its all genki they better give us stupid crazy MV like Happiness or Kittou Daijoubu or Troublemaker..BUT…I’ve been disappointed by their MVs so many times, its really not wise to hope :|

            • Midna

              I don’t even watch the PVs lmao.

          • fiona

            well it’s said that they just choose songs that make them happy so i don’t think they have to be all genki and stuff

            • Midna

              I never know what to expect. They always end up doing something out of the left field from what I
              Think lmao.

          • light

            I think it will actually have a broader theme than only genki type songs. Fukkatsu Love is also in the album so who knows, there may be similar ones on.

    • Are You Ready?

      【Are You Happy?】On sale Oct.26, 2016! Here's a translation of what to expect :D— Emkay@嫌いじゃない❤ (@amnosxmatsujun) September 7, 2016

    • ren

      tbh as i lie here struggling w p damning depression & suicidal fantasies i feel so called out by this title

      when i first heard the title, the first thought that came to mind was that the songs would b pensive, more on the slow/soft side talking bout happiness or the seeking of it w just a touch of uplifting/light tone thru out. but now that im rly thinking bout it, i rly hope it wont just be upbeat pop songs (tho, i guess i wouldnt rly mind as long as i get my bops).

      • ren

        boy,, that was a rly longwinded desc of waht i thought the songs would b like; forgive me it is late & i am tired

      • anarafan

        I can relate to to that feeling ren.

        Putting my expectations on what the songs going to be on hold.

      • byebicycle

        lmao same tbh, when i first read this title, i was torn between “what is this title” (generally not a fan of question marks in titles) and “omg i don’t know how to answer this question, it’s too confronting sob” i was seriously starting to feel antsy but then i watched some arashi shows and i was able to suppress everything and pretend everything’s ok again huhu. until the next time i break down at least lol welp

        i’m really hoping for a fukkatsu love kind of album bc that entire single is fucking flawless esp affection and ai no collection ;___; but lbr that’s never gonna happen

        • Midna

          I’m still dreaming

        • trebletones

          Apparently we’re the few ones who enjoy the city pop, jazzy side of Arashi. Fukkatsu Love being released as a single is a miracle in itself tbh.

          I’m hoping that the concept of ‘happy’ won’t be limited to bubblegum pop.

          • Historia Lenz

            Count me in. I love Fukkatsu Love, and the other songs in it are great. It showed Arashi’s maturity without losing the fun factor. :)

          • anarafan

            Few ones? What make you feel like we are a minority?
            Arashi have always inserted a bunch of jazz and mellow bobs in each of their albums and a handful of b-sides. A lot of us old fans still jam to Only Love and The Bubble. I thought everybody liked Fukkatsu Love..?

            • light

              I guess they mean a whole album, if not as you said they always had those kind of songs over the years. Also Fukkatsu Love does have a happy ending so the “Happy” theme doesn’t sound that limiting.

              • anarafan

                From my understanding, they feel like arashi fans mostly aren’t into jazzy and city pop. Most of us are a fan of that side of arashi from their earlier album to the latest FL single. Its pretty much a staple in arashi album and I’d be happy if there’ll be an exclusive theme around that kind of sound. I think there’s a translation floating around that said arashi chose a broader theme this time since they were quite specific with Digitalian and Japonism. It make sense imo.

                I hope there’ll be more future singles with jazzy/city pop sounds like FL. It’ll be a bit sad if these kind of songs were kept hidden in an album.

                • light

                  I agree, they have many nice album songs/b-sides that never come out to the public and we are lucky if they perform them once in a concert.

          • anarafan

            Btw, I would recommend Iza Now! album. Its 2004 but the tracks sounds pretty laidback and jazzy. I’d imagine those who are into the current city pop /jazzy trend would love this album. Its one of my favorites.

    • Ryusei

      back to 2 editions?

      • rey

        jsb didn’t sell as much as last year so it’s apparently not needed

        • anarafan

          Is this a shade or a drag? :P

          • rey

            idk i like both jsb and arashi lol but that’s just how it is

            • anarafan

              Ikr lol. Jsb legacy sold around 650k so 2 editions probably enough to top that number.

      • light

        It also seems to have less stuff than Japonism so makes sense i guess

    • whatever

      “this time each of the members were in charge of original Arashi songs using the “Happy” theme”

      This sounds actually quite promising!

      Japonism was a really interesting album. I’m curious what they come up with now!

      • losers game

        Japonism grew on me after seeing the concert. Before the concert, I was not all that into it, but after? It was pretty rad.

        Especially the solos (looking at you, Leader…).

        • whatever

          Agree! I loved all the solo performances. Ugh. So much respect for them – this time each of them really put a lot into it. (In general I always wait for the concert before I judge their solo songs or their songs :D Sometimes you need the visuals :D)

    • light

      I hope Nino will write his solo this year =)
      I actually don’t really know what to expect, i know it says “Happy” but i don’t think it will be all bubbly songs (and i hope so), so i’m looking forward to see how it will be!

    • My birthday gift to myself every year is an Arashi album. Always released in the fall. :) And yes, I’m happy.

    • rainbows pls

      If by happy they mean rainbows a la Kitto Daijoubu then count me in.

    • Historia Lenz

      Yey! I gotta have this! I know that this will make me happy!

    • mikamika

      How can we not be happy when you finally announce your new album, huh?
      I’m hoping for lots of in-depths songs with one or two simply fun tunes and of course Nino writing his solo ;)