Arashi, Ariana Grande, BIG BANG, and more win big at Japan Gold Disc Award

The 31st annual Japan Gold Disc Awards recently took place, celebrating some of the most successful artists in Japan. The awards are based off of music sales tracked by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). It is considered one of the major music awards of the Japanese industry.

Johnny’s group Arashi took home the prestigious domestic “Artist of the year” award for a 3rd time in a row, this puts them at a tie with AKB48 who originally made history by becoming the first acts to win artist of the year 3 times in a row. AKB48 didn’t go home empty handed, they manged to snag “Single of the year”, as well as dominate 4 spots in the “Best 5 singles” category. International artist of the year went to Ariana Grande, an award shared by many legendary musicians including Madonna, The Beatles, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Lady Gaga. It was also a very triumphant ceremony for South Korean group BIG BANG, who received 5 awards including Best Asian Artist and Best Asian Album.

The full list of winners can be seen below!

Artist of the year


Ariana Grande

Best Asian Artist

BIG BANG (South Korea)

Best Enka Artist

Kiyoshi Hikawa

New Artist of the Year


Fifth Harmony


Best 5 New Artists (Japan)



Pico Taro


My Hair is bad

Best New Enka Artist

Mizuki Hayama

Best 3 New Artists (Asia)

iKon (South Korea)

N.Flying (South Korea)

Nana (Taiwan)

Best 3 New Artists (International)

Kygo (Norway)

Fifth Harmony (United States)

Rachel Platten (United States)

Album of the year


Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman


Best 5 Albums

Arashi – Are you happy?

Hikaru Utada – Fantome

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – THE JSB LEGACY


Back Number – Encore

Best 3 Albums (International)

Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman (United States)

The Beatles – Live At The Hollywood Bowl (United Kingdom)

David Bowie – Black Star (United Kingdom)

Best 3 Albums (Asia)




Classic Album of the year

Taro Hakase, Chisako Takashima, Iwao Furusawa – Best of three violinists

Jazz Album of the year

Norah Jones – Day Breaks

Instrumental Album of the year

Uehara Hiromi The Trio Project – Spark

Soundtrack Album of the year

RADWIMPS – Kimi no Na wa

Animation Album of the year

WALKURE – Walkure attack!

Traditional Japanese Music Album of the year

Various Artists – Ginei Heisei 28 Nendo (Dai 52 Kai) Columbia Zenkoku Ginei Concour Kadai Gin CD Kodemari

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    • light

      Congratulations Arashi!

    • Yay! I was waiting for this post. Arigatou~ 😊 Congratulations to all the winners! 🏆

    • Goi

      Yes back number!!! Congrats everyone

    • yacchaitai

      AK-69 getting new artist award over 10 years after debuting?

      • Sakura Harano

        Maybe when you start promoting in Japan, like Fifth Harmony?

        Edit: Oops, my bad, I thought AK-69 was under international.

    • yamakita

      So, is Best Asian Artist a higher honor than Artist of the Year? Or does Japan not consider itself part of Asia?

      • starlightshimmers

        Japan considers itself separate from the rest of Asia. This is called Japanese exceptionalism. From 1964 to 1996, Japan was the only developed nation in Asia, the Japanese developed a sense of being different from the rest of Asia and aligned themselves with the West.

        When Japanese people use the term Asian, they usually refer to China and Korea, not Japan.

        • Hatori Sachiyo


        • yamakita

          Thanks for the serious comment to my sarcastic questions. Let’s say this is how Japan thinks, it doesn’t quite make sense. It’s like France doesn’t think it’s part of Europe. Just saying.

          • starlightshimmers

            It makes sense if you consider the fact that Japan is also a former colonial power, like Europe and the USA.

            France is the centre of Europe, I would say France is the centre of European culture, European traditions such as chivalry, noblesse oblige (etiquette and duty), courtly love, and knighthood, all of that originated from France.

            Off topic but I find it sad it seems the French themselves seem to have lost touch of their noble and knightly heritage, I would argue that the UK has preserved more European tradition than mainland Europe itself. France is such a mess these days.

            • the U.k are … they do preserve their heritage.

    • yamakita

      Kiyoshi! Kiyoshi Kiyoshi! Still the prince after all these years!

    • demasta

      Grats Keyaki! :)

    • Ryusei

      More like “japan best sales awards” but congratz to all the winners

      • Disc

        Did they ever said it was more than just sales?

        • Ryusei

          I don’t know but it’s quite obvious

          • Disc

            It is obvious since they named themselve Golden DISC and their award description has always been “awards based off of music sales“. Hence those who sold the most discs wins.

            • yamakita

              So saying they are the “best” is questionable. Most sales don’t make it good.

    • Jessica

      Congrats Keyakizaka46! They deserved the new artist of the year award