Anti-Idol: Japan’s Beautifully Bonkers Pop Movement

The YouTube channel This Exists recently released a video about Japan’s anti-idols. What are anti-idols? Anti-idols are idol groups that exist as foils to more traditional idols such as AKB48 and Morning Musume. Anti-idols include the likes of BABYMETAL, Momoiro Clover Z, and BiS. In the video, the roots of idoldom are also explored, touching on names such as Momoe Yamaguchi, Onyanko Club, and Jun Togawa. There is also an interview with Ricky Wilson, the manager of anti-idol group NECRONOMIDOL. Check it out below, along with This Exist’s anti-idol playlist!

Anti-idol playlist

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    • Owari Konoyono

      He does not understand Japanese idol culture.
      AKB48, Morning Musume and Onyanko Club were told that they were heresy in Japanese idol world at their debut time. That is, it means anti-idles which he say. Just called traditional idol when if they will sell themselves and become famous.
      So, if KAMEN JOSHI becomes famous, they will be called traditional idol in the future.

    • lol

      okay? they’re still as untalented and annoying as the “traditional” idols. you can paint shit gold and it’ll still be shit.

      • Kiroki

        That’s harsh. They may not be the best singers or dancers but they do have talent. Some are good at dancing. Some are good at acting. Some are good at variety etc.

        Just because they’re not your cup of tea doesn’t mean they’re shit.

      • Paddy Alfan

        Your shit is my gold
        ~random landfill worker~

    • iGleaux

      Oh whatever, they are the same thing but with a wacky twist…bye.

    • Kiroki

      How the fuck Momoiro is anti idol? They’re just as idol as one can be. I fail to see the difference.

    • Paddy Alfan

      Do they also doing handshake, photos etc? If yes, they’re not all that different, no? Just the same substance with a different cover

    • Elodie Genia

      This guy know definition of an idol ?

    • SHOCKED to know Momoiro is not an idol group. :O

    • yamakita

      I have been wondering what’s happened to Kamen Joshi. Their first single was great, but haven’t heard much since.

    • PigeonPop

      The usual CD gimmicks, the usual jimusho/label push (Stardust, Amuse etc.), the usual crazed otaku-infested fandom–there is really nothing anti-idol about it in the end of the day, except for a seemingly different veneer. I do found the categorization poignant though, because one can definitely observe how certain fans of these “anti-idols” (particularly BABYMETAL) like to act like they are above the traditional idol system.