AKB48 prepares for the senbatsu election with new single “Negaigoto no Mochigusare”

It’s May, so that means election season is gearing up for AKB48!

The Senbatsu Election is an annual event where fans can vote for their favorite 48 member, essentially making it an “official” popularity contest.  Girls that are a member of numerous groups such as AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48,  Team Kaigai etc. are eligible for participation. The top 80 girls with the most votes are then separated into different categories. Senbatsu (1-16), Undergirls (17-32), Next Girls (33-28), Future Girls (49-65), and Upcoming Girls (65-80)

“Negaigoto no Mochigusare” will serve as the junior high school set piece for the 84th NHK All-Japan School Choir Competition. The 11 minute heart warming music video for the song features the girls singing choir style and tons of footage of choir children who look like to be elementary school students.  The single will come out in 7 editions and feature 3 different b-sides depending on the version you purchase. The b-side “Ima Para” will be included in every version, while “Maebure” will be included on version A, “Tenmetsu Pheromone” on version B, and “Ano Koro no Gohyakuendama” on version C. The theater version will include a song by STU48 called  “Setouchi no Koe”. It will be released on May 31st, 2017

Check out the covers and full 11 minute PV for “Negaigoto no Mochigusare”  below.

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    • Diego

      I used to be a big AKB48 fan but I’ve lost almost all my interest in them and their sister groups. Their latest songs, including this new one, are boring as hell and it’s been the same pattern every year since 2010 with Sousenkyo, Janken, etc. They should try to rebrand AKB48 and stop creating groups like NGT48 or STU48 that don’t offer nothing new.

      • H

        That’s why the 46 groups are doing better. At least they’re doing something that feels current.

        • LouSak

          48G seems to target the baby boomers and the family-focused audience. Whereas the 46G target the millennials and the ones which 48G have fallen out of favor. Which is why 46G seems current compare to 48G.

    • Slava Tyan

      Amazing a-side, amazing b-sides, amazing covers, outfits =) What a wonderful single =)

    • Jessica

      Wow this single is good! I love the song and the covers especially <3

    • Himi Tsu

      I know nothing about these senbatsu, but I’ve heard that Yamamoto Sayaka won’t participate. Is it correct? Could someone explain me what this means / why / etc. ?

      • Diego

        You must be quite new on the J-pop world if you haven’t heard about sousenkyou. It is an annual event where fans can vote for their favorite 48 member. Top 16 girls, known as senbatsu members, are featured in the next single A-side and the ones who rank from 17 to 80 in the different B-sides.

        It’s true that Yamamoto Sayaka won’t be participating this year but I’m not aware of the reasons. Usually when girls decline to participate means they’re graduating soon but I hope it’s not the case here because Sayanee is one of the few charismatic and talented girls left.

        • Himi Tsu

          Oh, I knew that much about these elections. What I meant was more that I don’t knew details about it as I’ve never watched them nor followed the previous result. Sorry that I didn’t explain myself enough.

          Until recently, I always thought that every member was just participating by default, so I didn’t really understand what it meant to not participate.

          Thank you for your answer. Does that mean that she will leave AKB and stay only in NMB?

          I totally agree about Sayanee. When AKB appears in the music shows I’m watching, I’m probably only looking for her in the crowd of 48 members :)

      • Ben

        She said last year SSK would be her last. No reason given. She’s just sticking to her words. That’s pretty much it.

      • Ayan

        I think she knows that with Sashihara and her powerful fans still taking part on the election she won’t likely reach the top, which was her goal on previous years but became very hard. I think it’s very probable that the top 3 stays the same as last year.

        And personally I’m glad she’s not participating, she already got a #1 from her fans in the Kouhaku selection (Maybe it’s not the main AKB event but still got the spot on an main Japanese tv event xD) and she has other things to do with her starting solo career, she said she’s working on new songs aiming for her 1st single.

        Not sure if she is thinking on graduation yet. NMB48 still depends a lot on her.

      • lwavesurfer

        Sayanee is too classy for senbatsu. Then again, she’s branching to solo career now, so I believe she’s going to focus composing songs.

    • yacchaitai

      25 members will not be participating this year (iirc), a lot of spots will be opening up for other members.

    • AKB

      The song sounds nice and the album covers are nice too. It’s actually a music style I wasn’t expecting them to do, specially as an a-side song. I didn’t listen or watch every MV for the previous single, but I didn’t like it. Even if it is one dedicated to the graduation of an ace member, it shouldn’t be an excuse to have bad concepts.
      It’s obvious there’s a big 46groups’ influence on their concepts. I prefer these ones, at least these look appropriate.

    • Midori

      The song is really lovely! It makes me feel nostalgic!
      The album covers are nice too.

    • PigeonPop

      I don’t even know why people still hold on to the “powerful fans” line when it comes to Sashihara at this point. That would have been valid for the first few years, but it’s quite silly at this point when she has cultivated her career into a formidable idol / mc-hybrid who was fourth on the yearly list of *all* TV appearances by a female tarento, period. The #1 spot is hers by default.