Aimer Sings of Winter in “Kogoesouna Kisetsu Kara”

Aimer will release a new digital single, “Kogoesouna Kisetsu Kara” on February 10th 2017. Her previous single, “everlasting snow” was a gentle song about winter. As a continuation to the seasonal theme, “Kogoesouna Kisetsu Kara” will be a fast paced number about a never ending winter and the unforgettable memories that come with it.

The single serves as the opening theme for airing drama, Ubai Ai, Fuyu, which began airing on January 20th. AAA‘s “MAGIC” will also serve as the theme song for the drama.

Aimer’s latest single is a perfect pick for the drama as it matches with the theme of past loves and indelible memories. The drama covers the relationships between two couples whose lives intersect. Ikeuchi Hikaru plans to marry Okugawa Kota. However, things become complicated when her past love, Moriyama Shin, comes back into her life and turns her world upside down. But it turns out that Moriyama is already married while Ikeuchi and Okugawa are engaged. What will happen during this seemingly endless winter?

A preview of “Kogoesouna Kisetsu Kara” is now available on Aimer’s Official Site.

TV Asahi series "robbing love, winter" key visual. Shohei Miura from the left, Kana Kana.

Via Aimer Official Site

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    • phoe-enix

      Popping in to say I’m glad glad she gets the recognition (and attention) she deserves XD.

      Also, she becomes more and more bold on ‘showing’ her face on CD cover <3

      • Yay! It’s so nice to meet other fans. :) She definitely deserves it!
        Haha, that’s true. But her photos are still so strategically angled…

        • phoe-enix

          It’s definitely improvement from the first few years after Rokutosei no Yoru (still my favorite Aimer song until now) when her CD covers almost always consist of a lone girl in the distance standing solemnly in a melancholic environment, surrounded by blinking lights and/or stars, face partially obstructed by hair… not that they weren’t beautiful to look at, though

          • Rokutosei no Yoru is so beautiful! Sleepless Nights is my favourite album of hers. I agree, the cover art’s really improved. I don’t mind the “lone girl in the darkness” look, like in After Dark or StarRingChild. But I’m excited to see what’s next.