Music video released for ‘Lagrima’, the 11th ‘Dragon Ball Super’ ending theme

A Toho Entertainment vocal and dance unit, ONEPIXCEL, was chosen to perform the 11th ending theme song for ‘Dragon Ball Super’ anime series. The new ending theme, ‘Lagrima’ premiered in episode 122 that aired on January 7th earlier this year. Now ONEPIXCEL has released the official music video for the song. Watch ‘Lagrima’ below.

ONEPIXCEL was originally formed in 2015. Currently the group consists of three members: Nanami Tanabe, a former Hello! Project trainee; Ayaka Den, a former ChibikkoAAA member; and Ami Kanuma, who debuted with ONEPIXCEL. They’ve released one full-length album so far. ‘Lagrima’ marks their first major single, and it will be released in two different versions on March 7th.

Type A

M2. Howling
M3. TONDEKE George (MOP of HEAD) Remix
M4. LAGRIMA (Instrumental)
M5. Howling (Instrumental)

Type B

M2. Howling
M3. be with you Masayoshi Iimori Remix
M4. LAGRIMA (Instrumental)
M5. Howling (Instrumental)

(Via Actress Press, Official Website)

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    • Azura Of Ylisse

      When I first heard this at the end of the Dragon Ball Super episode, I felt like it was out of place. However, hearing it in subsequent episodes has definitely made it grow on me and the full song is even better.
      I’m so glad the full song was released on YouTube for us foreign fans.
      I hope more Japanese artists follow suit.

      Amazing song and beautiful lyrics. 😍❤️
      Not to mention a beautiful music video.

    • Jay

      I’m so glad Nanami left H!P. They were just letting stew in the Kenshuusei for way too long. I know that letting their talent stew worked out for a few of H!P’s current idols but Nanami would have been left in limbo for so long. Joining One Pixcel was exactly the right move for her to make with her career.

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    • Poor men’s Perfume?

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