Morning Musume ’14 celebrate their 17th anniversary

On September 14th, idol group Morning Musume ’14 celebrated their 17th anniversary with 1,500 fans at Shinagawa Stellar Ball in Tokyo.

The group’s name ‘Morning Musume’ was officially announced on September 14, 1997. Since then many members of come and gone. There have been a total of 34 members in Morning Musume and the group is currently in their 11th generation.

At the event the group performed their new song “TIKI BUN” for the first time. The single will be released on October 15th. After the performance the members read a letter from their producer Tsunku (45) who is currently under medical care due to an illness. The letter revealed that on Tsunku’s birthday, October 29th, the group will be releasing their 14th album and on September 30th they will be performing at the Budokan and unveiling their newest members for the first time.

This will be leader Sayumi Michishige (25)’s last album, as she will be graduating from the group at Yokohama Arena on November 26th. Michishige did some PR for the group, “When these new members join we will once again become a new Morning Musume. I want us to keep doing this for 50 years! 100 years! This album is going to have unit songs, cute songs, and songs that are going to really surprise you guys.

Erina Ikuta (17) was fixated on the topic of new members. “I don’t want anyone joining that has their mind fixated on becoming center! I don’t want to be pushed even further away from the center position!,” she commented frantically. Michishige harshly retorted, “You’re only saying that because you’re still not center, even though you said you would be able to take the spot.

morning musume '14 tiki bun morning musume '14 tiki bun

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    • Sayummy

      yas sayu put ikuta in ha place

    • I find it amusing that some of the members aren’t even 17 lol

    • l3012

      17th anniversary?

      I still remember the 10th anniversary unit (feeling so old now…ugh).

      Glad they are releasing a new album before Sayu leaves – although i like Harunan and Mizuki, I don’t know if it will be enough to keep me interested in the group (but I’m open to see what happens).

      • Joe Gibken

        I feel yah. I’ve been following them since Sou da! We’re alive! – – Damn. I feel old D:

        • l3012

          Wow. I started to follow them properly during Onna ni Sachi Are (but listened Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari was my first song and became a Rika fan/V-U-DEN).

          Damn, time surely flies (I’m 22 rn)

          • Joe Gibken

            ……….now I feel much older………….


    • Choco Pinku

      Finally something about the new members! And I can’t wait for the new single! I’m still hoping they can beat both JSB and Kanjani.

    • Ant

      Now that the girls have finally settled into their roles and characters I’m hoping the addition of 12th gen (who might very well be much younger than the current lineup) will stir things up and make the group really fun.

      I’m most interested in seeing Maachan as a senpai. XD

    • guest

      First Musumes born after 2000!

    • Anon

      i hope we get some tsujikago-esque brats for 12th gen or a girl who’s a comedy genius like eri was. i love the girls to death during concerts and performances but their variety appearances are so lame..

    • Yarg

      Tsunku is only 45? Seriously? Jeez, the guy looks about 60

    • Joe Gibken