Morimoto Ryutaro Returns to Showbiz with New Group “ZERO”

Hey!Say! JUMP ex-member, Ryutaro Morimoto makes his return to the entertainment world after a four year hiatus. He was originally the youngest member of Jump but left JE after his underage smoking scandal emerged. Since his departure, he has opened an account on Twitter and occasionally uploaded YouTube videos. Today was the launch of his official LINE blog.

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In his first post, he expressed his gratitude for all the support over the years and his intent to do his best from now on. Ryutaro will be the main vocalist and producer of the new group, ZERO. The dance and vocal unit consists of five members including himself and four others: KENTO, Ryo, T_Y, and Ta2ya. The group’s name comes from the idea that all things start from 0 and how they will always treasure their original intentions. The group already has held fan meetings in Tokyo and Osaka earlier this month and plans to hold one in Yokohama later in May. More announcements about the group are expected to come soon through the group’s official twitter. Furthermore on April 24th, Ryutaro will participate in the live LINE broadcast event for Pancrase 277, a mixed martial arts competition.

The first official group image can be found on the blog and features all members and the group’s event producer known as Sakai.

Morimoto like

The members are active on Twitter and individual links can be found below.

ryutaro morimoto

Ryu’s Twitter

KENTO’s Twitter

Ryo’s Twitter

T_Y’s Twitter

Ta2ya’s Twitter

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    • Ja’Crispy

      I already knew about this though… The only thing new here to me is the youtube videos. I wish I could’ve caught them. I’ll always root for Ryutaro. The least I can hope for is good music to come out of this. I mean, they got KENTO (Nakajima Kento), Ryo (Nishikido Ryo), T_Y (Yamashita Tomohisa), Ta2ya (Kimura Takuya?) and Ryutaro~! -A little bit of EVERYTHING…And they’re all pretty handsome. Can’t be too bad.

      I’ll try to keep up w/ them and see where this goes~~~~

      • guest

        Ta2ya is more like TaTUya = Tatsuya, don’t you think? (lol)

        • Ja’Crispy

          I like that better, I need a KAT_TUN member in this. (makes more seinse)

      • Ahoukai

        If you really want to support them, why force other people’s names on them?

        • Ja’Crispy

          That’s not not supporting them. What r u getting so uptight about? lol :P

        • mani

          fucking sourpuss

      • Rory

        His videos are still on his channel. I don’t know why they’re seeing they’re nowhere to be found.

        • Ja’Crispy


          • Rory

            You’re welcome

      • hisay

        Are these young guys calling themselves after these older Johnny’s because I’m pretty sure the real Kento, Ryo, Yampi and KimuTaku aren’t in this group.

    • Hatori Sachiyo

      The only thing I see is kpop.. Eww..

      • Alyosha

        More like EXILE TRIBE and Da-ICE. Anyway, I can’t wait for their major debut. I was really upset when Ryutaro got kicked out of HSJ, but I’m glad he’s finally back.

    • eplizo

      It’s good to see him debut again. They already seem more appealing than HSJ. I’m just hoping their material is of decent quality lol.

      • ashuro

        they’ll probably churn out some wattered down kpop esqe singles before flopping into disbandment

    • Rory

      His youtube videos are still there on his youtube channel.

      I have been following his twitter for a while and I’m excited to see where his new adventure takes him.

      • Thanks for the tip and sorry about that! I’ll add the link to his channel! :)

    • Kiki

      I hope his new group works out. I’ll have to check on them when they release something.

    • jiiko

      When he got kicked out his behavior immediately after seemed like that of a guy who was ready to give up and just live like a normal dude. Wasn’t really expecting to ever see him again. I’m not interested but it’s kind of surprising.

    • Hmm, didn’t think this kid would get back in the showbiz but I guess do your thing son.

    • Im a Iijima Guy

      Looks like they might be some competition coming for Johnny’s,
      with Morimoto Ryutaro debut as ZERO, Iijima Michi debut a new boyband called : “G=AGE”.

      • NetizenOnline

        I wished SixTones will debut :(

    • Lilly R

      Well, as for now I don’t know what kind of music they want to make. Some people here are talking about major debut. Isn’t that a bit too optimistic? ^^

    • Nikki ok

      they give off the same flop-feel as yuya’s x4 lol

    • Guest

      Even though he’s back, he might have the stamp of being ex-Hey! Say! JUMP member and got kicked out because of underage smoking. He looks more like a gangsta, don’t expect too much… the guys look like as if they were on drugs… O__O something like Tanaka Koki?