More on Johnny’s Abortion Scandal + Nakai Masahiro Once Did the Same Thing?

Cutting of Contact After the Abortion and Having his Mother Interfere with the Confrontation…Is There Anyone to Blame for Johnny’s Morita Myuuto’s Unjust Behavior?!

Once again, a shocking scoop for Johnny’s has flow in. In the recent Shukan Bunshun, it was revealed by B-ko, the best friend of A-ko, that Johnny’s Junior Morita Myuuto impregnanted A-ko with whom he was in a relationship with and forced her to  have an abortion. Nakai Masahiro of SMAP allegedly also did the same in the past.

According to the article, Morita and A-ko first met at mutual’s drinking party, and in October of the same year, began a relationship. At the time, Morita was only 16, but drank like it was an everyday thing for him. After that in the March of this year, A-ko got pregnant, and confessed to Morita that she wanted to have the baby. However, Morita replied with “Think of my position,” and which resulted in A-ko having an abortion. At the time of the abortion, Morita said “I’m a celebrity so it’s [having the baby] impossible,” and refused to sign the abortion consent form or accompany A-ko to the Gynecologist.

Even after such a saddening thing happened, their relationship continued. However, on day Morita suddenly cut off contact. The worried A-ko visited Morita’s home where Morita’s mother told her “Because of you it got revealed to the office,” and turned A-ko away.

After that, B-ko accompanied A-ko to meet Morita, demanded an explanation for this chain of events, and recorded the conversation. However, Morita said, “My neck is on the line. My life is my own,” and called his own mother to protect himself. Morita stood behind his mother as his mother disparaged A-ko.

When Shukan Bunshu asked Morita about this incident, Morita denied his relationship with A-ko and the pregnancy. On the net, it was angry netizens have commented “He and his mother are terrible,” and “If you can call your mother when you are in troubled at least use protection!” It’s bad enough to cut of contact from your girlfriend after your impregnate her, but it is absolutely pathetic to call your mother at the last minute.

Speaking of Johnny’s, in the past Nakai Masahiro [allegedly] said to the woman he was dating when she got pregnant “It’s okay, it’s only a cell, surgery will be easy and it’s not a big deal,” irresponsibly forcing her to have an abortion. Also, this year in the same Bunshu, Johnny’s West member Fujii Ryuusei’s underage drinking and smoking, and allegations of rape were also reported. However, Fujii continued his activities as if nothing happened, and this month his first drama “Again!” will start airing on TBS. Morita is also starring in a late night drama called “Maho Boys Cherries.” Both Fuji and Morita’s incidents are being treated as if nothing happened. It is desired for Morita to think once again about what he did.


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    • anon

      and the guy on the picture is who?

      • bree

        Yamapi. Why use him when Morita and Nakai are mentioned in the article.

        • bdkdjfh

          except that’s not yamapi

          • Bree

            When I was reading the article, it was definitely Yamapi. I know what he looks like.

            • It was never Yamapi. I was trying to find a pic that didn’t come out blurry.

      • bdkdjfh

        that’s iwahashi genki lol

      • anon

        You’re going to have to give more description as they have different images that load, and one is not of Morita Myuto.

    • faifantc

      This isn’t surprising. This happens really often outside of celebrity world, so it makes sense that it has happened in this agency. -_-

    • anon

      I thought with Fujii’s scandal it was just a look-a-like that they got photos of.

      • Wakarehen

        it was lol

    • Cosmic Unicorn

      Man this kid is the heir to the dead fish eyes throne

    • shaiiii

      Why is Nakai mentioned in this article? Oh right, because SMAP’s holding 27 terebi in a couple days.

    • anon

      Can anyone translate the letter from the previous article about this? Apparently its the evidence of this:

      • I would love to but that letter looks like chicken scratch lol. I can barely read it. If it were typed up somewhere then yeah.

      • JAK

        Tried my best but the kid’s got some messy handwriting.

        To ?chan,

        19th month anniversary!!

        Congrats! I’m really sorry I couldn’t go home, cause I was doing ?.
        though I’m a ba–tard that didn’t show you my best during lives,
        Will you still try your hardest to be with me?
        I’ll show you (my good side?idk) for real.
        I only fight with (??)chan don’t I. But it’s because I like you, ??.
        (??)chan was so cool after we made up (laugh)
        This is so sloppy, like my first letter to you (laugh)
        Like the the meaning is hidden (laugh)
        For ? about me, I said I’ll work hard.
        For ?? for me, for making me breakfast, for going to get ingredients before making dinner, for doing all the small things for me,
        I love ??chan!!!
        Let’s keep supporting each other in the future!!

        By the nuance of the parts I could actually understand, it doesn’t seem like he is close to her. Ending is something you would say something to a coworker, not your girlfriend. From the halfassed apology letter to him hiding behind his mom (literally), I feel bad for this girl

        • anon

          Oh wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to translate!:)

    • eewa


    • iGleaux

      Too much drama at 16 y.o.

    • Dtt Jenny

      can you write a more adult story instead copy the article in website and tabloid ? no more fun with this

    • UnKnown

      LOL he called his mother to protect him? This is why little kids shouldn’t have sex, can’t handle the damn consequences

    • snow anaya

      ” he called his mother to protect him” someones a little bitch. Honestly if a man i was dating got his mom to confront me I would woop her ass then his for disrespecting me like that. What a little douche I feel so bad for the girl at the same time I can’t help but feel like she should have known his ass would be this way. When in love I guess.

    • OhSnap!

      I wonder how many Johnny haven’t.

      • Wakarehen

        the gay ones probably. and koichi because he’s too busy with science and cars.

    • Guest

      All the drama that happens in Johnny’s. Like this stuff & phone stealing lol. & Koki is the one that gets fired man what a biased agency ne

      • InTheDark

        Koki got fired because he went against his contract. If you go against your contract you will be fired too.
        There are scandals which can be tolerated. If you go against your boss and against your agency doing the fuck you want you will be kicked out, with good reason.

        • Reileen

          With regards to Koki, J&A must have been actually ‘lenient’ bec as far as rumors go, he’s been breaking the contract multiple times, since 2009, but was only slapped with fines here and there. When it got escalated, they gave warnings after warnings and final warning until they lost it.

          • InTheDark

            Yes. Koki was indeed doing work outside of J&A since 2009. That involved perfomances, woking as DJ, having the bars in 2014 etc. He got several warnings, even in 2013 he had the chance to stop and continue with KT but obviously he didn’t really give a fuck.
            People and even fans still often think that the firing only happened because the dude had some scandals, especially the dick pics in the end, but this is a scandal J&A could have dealt with. But a worker who doesn’t accept their rules is not needed.

            • Reileen

              Lol yeah J&A can and will ignore scandals, all these are most likely not covered by their contract. Partying scandals isn’t even an issue. Kame said they tried to stop the firing but the reasons provided why it can’t, is :”convincing”. Idk if fans even realize how much Koki has cost the group or the mgt all these years he’s been breaking the rules.

              • InTheDark

                They lost a single which probably had already a pv and a making. A tour, a photobook they’ve shooted when they were in NY in March 2013. (luckily they still managed to rescue some photos and create the 2014 calendar instead) and well, just lots of time they could have used for group work.
                Idk. I guess they don’t really want to realize? It’s easier for people, especially for fans, to stay blind and cling to some idea. (and no one is as good in desperately sticking to the past as KT fans are, sadly)

                • Reileen

                  I agree w/ you. The New York thing is really regrettable. I don’t even want to go serious speculating why 2010 happened as it did. It felt as if there really is some effort to push KT but internal problems are getting in the way. If this is any other company, they’d suffer, but J&A is rich they can let go of huge costs (booked tour locations/NY trip/photo album production/PV costs) just like that & give 4nin a very generous budget for their Countdown Con, album production, fanmeet & everything else.

                  • InTheDark

                    Yeah, this is why personally I was quite annoyed when fans were blaming the managment for everything bad what happened. Lbr considering how often KT has fucked up in the past (even tho most of the time it really was just cause of the 2 people who left) we can be happy that J&A is still giving them any chance to continue as a group.

      • Cate

        yes, they make more problem for a person having a side business, which may be out of contract but he is not hurting anyone than for a piece of garbage who does revolting things like this.
        They should at least take a different stand considering that all the money they make come from women. What a bunch of assholes. If these are the kind of men they hire I dont really want to support them.

    • Sashiko48

      This Morita guy is beyond disgusting.

    • Sarah Mendoza

      What a lame and gross ugly brat.
      Just get fired already ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)

    • Cate

      The level of men who do this kind of stuff have to be the lowest among scum

    • sumomona

      if you google it in japanese, you can easily find a recording of the nakai thing. haven’t ever been able to decide if it’s actually him or not, but wouldn’t be surprised even if he’s my fave.

    • extragarlic

      Probably not of much importance, but the weekly magazine is called “Shukan Bunshun,” not “Bunshu.”

    • eplizo

      It’s all gossip. You can’t hold anything against him until there’s conclusive evidence lol. This very easily could’ve been fabricated.

    • bec2224

      Regarding Nakia, this sort of stuff always makes me laugh, I love it when they report the EXACT words he used even though no one was with them. BUT…the rumors were everywhere that this is why Jin Akinishi ran off and got married BEFORE Johnny’s could order an abortion, so who knows. Ticked me off when Jin took responsibility and Johnny still made him cancel his concert,pay back sponsors (over 1million yen) and if it wouldn’t have been for Noriyuki Higashiyama giving a very large monetary baby gift they would have huge financial problems.

      • asd123

        I know, the cell comment is not actually made by him. Apparently it is from a fan (possibly an anti) trying to ‘cover’ Nakai when the scandal first came out. The scandal is from 20 years ago and around 2010 or something the news starts going on about it again. BTW this scandal is so untrustworthy because why would a woman who got forced will record the phone call AFTER she got the abortion then tell the gossip magazine. If she is forced and she hate it that much, she would tell the gossip magazine THEN record the phonecall and keep the baby.