MEG Is Moving to London

Electropop singer MEG has announced on her blog that she plans to move to London. She will be attending 3 schools while there. This will not result in her going on a musical hiatus though, as was the case when she moved to Paris in 2010. She will continue to make music and will return to Japan from time to time. She will still oversee her cafe, Maison du Ruban, as well as her clothing line with Beams, CAROLINA GLASER.

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    • I read that she said she wants to “slowly” work on musical activities on a news site. Expect 1 digital single per year

    • H

      3 schools? Reminds me of James Franco. I wonder if the schools have some collaborative program or if she’s studying 3 different things … sounds busy, either way.

    • mee-KE-le

      Actually, she’s been already on hiatus for more than a year now. She hasn’t released anything (not even a digital single) since ‘CONTINUE’ (2013).

      • Hillary

        Do you who why for the hiatus since 2013?

        • mee-KE-le

          Unfortunately, I don’t.
          A lot of female soloists are struggling with their music careers these days.

        • Vivaldi

          She’s been focusing on her business ventures recently, so that may have something to do with it. Her record label may not expect much from her as well, and its possible that her contract expired after Continue was released.

    • Shiroya

      I think she’s amazing. I would love to go after my dreams, goals and daily life at the same time like that with no borders like the doubt of leaving the country.

    • Ryusei

      new music pls

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