Mari Yaguchi to make her comeback next week on ‘Miyane-ya’

Mari Yaguchi (31) will be resuming her entertainment activities by appearing on “Jouhou Live Miyane-ya” next week; her first live appearance since her adultery scandal in May 2013. The staff are currently making final preparations for her appearance next week. It will have been a year and five months since fans have seen Yaguchi live on TV.

Yaguchi is known for her cheerful and witty remarks; so many people are anticipating her comeback. ‘Miyane-ya’ was approached numerous times last month to get Yaguchi on their show. This month, the program has decided to go through with it and prepare for Yaguchi’s comeback. A concrete date on Yaguchi’s appearance has yet to be determined, but they have made certain that it will be sometime next week. This will be Yaguchi’s first television appearance since “GO GO! Smile!” on May 21, 2013.

According to staff, at the beginning of last month Yaguchi got in touch with her close friends and officials in the entertainment industry and told them her intentions of resuming her activities. She and her agency have decided to restrain themselves in making announcements publicly. So they have put together a behind-the-scenes comeback plan, in order for things to go over smoothly.

(via: Sponichi)

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    • sumomona

      Expected this since the mentions on mechaike and konyakurabe a couple weeks ago. interested in seeing how her comeback plays out!

    • Joe Gibken

      Yay! My first MoMusu fave! +1 on her “cheerful & witty” remarks, since she was MoMusu’s mood maker. Interested also how her comeback will turn out :3

      PS: Can’t help but be a bit nervous about this though. It was a shock she was caught with Shun Oguri way back, then much major shock with the major facepalm scandal last year. But then knowing her all these years, she’s a girl that once she made up her mind, she really puts her mind to it and it’s her final decision. (hence, Yossy said that in Matthew’s BHTV way back in Nov 5, 2003)

    • Shiroi

      She’s bad for what she did but she’s payed the price and hopefully she won’t do something like that again in the future. Good luck Marippe :)

    • Woo hoo

    • Treechicken

      I’m so happy for her and I hope it goes well. What she did was crappy but she didn’t do it to us so I can’t stand people acting like it’s up to them to forgive her or not.

      I think that after a celebrity has a scandal, the media is even more all over their every move because they want to be able to say “He/she did it again!” so hopefully she will be extra careful.

    • surfboardt

      I’m sorry, but this is gif is necessary for the post.

      • I can’t imagine a person of Nakamura’s size jumping around like that… XD

    • What I don’t understand is how several very famous male celebrities have had affairs that have been publicized and they have suffered not nearly as much as this woman.

      • because sexism. Poor guchi

      • OhSnap!

        that good ol’ sexism

    • OhSnap!

      Good news, whatever happened in her private life is private. We can gossip about all we want, but someone losing their jobs over private affairs is crossing the line

    • owatta nana

      good for her. i’m just amused that fans of mm’14 are livid about her coming back like it’s going to affect the group’s chances to go on kouhaku. right…because they have a chance.

      • wow what’s with all the hate… I’m a fan of Momusu and I want her back because she’s awesome and could appear again with Dream Momusu. Momusu has the same chances of appearing in Kouhaku as any other artist who has 5 consecutive #1 singles in 2 years, maybe not right now with all the transitions but maybe in a near future. Kouhaku is an achievement for some, and some just get help from their agencies, it’s not the end of the world if they don’t go.

        • owatta nana

          i don’t hate them at all…? but if you’d like to focus on that part of my comment, i’ll elaborate for you. i just think it’s incredibly unrealistic for their fans (i’m mostly referring to their wota) to think that if anything’s going to stop them from kouhaku this year, it’s yaguchi mari ~soiling~ the good morning musume name.

          • well if there’s such a kind of wotas, then I’m glad I’ve never read any of their comments/opinions… but that’s just their opinion, I guess… and when I was referring to the ‘hate’ was the part where you wrote: “right… because they have a chance”… that’s a little harsh for me, not because I care about Kouhaku but because if felt a little too demeaning, hey but that’s just my opinion

            • owatta nana

              eh, cool. your opinion. it’s the truth. five consecutive #1s with inflated sales don’t mean didilly when their albums sell less than 20,000 and they can’t even pull a hall tour (their tokyo performances are always at nakano sun plaza, a hotel!), much less an arena tour, and they’re not making any buzz that isn’t manufactured by UFA.

      • That’s actually a ‘thing’? It’s not even like she’s going to go join MoMusu ’14. What even…?

        Also, Kouhaku’s ….”specialness” is kind of getting irrelevant these days as well =

        • owatta nana

          the news of yaguchi’s scandal broke right when tanaka reina was graduating from the group. they saw it as yaguchi overshadowing tanaka’s big day and stealing the spotlight. which is still stupid for many reasons. and i agree on the kouhaku thing. it’s lost a lot of its original prestige with it being a one hit wonder and idol circlejerk nowadays, even if i still tune in to check on my favorite groups.

          • pk@fire

            It definitely is an idol circlejerk, especially since the stupid Johnny’s versus NHK catfight died. Yes, I like idols and shit, but at the same time, it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that having your show be more than 40% devoted to some special niche interest group isn’t a good idea

        • sumomona

          kouhaku’s specialness has been dead to me since leah dizon’s been on

          • Rick

            Noo – don’t say her name! I’ve all but forgotten about that talentless loser. Those were some dark days of JPOP.

            • sumomona

              i only remembered her because i met her cousin a couple weeks ago. super weird/hilarious.

    • Kyle

      glad to have her back