Maki Horikita Retires from Entertainment Industry

As of February 28, actress Maki Horikita has retired from the entertainment industry.  On March 1, she expressed her gratitude through her agency: “To everyone who has taken care of me, thank you for a wonderful 14 years.”

Horikita debuted in 2003 with the movie “Cosmic Rescue” after passing the audition for the film’s heroine role.  Since then, she has starred in numerous dramas, movies, and commercials, including hits such as “Always Sanchome no Yuhi” and “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Ikemen Paradise~”.  She married actor Koji Yamamoto in August 2015, and gave birth to her first child in December last year.

Horikita’s full statement:

“I have decided to leave my career that I’ve had until now.

As a mother, and I am living a very blessed life with my beloved family.  With this warmth, I plan to protect this happiness with all of my might.

After discussing with my husband, he has respected my feelings.  The two of us will continue to work together to create a family that is full of love.

To all of my fans who have supported me, to everyone who has taken care of me, thank you for a wonderful 14 years.

February 28, 2017

Maki Horikita”


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    • Taima-kun

      there have been rumors about it, can’t believe it turned out to be true

    • Babi Hong

      omg….it’s always so sad to me when big celebrities retire so young..

      her decision though, most important thing

    • nonnonanon

      Tho I’m sad about this, but I’m still wishing all the happiness in the world for you Maki-chan!
      Please be happy Maki-chan!!!

      • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

        I always thought she would marry Sakurai.. I’m kind of sad they didn’t end up together.. haha.

        • yamakita

          I had that fantasy after Tokujo. Now he’s my least favorite Arashi member, after reading about how elitist he is.

          • eli

            He’s elitist because he has an elite gf?

            • rey

              lol right why would you dislike him for that

            • imaguest

              More like he/agency is more willing to acknowledge her (“good friends”) rather than disregard her is BECAUSE she’s an elite. Imagine she’s a porn actress or something, would his agency say the same thing?

              • ???

                Uhh… their agency said the same thing when HSJ’s Inoo Kei was caught with porn star Asuka Kirara, that they’re good friends.

              • eli

                He/the agency acknowledging it because there were pictures.
                Him acknowledging having an affluent female “close friend” doesn’t mean he look down on others.

                And like ??? said, their agency have acknowledge a porn actress as Inoo Kei friend so there’s a possibility they will acknowledge the same. Oh I know you will say “but, its Sakurai Sho. they wouldn’t!” still doesn’t erase the possible acknowledgement especially with photo evidence.

              • Mayura

                Well, the probability of Sakurai dating a porn actress is ~ZERO~ anyway. (pun intended XD)

            • yamakita

              No, there is more to it and goes way back than the rumored gf: his family background, for example.

              • eli

                He’s an elitist because he’s born into an (literally)elite family, who btw opposed him being a Johnny’s and only approved of his career choice after 9 years as Arashi member?

              • Mayura

                Err….it isn’t really his fault to be born into an elite family. The same goes for people like Paris Hilton, Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton etc.

      • james

        Who knows Sakurai Sho might be the next to leave Arashi / entertainment industry too.

        • Moon Soto

          Is more feasible that Arashi ends as a group that Sakurai gets out

          • Himi Tsu

            +1 because I agree, not because I want it.

      • eli

        I wish arama would post that Sho and Asahi Tv love rumour. It’s the biggest story this week

        I’ve send in a tip just so everyone knows, if Arama simply ignoring trending gossips.

        • boohoo

          don’t count on it
          they’re even not posting about the recent Japan Gold Disk awards
          anything Arashi seems to be ignored here
          not even Nino’s GF rumor last time was posted

          • Himi Tsu

            Would you mind telling me more about the Japan Gold Disk Awards ? :3

            • boohoo

              The Japan Gold Disc Awards (日本ゴールドディスク大賞) are honors which are promoted by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ). The awards recognize CD music sales in Japan.
              they’ve just announced this year’s awardees a few days ago

              • Himi Tsu

                Thanks :D

          • eli

            They posted the Jun with AV rumor real fast.
            Sho and Ogawa Ayaka rumor has pictures too. I guess it’s not scandalized enough.

        • yamakita

          They have that couple look. Let them be. Great link!

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      omg! Watttt. I guess it is rather common for women in Japan to retire after having children though.. :(

      • yamakita

        Yeah, there are so many dramas about high power women, but this is still what’s expected of them at the end of the day. Don’t believe the hype, J-women!!

      • Mayura

        Horikita’s popularity seems to be waning anyway so I guess it was the right thing to do.

    • james

      Oh Noooooooo~ What’s wrong with the JPOP world in 2017? people disband/leaving left & right?

      • guest

        Mte, lol.

        Is someone making a list?

    • byebicycle

      hope she comes back someday :c

      also forever side-eyeing her stalker husband. i will never not mention this probably lmao

      • dmitri

        oh yea didnt he keep pestering her for awhile even if she wasnt interested and then she just finally gave in

        • byebicycle

          yeah, he kept bothering for years, like inviting her out, dozens of love letters, ambushing her on the train… she’s always wanted to marry and have kids at a relatively young age iirc, so to me it really feels like she just settled for him bc he was so persistent and “good enough”. i respect her decision to focus on her family, but the fact that her family includes this guy… bleh.

          • yamakita

            You went into my head apparently. My thoughts exactly!!!

            • hugh

              “I respect her decision to focus on her family”. No, no you don’t. You think the poor woman is too stupid to know her own mind about what she wants out of life. If someone you both approve (or dare I say, ‘ship’ her with) displayed the same persistence you’d have been wetting your knickers and calling it romantic. You’re side-eyeing the husband? You people are creepy.

              • it’s creepy to side-eye a stalker?

                • Ja’Crispy

                  I’m starting to feel like Horikita Maki is in a cult too. Dag, I didn’t know about all of this. Hope she’s really happy. Hope these are her decisions. :(

                  • Hatsumi Itoh

                    Damn, people. What happened in your lives to make you come to this conclusion about the guy? The letter seemed heartwarming at first. Now you’ve all made me paranoid.

              • byebicycle

                wtf are you talking about. literally what in comment indicated that i think she’s “too stupid to know her own mind about what she wants out of life”? yes, i think she settled, and had there been a “better option” at the time, i don’t think she would have married yamamoto. but at the end of the day, i don’t believe she was forced or manipulated into making her decision. it was her, and her alone. i just think she really, really wanted to start a family.

                and lmao, no, i wouldn’t have called it romantic. don’t talk like you know me?? even for my faves, if they pulled that kinda shit, i’d side-eye the fuck out of them. when a woman ignores your love letters and keeps declining your every request to go out or exchange contact info for LITERALLY YEARS, it’s time to give up. not to mention, she was what, barely 20 when he started pursuing her? that’s already on the damn borderline when you’re his age (way over for some), and combine that with the way he went after her…

                “you people are creepy”… sure.

                idek what you’re pressed about tbh. do you want me to be more lenient towards yamamoto or more harsh towards my faves? like…


                • yamakita

                  The creepy husband’s English is surprisingly good.

              • yamakita

                Apparently, the creepy husband is checking out comments on Arama.

                • Harumi Masa

                  That’s scary. xD

          • dmitri

            i never heard about him ambushing her on the train….gross… he also always plays rly creepy characters any time ive seen him in smth.. ig it’s not rly acting…

            • byebicycle

              he had a ring and everything when he just ~happened to bump into her, lol. 👀

              • dmitri

                ooh yikes…. thats very stalker-ish… i always thought that he was just a persistent creepo and that was bad enough but to hear that he could have been stalking her too… yikes

    • Hermione48fan

      Hearbroken, she was my fav alongside Toda Erika. First, Narimiya Hiroki and now this, please, Japan stop T_T.

    • King of the Kats

      Best wishes. Hana Kimi was remarkable to me.

      • yamakita

        It made sooooo many stars. Ah, the good ol’ days.

    • nothingsover

      Really sad but wishing her all the best. The entertainment industry is stressful and she’s in such a comfortable place now that it makes sense for her to retire when she’s about to begin starting a family. It’ll also help her keep her family out of the public eye. Fingers crossed that she’ll return to acting some day.

    • Mia

      Interesting that her very first movie was with Okada Junichi and her last movie was with Okada Junichi.

      • Oldfan

        I remember when the release date for this film was drawing closer, the media kept saying that what made her so refreshing as the heroine was that she was literally a normal every day girl with zero acting experience. Kamisen also said the same thing at the press conference. Sad to see her go, she really had that “refreshing” aspect all throughout her career.

        • yamakita

          Although her act was getting stale towards the end, I must say.

    • I’m a little surprised but I should have seen it coming. She always wanted a family so it makes sense she would do this. Best life to you Maki.

    • yamakita

      Did not see this coming. Did I miss the news about her giving birth? And this happens just when Yamapi and Kame are about to reunite. What a waste. Oh the humanity.

      I’m usually the first to root for any celebrity coupling, but I can never get behind this one. Her husband is a stalker!!

    • omi

      I liked her very much :(

    • Otsukaresama deshita, Maki-san 😢 Thank you for all the movies and the series. I hope you will always be happy. I respect your decision but… but… 😭😭😭

    • HyperMoot .

      that’s life and that’s her choice. Not one of my faves but she sure was talented. Liked her in movies such as ‘Shinku’, ‘Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac’, ‘Into the white night’, ‘ Mugikosan to’.

    • Himi Tsu

      That’s a pretty sad news :'( I hope she’ll come back once her child(s) is(are) older and that will just be a long-time hiatus.

    • mikamika

      Although I don’t think I have watched that much of her (except of course the “must seens” like Nobuta or HanaKimi), I’ll still miss her. But I understand that her family comes first and she’s retiring. I wish her all the best and hope that one day (when her child is older), she’ll come back.

      …come to think of it, I totally missed that she became a mother. Am I the only one?

    • Lady Sara

      Be happy & take care of yourself
      I don’t know why I saw this coming, so surprisingly It wasn’t a shock news :(

    • Karen Khoo

      OMG my fav actress! :( Hiroki Narimiya now her… who’s next?

    • atralail

      why am i crying? i dont even stan her that much

    • Norandagi

      NOOOO…!! She’s the first Japanese actress that I really like, I watched all her dramas and movies, yeah, even the cliches/not-so-good ones…she’s really a talented actress and a cute person too…sad to see her retired, but…but…if that’s what the best for her and her family, I respect her decision…I’m still going to hope she would return someday :)

    • Dalooshe

      It’s 2016 that made the 2017 J-entertainment world like this.

      I do wish her all the best, after all she did provide us with adorable masterpieces so she can do what she wants to make her happy :’)

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      Damn…who didn’t know who she was in J-entertainment? I haven’t seen all of her works (although I am planning to) but I did see her movie Tokyo Boy a couple of weeks back and was very touched with not only her acting but the plot of the movie. I wish her the best<3. Family comes first and if she feels that she can be a better wife and mother by retiring then more power to her. Maybe she will come back in the future? Who knows but I wish her the best ^_^.

    • Hatsumi Itoh

      I was never really a fan but I appreciated her appearance in last year’s Gaki no Tsukai No Laughing Batsu Game special (where she actually made me laugh) and will miss seeing her around. Hope the best for her.

    • Foxxy Fuyumi


    • Harumi Masa

      I still can’t accept this. T^T She’s not even thirty yet!
      I wish for her happiness. But I still hope she’ll be back. I’m still expecting more drama series and films of her.

    • Mayura

      So, her retirement announcement comes 1 or 2 days after Sakurai x Ogawa tabloid. Hmmm………….

    • usedtobemyself


    • scrollworm

      Wow…my favorite actress,,,is retiring.