Maki Goto is pregnant with her 2nd child!

Singer (?), former idol, and Japan’s national treasure Maki Goto has announced that she is currently pregnant with her second child! Maki recently shared the news on her official blog revealing that she has roughly reached the halfway mark in her pregnancy. She is currently 5 months pregnant and is expected to give birth sometime in the spring.

After going on hiatus in 2011, Maki made a return to the entertainment scene in 2014 choosing to focus on modeling, blogging, and promoting events/products. Later in the year Maki confirmed her marriage to a non-celebrity , and gave birth to her first child in December 2015.

We are wishing her all the best!

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    • H

      Girlschannel was bashing her so hard for having another baby ‘so soon.’ Cultural differences… *sigh*

      • rola

        they bashed and slutshamed miyazawa rie all this week just for dating while having a child. they’re awful prudes. if arama ever gets translated for them add this in there: 🖕🏼

      • Ryusei

        they should be grateful she’s contributing to japan’s birthrate unlike probably everyone that leaves comments on girlschannel

      • surfboardt

        At least she can get some, unlike what I suspect is a majority of people on Girls Channel.

        But on a serious note, as long as the pregnancy is safe for her and her child and Maki Goto’s able to take care of the child in a healthy environment, it’s none of their business.

    • Kyle

      the SECOND she squeezes that baby out she better throw it in daycare and get 2 work on her comeback album/tour

    • ChaiChai

      “Singer (?)” – What’s that insult for? e.e

      • Kyle

        not insult! it’s only because it’s been so long since she released something </3

    • atralail

      japan’s national treasure indeed

    • Congrats!

    • freakna

      great news! we miss ya maki!