Maiko and Satoshi Tsumabuki are getting married!

Actor Satoshi Tsumabuki (35) and girlfriend Maiko (31) revealed on the 4th of August they are getting married – although exact date of the marriage registration and ceremony will not be made public, celebration is definitely in order!

The couple met in summer 2012 on the set of omnibus drama “Higashino Keigo Mysteries“. They appeared together in episode 6, got closer and started seeing each other. TsumabukiĀ revealed once that he was under big impression of Maiko since seeing her in the movie “Yama no Anata – Tokuichi no Koi” (2008). He proposed inĀ Spring.

The happy couple prepared a handwritten message to fans and media and shared their smiley photo.


Funny fact: the fans are absolutely in love with Tsumabuki’s cute handwriting and are considering the possibility of creating a Tsumabuki-font.

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    • Apple

      Congrats!! The first J actor I became a fan of is 35 now…crazy.

      People online are so OTT about Bukki and Shibasaki Kou, saying he’s disrespectful for announcing marriage around her birthday, etc. Get over it, people, they dated 11-12 years ago. But with Yuka getting married, now Bukki, obsessive netizens think Okada Junichi and Miyazaki Aoi will get married next. ;)

    • OtherSatoshi

      Congrats Bukki! They look so cute together :)
      Sho bff is getting married. I guess the living marriage charm works for men too lol.

    • paperplane

      Grats Bukki! Spread those genes luv~

    • Taima-kun

      i love their smiley picture, i can only wish them eternal happiness!

    • Kokoro Ai

      They look so happy. Congratulations :D

    • My fav actor is getting married! Happy for them! :)

    • Otagei dansu

      They appeared in an episode of Higashino keigo mysteries! And These two ended up together? OMG.

    • Sara

      Congrats, they look so cute together.

    • kazumi

      Nice photo. They look so happy. Congratulation!