LDH is going global in 2017! New bases in USA, Asia and Europe

The entertainment company behind EXILE, J Soul Brothers and E-Girls LDH has announced their plans to expand to the global market and “establish a system to create world-class entertainment” in 2017.

With goals to create entertainment that can be enjoyed by people in the whole world, just like Disney and Universal Studios, LDH president EXILE HIRO took to the company’s official website with the details.

National boundaries and time difference are no longer a problem in enjoying entertainment,” explains HIRO. “Under such an environment, LDH will build activity bases all over the world to expand entertainment network from a strategic perspective.

The company that is currently known as LDH will be renamed LDH JAPAN starting on January 1, 2017. They will branch out into 3 international markets: LDH USA, LDH ASIA and LDH EUROPE.

LDH USA will be the base in the United States. EXILE PROFFESIONAL GYM (EXPG) opened in New York two years ago and initiated “PROJECT TARO” with avex which aims at making Japanese young boys top artists. Moreover, an EXPG branch school is scheduled to open in Los Angeles to further the activities in the United States.

LDH ASIA will be the base in Asia. EXPG and LDH FLAG SHIP SHOP opened in Taiwan seven years ago and they will carry out activities in Asian countries including China and South Korea.

LDH EUROPE will be the base in Europe. Together with LDH’s new partner Afrojack, they will carry out activities in England, Germany, France and Holland.

All 4 branches will be under the management of the parent company LDH WORLD, which will be under the direction of HIRO.

Details have yet to be clarified, but as of now, LDH acts will continue their activities as normal with more opportunities for them to work abroad in the future.

For more information, check out the official LDH website.

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    • マイケル・タンザー


    • Mandalyn

      Will they start including subtitles in their songs?

    • we didn’t ask for this
    • Aflojack

      So some people need to chill, this doesn’t mean they’re gonna debut artists in all of their branches. They will most likely just expand their dance schools and distribute their apparel throughout a wider market.

      • Wtf

        That doesn’t make sense with the statement though.

        • Alfojack

          Quoting some of Hiro’s statements:

          “Now as the president, ÜSA is operating the DANCE EARTH PROJECT as a company. Newly joined members will have to participate in the project as they carry out artist activities.

          Former instructor AKIRA joined EXILE PROFESSIONAL GYM (EXPG) to support children’s dreams.

          Naoki Kobayashi who appeared in the movie “TATARA SAMURAI” joined LDH USA. He promotes Japanese culture to the world and aims at making a successful entry into Hollywood.

          Kenchi Tachibana who is learning Chinese and has long dreamed of carrying out activities in Asia joined LDH ASIA.

          TETSUYA who has been studying diet and physical health and established “AMAZING COFFEE” joined LDH kitchen.

          With his natural gift in fashion sense, NAOTO who established apparel brand “STUDIO SEVEN” joined LDH apparel.

          To give a boost to the project, I hope that the members can form an organization which can carry forward LDH’s projects in the original style when they first joined LDH, thus creating entertainment that everybody enjoys.”


    • Wtf

      “With goals to create entertainment that can be enjoyed by people in the whole world, just like Disney and Universal Studios…”


      But in all seriousness…how?

    • Taima-kun

      impressed with the effort they’re doing, hopefully it bodes well

    • surfboardt

      Pretty mixed about this in the same way that I have problems with HIGH & LOW. The concept itself is fine considering how I can see LDH as a brand fits the western market (And I honestly think that the relative lack of competition in the male western pop scene at the moment presents a good opportunity for LDH). However, the problem goes back to whether they’re ready to be expanding. They really need to get their house together considering how EXILE is in danger of entering a zombified state dependent on Sandaime J Soul Brother’s coattails, ATSUSHI’s absense for the next two years, and making sure that their transition to multiple forms of entertainment is successful. While the increasing news about LDH members getting drama roles is a step in the right direction, I wonder if they can continue on said direction while simultaneously juggling operations in two new markets.

      I mean, if it works, they’ll really benefit from it. But if it fails and they’ve been slacking off on the homefront to pursue this expansion, it’ll be a disaster.

      Pre-post-edit-aka-last-minute-thought: I guess it could potentially work if they’re basically putting EXILE as a group on hiatus and strategically utilizing less busy members to train new acts and help with expansion (Which I guess HIRO somewhat implied?) while allowing promising EXILE individuals to continue their solo work (Especially those trying to break into acting) in Japan. That way, it addresses EXILE’s questionable state, ATSUSHI’s hiatus, increases the likelihood of success, and reduces the negative impact it can have on LDH (The Japanese/original branch).

      • Aflojack

        ATSUSHI said he going to halt his activities in Japan and *move his base of activities to the US* until 2018. This might actually be an activity for LDH USA.

    • Omnirosa

      They gonna release Atsushi’s shit on iTunes/Apple Music in full or what? The fuck are they doing releasing partial albums?

    • Ueto Aya knew everything ahahahaha

    • Wow.

    • JSu.

      wow another news about LDH.

    • eplizo

      At least they’re ambitious…

    • gus

      Just like what Amuse Inc. has done a decade a go then…

      • Historia Lenz

        exactly what I have in mind

    • demasta

      hopes that Flower and E-Girls will have a tour in USA

    • Hillias

      I wish theyd put this much effort on their songs instead.
      Lately their releases has been ok at best.

    • Well.. interesting. Even though I like their recent direction, I don’t think there is a much of a market for their music out there, besides the “japan fan” audiences… unless they start doing even more international featuring works, pretty much like how they did on the HiGH&LOW soundtrack, but the other way around as well, pushing their acts in the US / EU market, next to well-known singers / producers. That might be a way to get their name known. Otherwise they gonna end up like all those other JPop acts that tried to break into the US market… and failed pretty bad.

      But if they mean the non-music side, then it does not seem like a bad idea at all. Pushing their actors to Hollywood productions, or making action packed series like H&L, but aiming for a more international audience… That could actually work.

    • Ryusei

      ok.. whatever that means I’m here for it

    • I haven’t heard anything by J Soul Brothers since “We!,” but it will be interesting to see where this goes. I’ve always felt that the Japanese entertainment industry missed a huge opportunity when it didn’t capitalize on the popularity of anime at its height. I’ve often wondered if it wouldn’t be would be where Korean entertainment is now if things weren’t locked down. Granted, times are different, and entertainment isn’t a government backed export in Japan like it is in Korea, but it will still be interesting

    • PigeonPop

      I wonder how Shukan Bunshun’s latest scoop about Sandaime and Record Taisho is going to affect this, if at all. Looking forward to Arama covering it, because it is a pretty groundbreaking development in the grand scheme of things (avex have already been accused of doing it in the past, but this is really the first time it’s brought up into the open with “proof”).

      • gus

        what scoop>

    • Sara

      Will they be able to handle this? This seem a bit too much. BTW, what happened to DEEP? do they still exist. Hope they don’t get axed like Love.

      • Sakura Harano

        Their last single was back in March

    • MAdara

      a very huge AMbition
      or a wishful thinkin

    • Brett

      Keep it.
      As far away as possible.

    • Finally stuff is going down in england i waited too long for this.