Koki Tanaka Will Not Be Prosecuted for Marijuana Possession Charges

It has been announced via the official INKT Ameba Blog that band vocalist Koki Tanaka, who was arrested on suspicion for violating the Cannabis control law for marijuana possession last month, will not be prosecuted for the charges against him.

Sansei District prosecutors said on June 30th that it was decided he will not be prosecuted, Jiji (via Yahoo! News) reports.

We did not obtain enough evidence to prosecute him for a crime,” local prosecution explained.

Tanaka was arrested on May 24 on suspicion of possessing marijuana in his car. When subjected to interrogation from the Metropolitan Police Department at the time of the arrest, he dismissed the marijuana as “not mine”. In investigations, he tested positive for marijuana use. He was eventually released from detention on June 7, but investigation maintained until now.

In regards to the future of his activities in INKT and resumption of solo activities, further information will be released at a later date after consulting with band members and staff.

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    • hizurisama

      He’s really lucky. Boy better use this chance to reflect over his actions

      • Encha277

        Or at least be smart enough to not leave drugs lying around his car

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Since he’s a public figure he kinda got his image ruined (not that he had a great one to start with, lmao), so I guess he already sorta paid a price for it anyway.

    • eplizo

      damn he’s lucky lol. He better be more careful from here on out.

    • Fatima

      I truly think koki is an idiot, he doesn’t think clearly that’s for sure, a total disappointment he is….

    • violet

      Oh wow, that’s a relief. I hope he’ll be more careful in the future.
      He never had the cleanest image – I mean, I don’t think anyone was actually surprised he got caught with weed – so hopefully they’ll let him go back to INKT. It really felt like they were finally starting to go in the right direction with that video for Break Down, so I’d hate to see him have to start all over again.

      • Sabi

        Completely agree with everything you just said. I was really looking forward to the direction INKT was going in so hopefully Koki will straighten up a little and focus on the band more.

    • Encha277

      He let us see his dick, that’s more than any other Johnny’s has given the fans. Give the guy a break and let him have some fun

      • xxHizumi

        I made an account just to tell you that this is the best thing I have ever read lol

    • What

      Second chance, don’t fuck it up!

    • pinkelephant

      ja-anon on LJ was more inclusive of his gossip.

      link thread=30453943#t30453943
      田中聖の逮捕から家宅捜索までだいぶ時間が空いてしまっているので、同居人の女性が居たという事はそれらしい証拠は全て隠滅されて しまっていそうですよね。
      A woman was living at Koki’s. Useful to have her dispose of drugs before police entered.

      link thread=30500535#t30500535
      Koki’s LINE was shared with his sleazy sex talk and poor money management.

    • SlyMoonFox
    • bailey darbii

      i mean, but how much did he have on him?

      was it just the positive drug testing they wanted to prosecute on?

    • angel223

      Japan is Sweet could it be other countries he is a dead meat.

      Coz many of Asian Countries have this ridiculous strict regulations against drug.

      He already updated his blog and take responsiblity to his action.
      Good for him tho. Maybe just like other artist/ He have a chance to be back on his music… it will noyt be that long.

    • I want to be relevant :(

      he is a mess xD

      • Ali Hollyhock Bermann

        a hot mess tho:D

    • He still gonna smoke weed tho.

    • miri

      I don’t know why so many people assume he did smoke marijuana.

      Yes, he tested positive but that doesn’t prove anything since there’s a chance it could be secondhand exposure. The fact that he was tested for marijuana is suspicious to begin with because marijuana consumption is not illegal in Japan and therefore can’t be punished by law. Even Japanese lawyers said that it wasn’t a normal procedure and it surprised them because people are never tested for marijuana use in Japan. There was no reason for that urine test, so why did the police do it other than to make him look guilty when that may not be the case?

      And while lots of people have been saying how it is not really surprising for them based on their own prejudices probably born after years of listening to media bullshiting about Koki, people who actually know him were extremely shocked but went on to show him their support after his arrest.

      Maybe he smoked marijuana, or maybe he didn’t and thanks to that urine test now it’s impossible for him to deny it without people thinking he’s lying.