Kazuya Kamenashi and Tao Tsuchiya play a secretly married couple in “P to JK” movie adaptation

KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi will be starring in his first romantic movie “P to JK” (Police & Joshi Kousei). The live action adaptation will be released in spring next year. Co- starring with him is actress Tao Tsuchiya. This is also the first time for both actors to work together. The movie is based on Maki Miyoshi’s manga series which started in 2013 and serialised in monthly manga magazine “Bessatsu Friend” and has total sales of 2.1 million copies.

Kamenashi plays police officer Kota while Tsuchiya plays senior high shchool student Kako. They met during a gokoun (group date) where Kako pretends to be a university student.

A female 16-year-old high-schooler Kako (pretended to be a 22-year-old college student) went to a party for adults (goukon). While there, she meets Kota who at first has a very intimidating aura. But once he saves her from an awkward situation, she wants to know more about him as does he. That is until he finds out she isn’t 22 and changed his attitude drastically and starts rejecting any possible romance between them… Kako runs into him again, but this time he’s working as a police officer. Kako still wants to get closer to Kota, but he isn’t interested… or is he? When Kako got injured to protect him (she took the bullet meant for him), Kota proposed. Kako’s father strongly objected but relented with one condition, they kept it a secret until Kako graduates. So, their ‘marriage life’ starts…

p to jk mangaShooting begins next month and will be directed by Ryuichi Hiroki (Strobe Edge, April Bride, Wolf Girl and Black Prince). The manga author, Miyoshi Maki is happy with the adaptation and reveals that her daughter is a huge fan of Kamenashi. Since she was 4 months old, she would stop crying once Kamenashi is on TV. So as a mother too, she is happy with the casting.

The producer says the serious and awkward part of the role is very refreshing, and believes Kamenashi can play that attractively. For Tsuchiya, she’ll be able to express the charm of the pure and single-minded heroine Kako.

Find out more info via the movie’s official twitter account and website.

(via Oricon, Nikkan Sports, plot summary via KS)

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    • yuma


      • Kika

        just don’t watch if you don’t want to

      • Esha

        I think you haven’t watched much of Kame’s dramas. Please watch them to get convinced of his acting ability.

        • light

          I think OP is talking about the age difference of the characters

          • Esha

            ok.. got it..

      • M

        Yeah a 16 year old girl and a 22 year old police officer is a bit of a creepy relationship lol.

        • N

          Fortunately, the actress is actually 21, but yeah, the plot is sketchy. Not that uncommon for manga, though. There are way too many mangas where the adult male teacher dates his female student. At least in this one the older male thought the younger girl was 22 when he met her. I mean, it doesn’t excuse it, but there’s worse out there.

          • anon

            i honestly don’t understand why people are creeped out by the synopsis when relationships like this happens all too common in reality

            • N

              … no, it is not common for 16 year old girls to date adult men, and for good reason. It happens sometimes, but it certainly is not common. In many places, a 16 year old girl isn’t legally able to consent to sex with an adult man. (Some places have Romeo and Juliet laws that let teenagers legally consent to sex with other teenagers but not people who are older.)

              • neko

                well in my country most of teenager moms baby, have a father that is an adult , sadly is really common in real life. Still this is fiction guys so why not?

      • Guesuto

        The article said that she pretend to be 22 y.o until it later was found out. It’s creepy but still,
        At least this is much better than the plot where a man fell in love with a Woman that crossdress as a man .

    • nothingsover

      “Since she was 4 months old, she would stop crying once Kamenashi is on TV”
      Awwww that’s so cute.

      I was gonna say wow that’s a pretty big age diff between Kame and Tsuchiya Tao, but I guess their characters are supposed to have a significant age difference. Although 6 years isn’t even that bad. I had some high school friends who had college-aged bfs (not legal in the US though). As long as this doesn’t turn out like Kinkyori Renai, I think I’ll probably enjoy it. Plus, Tsuchiya Tao has a more mature vibe to her, so I think it’ll balance out.

    • kamemin223

      So happy for kame! ‘Been waiting for him to have this kind of story/plot. Whatever people say, they are entitled to their own opinion. To each his own. He had been paired to women older than him. It’s refreshing to see him with younger generations.

      • M

        Lol, it’s still creepy no matter who does it.

      • valentino

        “refreshing to see him with younger generations”

        this creepy ass comment

        • guest


    • Kika

      I’m looking forward to this

    • Phoenix

      He doesn’t suits romance. As a fan of his I’m disappointed.

      • Esha

        Please watch tatta hitotsu no koi drama to get convinced that Kame is good at romantic roles. He is versatile actor.

      • Jenny Limage

        you surely haven’t watched Second Love if you think so

      • neko

        did you don´t watched? tatta hitotsu no koi and second love

    • Leyla

      Nice! Kame is on a roll, it seems. Will definitely watch it.

    • Esha

      Wow… Thats grt news.
      Just now finished watching tatta hitotsu no koi drama for the second time.. Kame is really good at romantic and emotional scenes. I hope he shines here too.. All the best to him..

    • Mar

      Kame as a cop? My god! So great news! :D he’ll looking very handsome in that uniform! :D

    • ran

      Noooo why some shoujo manga adaptation?? Thought he was done with those and moving on to action or the weird ones like Ore Ore and his other upcoming movie.

      • Leyla

        I only follow Kame loosely, but… as a fan, see it like that: He gives you a broad variety of movies and genres he plays in. That’s cool too :D
        (most of the idols I follow do that too, which is kinda nice ^^)

        • ran

          True! And romance or specifically shoujo manga adaptations seem the easiest way to gain fans. But I personally don’t like this genre and probably won’t watch this movie. I would be happy with any other genres though.

    • Esha

      There is one movie mentioned at Johnny’s site. He plays alien in that. I also has Lily Franky.. That plot sounded interesting as well. I hope he is doing that too.. The projects shouldn’t change.

    • The plot is just gross…..but Kame is in it. (internal struggle)

      • anon

        meh, older men dating underage age is common in reality, so…

        • Shenna

          And? Still doesn’t mean it’s not gross.

        • No.

    • Susu Ne

      Can’t wait for this. Finally Kame is doing some romance again!!!😍😍😍😍

    • inchkamekazu23

      Kame as a police officer is Just WOW! We’ve seen him in uniforms and he really looks HOT! ‘Will definitely look forward to it…

    • pinkchole

      I read the manga while back but I wasn’t imaging tsuchiya tao.. Maybe that main girl from amachan or maybe even arimura kasumi

    • Kyoko

      Japan and their creepy ideas about underage girl/older male relationships though…

      • anon

        it’s not creepy if it happens in real-life, and believe me it’s very common in reality.

        • pedobear called

          uhhhh…….. it’s creepier if it’s real life

          • neko

            it is very common, still it does´t mean it is correct , still i like it as fiction

    • REMISU

      Read the first four chapters & dropped the manga.. Don’t know how I’ll feel about the drama, but I’ll watch bc Kame.

    • kazumi

      I read the manga and it’s good and quite entertaining for me. Typical shoujo manga, fluff, romance and humour. I think the manga it’s still on-going so I curious how they will end the story in this movie. I hope it will turn good.
      Tsuchiya tao is one of prominent young actress and kame is one of jhonnys who can act well. I just hope they will have good chemistry.

    • lufie

      Yamapi kinkyori renai was big hit at 2014 and 3rd consecutive weeks to top box office..
      Its creepy idea but japan seems to love it lol so why not.

    • nath

      His upcoming alien movie with lily franky sounds more interesting and is the the kind of movie i would expect coming from him, but trying out various genres won’t hurt either i guess.

    • Brooke Bowen

      gunna be cringing so bad when I watch this in the cinema…

    • ztf

      I like the idea of him doing a romance flick, but why had to be this….

    • ruffn

      God bless the fact that Kame still looks as young as a 23 year old;;