Kamenashi Kazuya’s new CM and solo song for “Bijoude” Jewelry

KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya has been appointed as an endorser of the jewelry brand “Bijoude”. The TVCM titled “Bijoude : Tokimeki o Kanaderu” Edition started broadcasting nationwide on December 1.

The setting reflected an image of an apartment in Paris, during private time, with Kamenashi wearing a “Bijoude” bracelet, ring and necklace, sitting on the sofa while playing guitar.

The theme song for the CM is titled “Vanilla Kiss”, a solo song of Kamenashi. This is Kamenashi’s first time to represent a jewelry brand and have a CM tie-up song. The brand’s official website also had a renewal and opened on December 1. Check out the CM below.

In other Kamenashi related news, his new drama “Kaito Yamaneko” has aired its first teaser. The drama will start start airing on January 16 next year.  RAIZIN has also released its new advertising images related to its 3rd edition of “RAIZIN” CM titled “READY” below.

(via Jnews1)

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    • guest

      Kamenashi is going solo. RIP KAT-TUN

      • YesPurpleTea

        Nah he’s not. CMs and brand image renewals would have been in the works for ages and Taguchi’s announcement for leaving KAT-TUN was fairly sudden. If they were somehow linked JE would have announced Kame’s solo and KAT-TUN disbanding at the same time as Taguchi quitting.
        Also Kame has stuck with KAT-TUN through all this so I persoanlly doubt he would leave now.

        • faifantc

          At the same time, I wouldn’t put it past the agency to pull a YamaPi and just put 3nin KAT-TUN’s activities on the back burner for Kame’s solo activities, since the latter is guaranteed to make more money.

          • ran

            hmm but kame has always gotten more solo activities than the others yet he had always prioritized group activities. Who knows, maybe the agency would force kame to do more solo activities? But I’m pretty sure it won’t be of his own choice though.

      • ohhello

        It’s always a bit difficult convincing others that it’s unlikely that Kame would choose to go solo on his own, because usually they’re so hard-set on his fame. For one, he seems to have major pride issues and wouldn’t want to disappoint or look uncool to fans. Two, he probably understands the feeling of betrayal best because he’s had to do damage control /multiple times/ after each member left. Three, no matter how many solo projects he’s had in the past, he always tries to bring discussion back to KAT-TUN and makes sure that that’s where he returns at the end of the day. I’ve never once had doubts about him leaving the group, but hey, we never know just like the Taguchi announcement came out of nowhere…

      • kamemin23

        First of all congrats to kame for projects coming along his way. We’ve always known that he is the most marketed member of KAT-TUN and the most famous, of course. But I strongly doubt that he will leave the group. He always says that KAT-TUN is his base. He loves the group so much that eventhough he can do solo he still chooses to stay.

        • nothingsover

          Yep this. Kame easily could have split off long ago, but he cares too much about KAT-TUN and Hyphens to do that. Like someone below said, it’s likely that with everything happening JE will promote his solo work more as KAT-TUN sorts out what they’re going to do, but if they decide to stay together, Kame will stay til the end. I actually see Ueda as more likely to pull out next. But Kame, though strong on his own, has always been a team player. And I think he and JE are aware after what happened with Yamapi, that having a member leave to go solo does not work because fans begin to pull support.

    • guest

      He has the most irritating face on the planet to me other than Harry Styles’ or Justin Timberlake’s. Them front boys never did it for me, lol.

    • ohhello

      That nose bump though…help me….

      • YesPurpleTea

        I don’t mind the nose bump. It makes him look unique and not like everyone else even if it’s not to everyone’s taste.

        • ohhello

          Lol, don’t worry I pretty much worship his nose bump. The “help me” was more like a “help me I’ve been weakened” rather than an “ew it ruins his face”. Not really a popular opinion, but I actually think Kame looks more gorgeous from his profile than when face on. It’s something about the side of his face that is really attractive to me.

    • nath

      Focusing on solo projects is probably the best option for him at this moment, actually it makes more sense for KT to part ways, the ship is sinking, it’s time to accept it.

      • inchkame

        Kame can do anywhere whether with KAT-TUN or not. His success in his solo projects are evident enough that he can go solo. But i doubt he will leave the group. What will happen to other members if he quit as well? He cares for his bandmates and their welfare and they have been with each other for more than half of their lives and as Kame said they aren’t friends, they are family. I have strong faith in him that he will stay until the end. That’s how he loves KAT-TUN and HYPHENS.

        • nath

          am not questioning his loyalty tho, it’s wonderful sure but imo, it’s about time to have a reality check and bid a peaceful good bye, the fans should be thankful they have fought this long but how many times could a group rebuild its image before ppl stop taking them seriously? KT has lost the momentum and peaked too early, they can’t keep up and can only go down from here on.

    • Ja’Crispy

      Oh damn. Seeing this gave me a vision of Kame being the last man standing. Scary, It might happen eventually. What a shame. He cares about KAT-TUN so much. Maybe the most. It’s not his fault he’s the only one getting projects, but I’ve always wondered…. Does “Parent’s Favorite” enjoy being “Parent’s Favorite”. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been parent’s favorite. Even though I’m the f*cking youngest. That should count for something~!!!

      • Reileen

        Oh smilarly, Kame is the youngest in the group.

    • Lovely Banug

      Kamenashi Kazuya is the only men I really know that so hot, elegant and sexy wearing female jewelry. I bet not only female’s want to buy and wear that bijoude jewelry but also male want that kind of jewelry.

    • Esha

      After watching the jewellery add many men would want it. Kame is a suitable candidate for his ad.

    • Esha

      Liked Kame’solo Vanilla Kiss. He has sung well.. It’s melodious. Kame must focus on solo albums now.

    • Esha

      Vanilla Kiss song is good. I dont know when I can hear the whole song…

    • Esha

      The jewelry ad is very good. Suits him. Also the song Vanilla Kiss sung by Kame for this ad is super.