Kamenashi Kazuya and Fukada Kyoko’s steamy poster for “Second Love”

The main poster for the new TV Asahi drama “Second Love” (start February 6, 11:15pm) starring Kamenashi Kazuya and Fukada Kyoko has been released. The main visual for the drama shows Kamenashi and Fukada huddled naked under white sheets, to express the adult love and painful world of “Second Love”.

“Second Love” is written by love story expert, Oishi Shizuka. Kamenashi stars together with Fukada in this scandalous new genre called “night melodrama”, described as an adult dangerous love more painful than a soap opera.

The poster tagline reads: “On Friday nights, you will be drowning in love”. The poster will be up from February 1- 14 at the 109MEN’S store in Shibuya and from February 5 at the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line system (Marunouchi Line, Hibya Line, Yurakucho Line, and Fukutoshin- Hanzomon Line). Check out the images below.

The drama website has also been renewed with the image and content. The drama’s story was previously posted HERE

From Kamenashi [Qlap]

Kei’s been raised overseas, and so he goes after women with burning desire. There’s no shyness whatsoever, from the first episode he sticks his hand inside her skirt!? It’s not like that kind of kiss scene were it’s like a “ah, we kissed”-feeling, it’s way greater than that. As those scenes are as frequent as a conversation would take place…….. don’t miss it!

Main Visual/ Poster:

More images:

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    • Reileen

      I wanted more skin, but that probably can’t go around hanging in Tokyo lol
      I hope the drama keeps it promises and give us real THINGS

      • eri

        There is more skin on the poster for TBS drama “Utsukushii Wana – Zanka Ryoran” even if it’s just two guys posing with unbuttoned shirts than this. Not to mention muscly abs and chest they are showing.

        • Reileen

          Did those go up in Shibuya too? Lemme search for the pics and drama then lol

    • guest

      This is always my favorite sexy poster of Kamenashi


      • he’sgay

        LOL,,,,I know right….I always think of him as gay…

        • nath

          Nah..he is just kame-sexual :)

          • M. A. E.

            He’s “Metrosexual”. Nothing wrong with watching “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”. ;)

    • eplizo

      I’m readyyyy for this drama. Better not disappoint.

    • nath

      waiting…. while keeping my expectation low.

    • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      “Kei’s been raised overseas, and so he goes after women with burning desire. There’s no shyness whatsoever, from the first episode he sticks his hand inside her skirt!?

      Oh gee them overseas kids, making everyday sexual harassment titillating and seductive.

      • Mit_souko

        Agree totally! Hadn’t seen your comment when I posted mine. Lol.

      • Guest

        because gaijins are the only ones with some sexual desire

      • Another Annoyed Guest

        Thank you. That was my exact thought. So people overseas are raised to molest each other…? Particularly the guys? Great image you have of us, Kame. (And er…PRETTY sure that Japan’s the country with the “that sort of illicit groping is hot” issue–but in porn. For men…)

        As a big fan of Kame’s, I was pretty annoyed off that he made that comment so openly and calmly. I’m also annoyed off that acts bordering on sexual harassment are apparently being depicted on a Love Drama written by a “love expert” when sekihara still doesn’t get taken seriously here and remains a problem for a lot of women…

        • Reileen

          Uhh the putting his hand under her skirt isn’t like her walking in the steeets then him suddenly groping her, lmao. The manuscript says they’re gonna have sex, w/c he initiated by putting his hand under her skirt. Then she goes saying, she’ll undress herself and that he turns of the lights and so he did

          • :)

            mte, i happened to read post abt the manuscript. smh with ppl jumping in a conclusion on the comment he made about his drama character, which is well, written by someone else, so early in the game. He didn’t really give a context as to where it takes place, maybe that’s why. I saw the preview today and i have to say, it’s really far from ‘steamy seductive” haha, but it does look pretty. Can’t wait.

          • Another Annoyed Guest

            You saw the manuscript…? If what you say is the actual case, then that’s a shade better.

            But sorry, it doesn’t change the fact that Kame has a somewhat disturbing image of foreign guys.

          • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

            I was just going off what I read, which really didn’t suggest otherwise. Haha, thanks for clarifying though.

        • london

          agree. I said the same thing somewhere else and some annoyed kame fan jumped at me.

          • Another Annoyed Guest

            Right??? I’m a huge fan of Kame’s! He’s fantastic and talented, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for him to say a statement like this and think that it’s acceptable to say. Sexual harassment is obviously (or not, to some people :-/) an issue, especially in Japan where it’s often under-reported. For a popular TV show to insinuate that it’s okay or commonplace in any way is just wrong. Even if it’s Kame’s TV show. :-/ (And I think these fans are misinterpreting things…it’s not just the ‘grabbing up her skirt’ thing. It’s the entire allusion to foreign men being raised to believe anything close to sexual harassment is “okay”.)

            • london

              yes, I’ve read Kame’s interviews before and he’s always managed to sound educated/not shallow, but this time he seriously blew it.

              • Another Annoyed Guest

                Totally agreed~ I always admired how much he enjoys traveling and how open he seems to experiences while abroad. But right, this comment really blew it. >< I don't understand how he could say that and think it sounds okay. If someone made that generalization about Japanese people overseas, you can bet it wouldn't be received well… :-/ (And not just by Japanese people, but surely by other "overseas" folk who have some form of common sense about foolish stereotypes.)

                It's the whole us vs. them mindset, which I do think is innocent and not intended to be quite so rude or assuming, but is still, at the end of the day, ignorant. :( He was raised "overseas"–which could be anywhere. There are so many different types of people overseas, from so many different places, but a lot of Japanese people still see the world as Japanese people and foreigners, as if all foreigners come from the same place with the same morals and culture. Even if it had just been a generalized statement about overseas people all being some [insert generalization here] or the other would be annoying. But the fact that it's a comment about something that either is or borders on sexual harassment is………..ugh.

                • london

                  “a lot of Japanese people still see the world as Japanese people and foreigners, as if all foreigners come from the same place with the same morals and culture.”

                  this. it’s sad and personally I’m quite touchy about this topic since I’ve lived in Japan for more than a year and while everyone was really nice the generalizations were endless.

                  • Another Annoyed Guest

                    Oh no, only one year and already you’ve noticed it. :( I’m a bit sad about that, it’s nicer when you can enjoy it more innocently at first… I was more naive when I first came here, so I was viewing the country through rose-colored glasses a lot at that time. I’ve been here nearly ten years now, but by the second or third year in, you do start to notice this kind of thing, and it is sad… (Especially when other foreigners come here and perpetuate that image. Some of us live here officially, you know! We’re working and paying taxes to the government, only to lose all the benefits of such because we “look like gaijin,” even if we’re now citizens.)

                    How often do you get the “Japan is the only country with four seasons!”? rubbish? I’m working as an English teacher here (of course, heh heh), and every time I ask students what makes Japan special, I get at least three of those in my class. Although it is a common mistaken belief amongst Japanese people. My American friend here also teaches. I can’t tell you how many times students have told her that she can’t possibly be “shy”, because “Americans aren’t shy.” How can one be so naive…?

                    The whole carnivore man versus herbivore man thing upsets me as well. The world–and certainly people–are not so black and white. I think this whole drama would be a LOT more interesting if the characters weren’t such precise cookie cutouts to begin with. So Kame’s a macho, aggressive carnivore man. Hmmm, that’s…new. Not. I’ll try watching, perhaps, but if it sounds anything like what it’s appeared to be so far, I think I might not waste my time. Especially since Kame’s character apparently comes from his (and certainly the scriptwriter’s) naive assumption about foreigners. At the end of the day, I’m still just very disappointed in him, because I expected better.

                • amused

                  sexual harassment ? idk i think you are making lots of assumptions based on very little thing he said about his character and not himself. He used the word ‘shy’, japanese guys tend to be mo reserved, could it not be possible that he just mean that?/shrugs

                  • Another Annoyed Guest

                    You might be surprised by what our words reveal about our thoughts/views on the world. :-/ He did not outright say “sexual harassment” (of course not, that would be ridiculous), but what he says instead implies that he sees that kind of action as somehow acceptable, and that does trouble me when it’s being said in a society that still has serious issues regarding the handling of sexual harassment. I do agree that the context that that quote was taken out of is very poor. The people in advertising for this production really need to get their acts together. There are Japanese people who were bothered by that quotation, as well. If the script actually is as some people are saying, then what Kamenashi is saying about “touching up her skirt” makes a bit more sense, and the quote of his they used above, combined with the article itself, does NOT convey that. :-/

                    Sadly, at the end of the day, however, his comment on foreigners is still a very generalized and ignorant assumption–and I do think we should expect better of him. (I do want to peg the scriptwriter on this, too, though. Obviously it is likewise her belief that the character she wrote, being “raised overseas”, behaves this way because he was raised amongst those overseas folk.)

                    I think most foreigners who have lived here long enough are tired of foolish–and often incorrect–generalizations made about “everyone” who is not Japanese. It does end up affecting us in real life, sadly. And it’s not a pleasant thought to think that Kame might have any such ignorant views about foreigners, considering many of his fans are “foreign” and he himself has worked with many foreigners )

                • Tennessis

                  if his words hurted you so much, you can just stop being his fan ))) it’s easier than complaining in every comment abt how he’s mean and thoughtless )))

                  Live and let live

            • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

              Ugh you’ve reminded me of that pervert who was giving classes on how to get Japanese women.

              • Another Annoyed Guest

                Oh GOD, that guy! >< You know, I signed the petition to keep him out of Japan, but I couldn't help noticing that a lot of Japanese guys did not. In fact, there was a whole webpage from Japanese guys (probably trolls, though, to be honest) claiming that it was the Japanese women's fault that that guy acted like that. And it's like…no. NO. IT'S. NOT. Cut the victim-blaming. Having known at least two young women in this country who were raped and more or less silenced about their experiences by police (and having known more who faced some form of sexual harassment and thought it was too "common" to report)… *shakes head* This whole thing upsets me. I don't blame Kame fully–I'm more annoyed at the scriptwriter, to be honest, however famous she is–but what he said about foreigners is still, at the end of the day, ignorant. Especially coming from someone who seemed as worldly as him. And I don't want to think he believes such behavior is cool or okay, either. :(

                • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

                  Which is all the more depressing when we consider ourselves so evolved and modern. Just shows how long of a way we got to go in general.

                  • Another Annoyed Guest

                    Absolutely true, sadly! :(

                • omg

                  Kamenashi is worldly? hah…has he lived anywhere outside of Japan for more than six months? To me, he’s a typical Japanese male especially in the way he thinks.

                  • ?

                    So, you have to live more than 6 mos anywhere outside japan to have a “worldly” mindset? ooowwkay. And here we are talking abt generalization? yeah right.

                  • Another Annoyed Guest

                    I do think he has some sense of worldliness about him. At least more than some other Japanese people. He does have a job that keeps him bound to his work here in Japan, though. I don’t believe that he said what he said out of cruelty or intentional rudeness. But that kind of naivete about foreign countries and their people is common in Japan. I just expected better of him knowing he’s traveled and worked with many foreigners. Too bad.

        • Tennessis

          if any japanese has that kind of image of us it’s our fault i think. even i think bad about european people cos of Julien Blanc.

    • myeyesneedhelp
    • guest

      Bring it on!!

    • Guest

      So much photoshop.

    • Chriis

      Their heads look like they’ve been photoshopped onto the bodies lol.

      • Mit_souko

        Probably have! I think that Kamenashi is nice looking, but as sexy as a turtle, befitting his name. And what is the sense of this idiotic comment of his:
        Kei’s been raised overseas, and so he goes after women with burning desire. There’s no shyness whatsoever, from the first episode he sticks his hand inside her skirt!?
        Sounds like a lecher and a boor.

    • zzie

      now i need to check this one out, hopefully it turns out good.

    • london

      oh i’m sure it will be ~so erotic, japanese actors can’t even kiss properly on tv… lol

      • Reileen

        The lack of jromance dramas nowadays make me latch onto whatever romantic side story there is in a drama, even tho I know it’ll always remain a side story to the main

    • What

      Wow, what a boring poster..

      • lil888

        My kettle has more steam than this boring poster.

    • Mai

      I can’t wait for SL to start airing! It’s the only drama I’m anticipating this season along with Watanabe Anne’s Date.

    • M. A. E.

      …Andddd, here we go…

      • They already came. He’s supposedly marrying her…

        • M. A. E.

          “Supposedly” is the key word, although I highly doubt that he is. As much as it would be wonderful if he did get married, I just don’t see it. He’s still in the prime of his life and acting career and unfortunately, marriage could mean risking his popularity with the “delusional” portion of his fan base. Actors in Japan seem to realize that.

    • “Kei’s been raised overseas, and so he goes after women with burning desire. There’s no shyness whatsoever, from the first episode he sticks his hand inside her skirt!?”

    • omg

      Do you really think this looks steamy and seductive? It looks booooooooooooooring as fuck


      • M. A. E.

        I have only seen tongue being slipped in only one of the JDramas I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a good amount of JDramas. If I remember right, it was between Shirota Yu and Kuroki Meisa in “Jiu”.

      • ami

        Ah, the good ol’ “man kisses woman who stands stock-still and doesn’t respond” trope.

        So sexy /s

        • yanderenightmares

          I blame the girls who like this stuff. They are the market pushers for boring ass kisses such as these. I mean just yesterday I was watching Kill Me Heal Me (korean drama) with my sis and it like ten minutes to reach eachothers lips. They were coming forward by the nanosecond.

    • Alex

      Hate the poster with a passion!

    • l3012

      Is this the Japanese answer to 50 shades of grey? Sounds like taken out of a bad fanfiction.
      I can’t think about Kame as…sexy. God no.

    • nothingsover

      As a long time fan of Kame, I can still say… I’m not convinced he’s straight. Which is why they probably photoshopped his head into the poster LOL

    • Surreal Score

      RME at that character description. This is the 21st century… Why are so many people in Japan (and elsewhere for that matter) still refusing to exit those ignorant little bubbles of theirs?

    • kat tun fan

      wish you the best kame

    • kat tun fan

      waiting for your drama

    • Usagi

      Does anybody have the Japanese version of those sayings (“Kei’s been raised overseas, and so he goes after women with burning desire. There’s no shyness whatsoever, from the first episode he sticks his hand inside her skirt”) or do we have 100% confidence on the person who translated it? I have encountered many “interesting” translations before so I do not think he meant something like that since he is quite an open-minded person and very knowledgeable about the foreign cultures..