Kaku Kento and Eikura Nana register marriage

Actors Kaku Kento and Eikura Nana have registered their marriage on August 7, 2016. Both of their agencies have confirmed the marriage today, August 8, 2016. The wedding reception hasn’t been decided yet. In addition, it was confirmed that Eikura Nana is not pregnant.

They co-starred in the TBS drama N no Tame ni in 2014. They have started dating last year of summer. After which, the two have decided to register their marriage on the 7th day of August this year.

Kaku Kento commented, “I would like to spend my life with her and be happy together.” Eikura Nana also added, “I have the confidence to overcome everything that happens in my life as long as I am with him.” 

Kaku Kento’s full comment:

This time, I, Kaku Kento, has been married to Eikura Nana.

We had our fateful encounter in the drama, “N no Tame Ni” and dated for about one year.

I would like to spend my life with her and be happy together.

I am still an immature person. Yet, with everyone’s guidance in our relationship, we are going to continue to be devoted to our work.

To those who have been supporting us, I will be happy if you continue to watch us with warmth in your eyes.

Eikura Nana’s full comment:

I am pleased to announce that I, Eikura Nana, has been married to Kaku Kento.

We have co-starred in the drama, “N no Tame Ni” and dated for a year. In that time we shared, we have realized that we wanted to become a family.

I have the confidence to overcome everything that happens in my life as long as I am with him.

To everyone who has been supporting us until now, thank you very much.

We are still immature but we will surely be devoted.

I am please if you could watch us warmly in the future.

We, from Arama! Japan, are giving the warmest congratulations to the couple! 

Source: Oricon Style

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    • sashayuuka

      OMG!! I was not expecting that! Congratulations! Hope they have a happy marriage! XD

    • cid

      Best wishes to Nana and Kento!

      The marriage rumor to beat is back on the trending posts.

      • byebicycle

        do you mean /that/ rumour post? bc that post is there like 99% of the time. it’s actually getting kinda annoying tbh :v

        • cid

          Yes, THAT one. So annoying

        • Asw

          That article was posted 2 years ago. It’s probably a pinned post by the admin or google/search engines. Its a topic that guarantees hits.

          Honestly, I’m more annoyed this rumored couple is getting the brunt with this kind of negativity just because the media is relentless pursuing it. They can’t help being a popular otp. What’s worse are the consistent comments in most maotsujun articles, belittling Inoe Mao as nothing but a gossip attached to Matsujun.

          • Taima-kun

            if only i could upvote this numerous times
            just google Inoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun, the arama article is practically 2nd and 5th in the results
            idc if some people think the long going rumor is bogus, but it just irks me that all the negativity is directed towards Inoue Mao

    • nothingsover

      Wow that was unexpected but I’m delighted for both of them! Congratulations!

    • Cathy

      So Sugishita ended up with Ando. Congrats!! :)

      • REMISU

        the alternative ending to n no tame ni. ❤️

    • byebicycle

      totally unexpected, but congrats to them both!!

    • kazumi

      congratulation. finally, a good news ^^

    • Nikki ok

      Wahh two of my fav actors getting married, so unexpected but they do fit eachother, wish them all the best :)

    • FrozenLand

      Unexpected but this is awesome news❣

      Victory for those who shipped Nozomi² back in ‘N no Tame ni’❣ 😂

      • Jo

        I was so sad they didn’t end up together in the drama but it doesn’t matter anymore :)

        • FrozenLand

          Yeah. It doesn’t matter anymore since they ended up together in real life! Hope they’ll have a happy marriage! (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡

        • nowusee

          Haha~ me too. I was so sad that they didn’t ended up together in that drama. So I’m so happy that they are married in real life. :D

    • Jo

      OMG OMG OMG MY SHIP SAILED and I didn’t expect it1!!

      • Loufinia

        It’s rare but it happens!!

    • Taima-kun

      I know that they were dating, but this marriage announcement totally caught me off guard lol
      Congratulations to you two!
      OT Kaku Kento looks like a boy next door version of OOR’s Taka

    • shira


    • hasawa

      i died at the ” it was confirmed that Eikura Nana is not pregnant.” lol
      Like, it’s such a common fact that celebs get gunshot marriage because of unplanned pregnancy that now the agencies feel the need to specify there’s no pregnancy expected and the marriage is genuine lol

    • Kyoko

      Not a shotgun wedding, so refreshing! Congrats to them!

    • REMISU


    • me

      congratz to both of them :D

    • the groupie who

      awwww so happy with the sudden news! shipped them so much in the drama, wishing the couple the best!

    • Aww~, good for you Nana! (Love her!) Wishing them the best marriage.

    • eplizo


    • Summersplash

      Yes!!!!! My IRL ship actually came true!

    • light


    • Kokoro Ai

      aaah My two favs in N no tame ni!! Congratulations!!

    • paperplane

      I’m loving all these recent happy news in Arama as of late
      Nana is such a girl crush so I’m happy for both her and Kento.
      What a cute couple! Be happy ^___^

    • Loufinia

      My shock about knowing this(even thought it’s a bit late) is tremendous. I mean, Nana is a good actress and Kento is like my bae in his role in Asuko March. His intense gaze of his just melts my heart Hehe. Anyway this combination is really unexpected, but in a good way. T^T I’m crying in joy right now, literally. I’ll check out the series where they co-starred.


      i just found out today about this..