Johnny’s WEST stars in Netflix drama “Honoo no Tenkousei REBORN” streaming worlwide in winter

Watch Johnny’s WEST, the first Johnnys group to star in an Internet based drama, in “Honoo no Tenkousei REBORN” (Blazing Transfer Student) based on Shimamoto Kazuhiko’s popular manga serialized in Weekly Shounen Sunday. The 8-episode Netflix original drama will start streaming worldwide this winter 2017 and will be delivered to 190 countries. Toshio Lee (Detroit Metal City, God is in Bali) will be directing.

Seven transfer students appear at the mysterious elite school “Tanebi Gakuen”, established by Noboru Takizawa who was once called the “Blazing Transfer Student”. Coincidentally, the seven students are named “Kakeru”. They sneak into a problematic school as a transfer student and has the secret mission of improving the school from the inside.

The drama stars the 7-member group Johnny’s West. Member Kiriyama Akito, noted that in their 3rd year anniversary since they debut, they will be challenging the lead roles as a group, they will continue to work hard and hopes that they can turn it into a work that can deliver smiles for people in 190 countries.  Netflix Content Director Julian Lai-Hung is excited to be able to collaborate with the group and director Toshio Lee and states that he is very pleased to deliver this special work to the 93 million Netflix users.

(via Oricon)

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    • East

      Good luck West!
      Are they some kind of Johnny’s new age experiment? They are the only Johnny’s group with an official Twitter acc and now worldwide netflix drama. I hope this is a start to unleash Johnny’s to the world.

      Why West though? Why not more popular groups like Arashi, Kanjani8, HSJ, Kisumai or Sexy Zone?

      • Guest

        I think it’s because they are not that popular like the rest of seniors so it is a good promotion for the group. If the jimusho only look at profit of course they will push the popular one first. But I’m glad they go with the youngest one and give them more publicity and expand their careers.

        • East

          They are the latest debuted group but age wise, I don’t feel like they are the youngest?
          I’m glad they are given more publicity.

          • Guest

            Oh no i mean the youngest in term of debut ^^

      • neko

        Maybe because they aren’t that popular so they could see how effective is opening to the world.

      • Amy

        It’s a stretch but mayne they’re trying to develop their roster. It will make them more money if it works. I’m surprised Johnny’s being this adventurous with new media tbh. They always seem to be stuck in the past.

    • Ryusei

      That’s really cool, my fave johnnys are going places :D

    • rshina

      looks like johnnys in the middle of doing some experiment? well, but I glad for them. good luck~

    • Syah W

      I’m so glad Johnnys West was chosen for this! Hopefully the world will begin to notice Johnnys groups and J-pop even more (and bring them to my country ;P)

      Good luck West, I wish you Kansai cuties the best in this project!

    • faifantc

      Yay!!! They really need more promotion. <3 <3 <3 They're so much fun.

    • マイケル・タンザー


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