Johnny & Associates issues stern warning to fans regarding excessive behavior

It seems that there’s been some recent incidents of unruly fan behaviors that has drawn the attention of Johnnys. On September 13, Johnnys Jimusho posted an ‘Important Request’ notice on its official site calling attention on excessive fan behavior, Oricon reports.

The message posted “While we appreciate those of you who kindly express your support while maintaining your dignity as fans, we have an important request for those engaging in excessive behavior that violates standards of decorum.”

The lengthy message gave a specific list of these kind of behavior, such as following artists, taking photos and videos of the artists, shooting airguns at staff and more, affecting not only the artists but also the general public. More on their statement can be seen below.

An Important Request

The artists and staff of Johnny & Associates would like to thank all its fans for their continued warm support for the artists. While we appreciate those of you who kindly express your support while maintaining your dignity as fans, we have an important request for those engaging in excessive behavior that violates standards of decorum.

We have repeatedly requested that fans refrain from following the artists in their travel, but unfortunately we have been continuing to observe this unacceptable behavior. This kind of behavior not only restrict artists’ movements, but also creates a significant nuisance for the general public and causes issues with public transportation. Our office has been contacted repeatedly by relevant authorities and issued requests and warnings urging us to improve the situation.

The following are examples of actual incidents that have occurred.

  • Reserving seats on planes and bullet trains near artists and standing up to stare at them
  • Loitering around the decks at the front and back of the bullet train cars the artists use and interfering with other passengers’ movements
  • Continuing to take photos and videos of the artists
  • Blocking artists’ paths
  • Intentionally colliding or embracing the artists
  • Repeatedly following artists while ignoring warnings from managers, officers, and JFC support staff
  • Shooting airguns at staff
  • Causing problems for other passengers boarding and disembarking transportation
  • Tailing vehicles carrying the artists with unlicensed taxis, etc.

Attempting to follow artists is clearly dangerous behavior and has potential to cause major accidents.

This kind of behavior not only makes our artists feel uneasy as they go about their daily tasks, but also causes problems for the general public and hurts the artists’ reputation as a result.

In the worst-case scenario, if the situation does not improve, relevant authorities may prevent us from holding concerts, or prevent artists from using public transportation and so on. As a result, fans eagerly awaiting the live performances will be met with disappointment due to the actions of a few irresponsible individuals.

Thus, we would like to reiterate this important request. Please refrain from following the artists to stations or airports and any other form of excessive behavior.

We ask those who cannot moderate their behavior refrain from using these transportation facilities. Thank you for your cooperation.

September 13, 2017
Johnny’s Family Club

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    • AoZora

      Atleast Japanese fans are well behaved compared to my country where they is 100% possibility of getting mobbed…
      Good luck to fans over there…

      • Not Polka Dot

        “The following are examples of actual incidents that have occurred:
        1. Reserving seats on planes and bullet trains near artists and standing up to stare at them
        2. Loitering around the decks at the front and back of the bullet train cars the artists use and interfering with other passengers’ movements
        3. Continuing to take photos and videos of the artists
        4. Blocking artists’ paths
        5. Intentionally colliding or embracing the artists
        6. Repeatedly following artists while ignoring warnings from managers, officers, and JFC support staff
        7. Shooting airguns at staff
        8. Causing problems for other passengers boarding and disembarking transportation
        9. Tailing vehicles carrying the artists with unlicensed taxis, etc.”

        After seeing these examples, I don’t think they are well behaved at all. Had they behaved well, this statement wouldn’t have been issued. Rabid fans are all the same country notwithstanding.

        • AoZora

          Celebrities in my never country never use public transport and any actors worth just 2-3 hits will have bodyguards .. They never travel in public places.. Probably India has a huge population and can’t tame fans like the way japanese talent agencies do…. Comparatively(and not absolutely) Japanese fans are better…

      • merkypie

        You never heard of the guy that pulled out a hatchet and slashed up two members of AKB48 at a hand shaking event?

        • yam

          According to reports, the guy wasn’t a fan.

          • merkypie

            You’ve missed the point entirely. The guy still bought the cds, still planned a way in and got access to attack the girls as if he WERE a fan. Random people just don’t go into these hand shaking events without the tickets to do so.

            It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not. Going around doing dick moves makes you a dick, plain and simple.

            • yam

              As if he were a fan. Pretending. Still not their fan. Just a lunatic targeting these girls just because they are popular. Not a fan. That’s misleading. The management were also at fault for the lax security. Not saying fans can’t be dicks though.

              Probably a more accurate example was the solo girl singer who survived being stabbed by her stalker/fan.

        • AoZora

          That was a very unfortunate… Such people should be severely punished… I wasn’t supporting such fans….

    • yacchaitai

      “Shooting airguns at staff” the fuck

    • tomanii

      The thing is… those people don’t even deserve to be called “fans”. They’re lunatics with too much free time on their hands.

    • kirin

      Was this triggered by Nino’s pics that were floating around a few days ago?
      But I really pity those who work in the entertainment industry, I can’t imagine being recognized everywhere you go. I bet it’s very exhausting as you can’t let loose yourself :| I pretty much agree with JE on terms of taking pics esp when they’re out in their private, it’s a stalkerish behavior, it’s intruding their privacy.

      • Himi Tsu

        Could you tell me more about those pics? :o

        • light

          Just some pics of him at a station in Nagoya, apparently not for work. Seems like he also shook hands with a fan. Unless something else happened or the fan behaved weirdly…it doesn’t seem like anything big, but the timing of the pics and this statement made some fans wonder.

          • Himi Tsu

            I see :o Thanks ~

          • yam

            Tbh I would get excited to see him on the streets too but will try very hard not to let my enthusiasm show :P. He looked good.

            I need someone to ponder with me about those pants XD

            • Toff

              Me too.

              About those pants, I’ll embrace (almost) anything as long as that yellow mustard shirt is nowhere to be seen.

              • yam

                How dare u. His mustard shirt is legendary! I love it.

                I don’t mind the pants and him being fashionable out of work but it made people look twice and recognize him lol. People would wonder if there were cameras filming him in those pants

                • Toff

                  Haha, that mustard shirt is legendary, but it’s awful. :D

                  I had the opposite thought. He was going for the comfort of those pants instead of fashionable, imo, and I think that would be so Nino. But you know with Arashi, you never know if there are secret cameras filming them for some variety show ala Sho’s shiyagare segment. In such circumstances, it would be a big laugh on the show if no one actually recognizes and goes up to them. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

                  • yam

                    I love that he lovingly wears it a lot and I think any shade of yellow suits him. Not a lot love mustard color but I do lol.

                    It does look comfy and it might be a variety shoot, who knows. I still feel he lost a bet or something XD. Wishing he’s ok with the extra coverage on him.

                  • light

                    Lmao i wouldn’t be surprised if those pants were a gift from Jun, or maybe they come from the bunch Kimura gave him xD

              • Keny

                why am i laughing so much at the yellow mustard t comment?
                probably cause i feel the same way abt it

      • neko

        what photos?

      • Reileen

        They are talking about concerts mostly, and most likely stems from the HSJ tour incidents but of course it’s all encompassing to include other incidents

      • james

        What’s wrong with taking photos & videos?
        people are doing it everywhere.

        • yam

          At first I don’t think taking videos or pictures of these celebs are that bad but when I put myself in their shoes, I would get creeped out if people took pictures of me without my consent. It couldn’t be helped they are public figures though.

          • kirin

            it actually shouldn’t be justified just bcs they are public figures :( I would get it if people are taking pics at an event, but at their private time? Aren’t we all the same human being, who wouldn’t get creeped out by such stalkerish behavior :/
            I wish that there are more people who try to put themselves into the shoes just to prevent your favorite ones feeling uncomfortable/disturbed, after all they are just humans with emotions just like us

            • yam

              Not everybody has sensitivity or emphaty for others especially if they think those celebs are privileged. That’s not a justification but that’s how a lot will think about the situation. Some can be caught by the excitement of meeting them too. Somehow I don’t totally blame people taking hidden shots as long as they are very discrete and not with the intention to profit (ie: viral shot, to sell to tabloids etc). If I’m a celebrity, I would also understood that I’m a public figure and it comes with notoriety. Celebs might be public figures but they aren’t public property.

          • shiryukun

            C’mon, they’re public figures and it’s kind of expected. If it was a picture of their family or friends, it’s another story. Here in the west people take pictures of celebs all the time and and famous people don’t care that much about it, they know it’s part of their job.

            And this kind of marketing they do with their talents of being everywhere as the perfect guys and brainwhashing people help to create this kind of behavior. But I didn’t think it was that bad like here in the west where there are crazy fans that invade celebrity homes or whatever.

            • yam

              I think this reply should’ve been for @kirin, not me. You can read my reply below:

              things in the west aren’t the same as the east, so I don’t agree on that. Might be streotypical but the west are generically more brash while the east value to keep things to themselves.
              Public figures aren’t public property. I think it’s healthier when fans are mindful of celebrities privacy. As for brainwashing, it’s part of Johnny’s marketing strategy to be exclusive and being japanese majority of their fans know are stickler to rules.

        • rshina

          isn’t Johnny’s have a rule about not taking private picture?

          • RoseYG

            yeah someone told me years ago that you have to blur (srry idk if thats the right word for it) out their faces

        • kirin

          Just bcs people are doing it everywhere doesn’t mean that it’s okay to do it :(
          I hope that people try to give more thoughts before acting out

    • merkypie

      I’ve legit never seen this happen ever. Like. Where was this happening? This hasn’t even made the news over there. AKB48 actually had someone slash the shit out of two of their idols a couple of years back.

      But uh, lesson of the day is: dont be a dick

      • yam

        Does J&A need to only come up with this reminder if something newsworthy happened? I remember they’ve already published a similar statement a decade ago. I don’t remember if any of the yarakashi incidents made news back then but I’ve heard stories. It’s good they reiterate it before things escalated.

        • merkypie

          Yeah, it would sort of help in setting up boundaries for fans that wanna start pulling off crazy ass moves. A lot of stuff that makes tabloids is Johnnys attacking fans with umbrellas and breaking their cell phones at clubs — not the other way around.

          • yam

            True. Attacks on them are rarely known. I’ve heard of fans abusing Johnny’s during concerts with vulgar uchiwa, lasers, etc but not much else. I think these guys don’t want to be seen as whining if they revealed the abuse.

    • SnowDrop

      Basic human decency is just lost on some people, isn’t it? I honestly wouldn’t call these people “fans”…that’s rather insulting to actual fans who respect the artists and their staff.

    • What

      Wtf… Well I’m not surprised

    • light

      I’ve heard about almost all those things happening but shooting airguns?? Wtf that’s a new one…
      They are nuts

    • eplizo

      They are such a fucking MESS. I was at a loss for words when I heard they used airguns lol

    • losers game

      Airguns?! What the balls is that about.

    • MaliceMasquerade

      I don’t know what the Japanese equivalent to sasaeng is but they sound like sasaeng fans.

      • yam

        I think it’s yarakashi.

    • Reileen

      From what I read, this came a few weeks after HSJ Hikaru Yaotome posted a long message on his JUMPaper update giving some lecture on proper fan behavior etc. HSJ is currently on tour. He cited one example that upon arrival on a train station, fans suddenly started screaming and running towards them and a baby who got surprised started crying. Other people are being inconvenienced. He said concerts are his life and wouldn’t want it to reach a point where HSJ can’t perform at certain cities bec authorities will deem it dangerous for HSJ to hold concerts. He said to share his msg to other fans.

      Looks like fans did not stop so here’s a company statement.

    • sarah

      They all need to swim in a river of holy water. I just cannot fathom people being this indecent and obsessive. These are not fans. These are something else. Calling them fans just makes sane fans look bad.

      Bitches be crazy.

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    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      shooting airguns at stuff? wtf.

    • ProllyWild

      This is a big problem.

      Particularly for fans of Johnny’s and KPOP they tend to linger outside tv and concert venues and then follow the cars to the train station. They then buy tickets to enter the station and rush the artists all the way to the entrance of the train. Ive almost been pummeled by some of those fans during my travels as well. It’s dangerous and ridiculous. Then you see them pacing back and forth on the trains to the Green Cars (upgraded seats) trying to catch a glimpse or take pictures. Some fans do try and get tickets in those areas in hopes of seeing their idols.

      Ive also seen with Johnny’s fans, they tend to know which rehearsal studios are often used by Johnny’s, and have people stake out the studios all day waiting for idols to come to work. Apparently there are pockets and networks of fans, so one fan will be posted outside hotels, studios, and apartments waiting for the idols to appear, and then when they arrive they notify the others to come and get a glimpse.

      It’s really just insane.

    • autumn wind

      It’s probably a result of many incidents but based on a couple of fan tweets, some fan tried to pull on the red fabric that Domoto Koichi uses to fly above the audience in Endless Shock just a few days ago. He’s got no wire attached to him for that scene btw. So if she had pulled hard enough he would have fallen.

    • yamakita

      No one likes stalker fans, but I think this is more a reflection on the failure of the security staff. It’s also a bit of biting the hand that feeds you. You must expect a certain of level of unreasonable behavior when the main selling point of your brand is to drive the fans crazy. I think the idols themselves need to suck it up to some extent. What did they expect when they signed up to become idols?

      And I’m just going by the translation here, but who is the agency to preach dignity when it often fails to provide to its own talents with its oppressive management style?

    • Wtf? I understand that they are celebrities and that’s exciting but treat your fellow human with some damn respect, jeezus christ.

    • RoseYG

      OMG shooting airguns at staff ?!?!