Japanese Men vote for the most desired celebrity face

Oricon has conducted their annual servery where they ask men to vote on which celebrity has the face they would most want for themselves.  500 men were selected for the ranking ranging in age from men in their teens to men in their 50s.

Singer Masaharu Fukuyama was exempt from the survey due to winning 5 years in a row, he is now in the contests’ hall of fame! Previous winners of the contest include Takuya Kimura, Dean Fujioka, and Osamu Mukai.

Did any of your favorites make the cut? Find out below! The numbers in the bracket indicate their rank last year.

1. Ryoma Takeuchi (N/A)

Hailed as the “nations boyfriend”, Ryoma Takeuchi has taken Japan by storm. Not even making it in the poll last year, Takeuchi shot up through the rankings taking home the prize for 2017. Previously winning a breakout actor poll by Oricon, besides his acting skills he gained attention for his height (185 cms) and toned body from playing soccer.

Many of the voters complimented Takeuchi’s “gentle smile”, saying he gives off a very cool yet kind/gentle aura. Many voters couldn’t help in admitting that they found him very attractive, saying that the balance of his face is perfect.

2. Yutaka Takeuchi (2)

Veteran actor Yutaka Takeuchi came in second place. His many success’ throughout the years include Fuji TV’s Beach Boys (1997), NTV’s Seikimatsu no Uta (1998), TBS’ Drop-out Teacher Returns to School (2003), and Shin Godzilla (2016).

Men in their teens, 20s and 30s mostly commented that the actor had a very cool looking face that’s very fitting of an adult. Older voters commented on his very clean cut and handsome face, additionally saying he also looks very handsome with a mustache/beard.

3. Dean Fujioka (1)

Last years winner came in 3rd place this year. Dean Fujioka career took off in 2015 after starring in the drama series Asa ga Kita, he was further established in 2016 after singing the theme song for the anime series Yuri!!! On Ice.

Many voters commented on their envy of his “perfectly put together face”, and charming smile. The word “sweet” was most commonly used when asked to describe Fujioka’s face.

4. Satoshi Tsumabuki (6)

5. Issei Takahashi (1)

6. Kimura Takuya (5)

7. Kentaro Sakaguchi (N/A)

8. Sota Fukushi (N/A)

9. Takeshi Sato (3)

10. Hiroshi Tamaki (8)


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    • eplizo

      Takeuchi Ryouma has truly been everywhere lol. Surprised Kentaro wasn’t on the list last year tho.

    • angel223_

      Was it because of Kahogo no Kahoko… He really did a great job on his portrayal.

      I love that Drama.

    • AoZora

      who is Takeshi Sato? I don’t know any actor with that name. Is it Takeru Sato by any means?

    • SsunShine

      I want a boyfriend with Hiroshi Tamaki’s face 😍😍😍

    • Omar the star

      It’s TakeNOuchi Yutaka, not Takeuchi. Thank you!

    • Kimura Takuya №1 – end of story.

    • bailey darbii

      i’ve been telling yall! ryoma is bae. period. tall, tan and good looking? japan get on that! next they need to acknowledge mackenyu. dean’s rise even though he’s married with kids is a beautiful thing.

    • Lisallie

      Sorry, but Abe (Hiroshi) -chan is #1 LOL

    • SlyMoonFox

      Not bad not bad

    • Yuki

      Takenouch yutaka is #1 xD …
      And where is Oguri shun ?????

    • silly rabbit.
      • Azura Of Ylisse

        Who’s this? 😍😍

        • Takenouchi Yuta (#2). He is just handsome, omg !

          • Azura Of Ylisse

            Wow! He looks so different 😍😍😍
            But he looks good either way 😉

            • *Yutaka, oops, my bad, sorry xD

              Yes, he looks so good and even more older. I’m dying ~

              • Azura Of Ylisse

                It’s the first time I’ve heard of him in all honesty, but damn I wish I knew of him before 😍😍

        • silly rabbit.

          Yes as someone below has already mentioned its Takenouchi Yukata. He’s so beautiful… Especially earlier in his career.

          • Azura Of Ylisse

            Thank you for your response!
            I agree, he does look beautiful! Wow 😍😍

    • AoiMe

      Let me sulk in the corner with my baes Odagiri Jo and Mackenyu
      Tho #2, #7 and #10 can GET IT

    • King of the Kats

      So~chan on the list ❤

    • Thao T Tran


    • meowpooff

      Osamu mukai seems bit modest lately. he used to be in this chart along with Fukuyama masaharu.