It’s Real! Follow the first Johnnys group on twitter!!

What? A Johnnys official twitter account? Johnny & Associates has been notorious in shunning social media accounts for their company and their talents. So there has been utter confusion and surprise among Johnnys fans when a suspicious looking Johnnys West staff PR twitter account suddenly pop out of nowhere. But as confirmed by their record label site Johnnys Entertainment, @JohnnysWEST_PR is the real deal. This makes Johnny’s WEST the first Johnnys group to get an official twitter account.

According to a tweet, there will be a significant announcement tomorrow, October 20. Stay tuned for that!

For Johnny’s WEST, they have recently annonced several things: a new album “Nawesuto”, “Johnny’s WEST CONCERT TOUR 2016 Rakkiiiiiiii 7”, and their first Dome Live “Johhny’s WEST 1st Dome LIVE 24 (Nishi) kara Kansha Todokemasu” at Kyocera Dome for December 24 and 25. No further details as of posting.

Will this social media account be run for the long term? Will this extend to other Johnnys groups?! Is this the…start? Or not? What to make of this life changing event?

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    • Niña

      I was utterly SHOCKED when I saw this. I can’t believe they’ve finally done it, tbh. I still can’t process it, it’s still so surreal to me.

    • Sio

      “…Will this extend to other Johnnys groups? Is this the…start? Or not? What to make of this life changing event…” XD

    • Meutia S Aishah

      Still can process this…
      Finally,our Johnnys is making an SNS…
      “Will this extend?or not?”

      Hope it will, but for now, let’s be happy that Johnnys is finally moving forward XD XD XD

    • Wakarehen

      While it’s the first official account for a group, I think it’s important to say it’s not the first official Johnny’s presence on Twitter.
      Tsuyoshi’s shamanippon account was opened back in 2012 (last used in 2014), Jin got his when he was still in the agency, and Koyama posted as his character on the official account for a stage play he was in a couple years ago.
      Let’s just hope this one is not a temporary thing and that this account won’t be abandoned after a couple of months and that other groups will follow.

      • Satowwwshi

        Well this one is kind of a different scale i guess because it’s not a personal twitter but an official one and the account is really meant for promoting the group (well there’s PR attached in the username so i assumed? lol)

        • nishi

          plot twist:
          PR = pointless retweeting

    • byebicycle

      i was so surprised when i saw this. they probably still won’t post pictures, lmao.

      if arashi got an official account… like, i’ve never understood fans who spam their faves, but if they got on board, it would take all my strength not to tweet random shit that would essentially boil down to “i love you pls notice me senpai” lmao i’m trash, i admit it.

      • >:)

        I’ll be one of those unabashedly critical fan and will tweet them

        • byebicycle

          “MORE FANSERVICE” tbh

          • >:)

            Ugh no. I know you weren’t serious but some would actually do. That’ll be as annoying as kpop fans begging/hounding their faves for more selca.

      • Niña

        I’m so there with you with the tweeting them random shit. I feel like I always would, even tho I’m usually not that kind of fan. A++++ for the ‘notice me senpai’ part LOL

        • byebicycle

          maybe the more random shit we would tweet them, the sooner they would realise how huge their international fanbase is (or we would just scare them off entirely lol)

          • Niña

            Badly hoping for the former, although pretty much expecting the latter LOL

    • the groupie who

      lol the whole johnnys fandom in shock bcos finally they decided to create an official twitter account XD . I don’t even like Julie but I hope she’ll make a difference compared to her mom and uncle.

    • Hatori Sachiyo

      I wish Arashi have one as well T-T

      • GaquliN Al-Nafie

        they have mostly everything, let the other Johnny’s get there chance …

        • chocoapples

          No, still need Arashi account anyway.

        • Keny

          lbr all they have they worked hard for. i’m not saying arashi should have a twitter account instead of johnnys west but i feel like they should get one AS WELL being that their fanbase is the biggest one of all je groups

    • BearSquad ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      give me HSJ !!!

    • Satowwwshi

      It’s pretty awesome how their followers are so quick to increase, when i first checked the twitter today they had 68k followers, and now they already have 200k followers lol fans surely got amused and excited about it. What more if it’s the senpai groups? This is exciting lol

      /waits for Arashi and Jump too have their own too brb

    • Stella otakukuku


    • Kaizoku Rose-Chan


    • eplizo

      YES LORD. Please let the members post stuff on it too though.

    • guest01

      Happy for their fans, now give me ARASHI Twitter and Instagram account! Please please PLEASE!!!!!!!! T____T

    • TruthSpeaker

      good move.. hope they use it actively and not for a limited period. I want them to announce twitter account for other groups as well…

    • Chrstn Abel Andal

      Arashi please!!!

    • MINO-SSI

      hsj pleaseee T.T

    • Kiki

      This is really surprising! I hope more groups get on there, and even the boys personally.

    • Ryusei

      They’ve arrived in the current century yay lol and my fave johnny’s too

    • Laura Márquez


    • huh

      lolz at the fans thinking that they can tweet their favs. It’s a PR account run by admins – the members will never see any of it. I seriously doubt any Johnny will ever be allowed to have a public personal account.
      Tho it’s a step in the right direction, looking to the future with one of the younger groups (possibly a testing the waters kind of thing). Good luck to them – if it goes well the idea might be extended to other groups.

      But I actually think it’s a very brave move by Johnny’s. There’s already bitching going on around the traps about how it’s unfair that a younger group got a Twitter account before the ‘senpai groups’. (side eyeing a couple of fandoms in particular here). Nastiness by other fandoms might put an end to the whole thing before it gets going.

      • >:)

        “There’s already bitching going on around the traps about how it’s unfair that a younger group got a Twitter account before the ‘senpai groups’. (side eyeing a couple of fandoms in particular here)”
        Don’t create drama where there’s none.
        Wishing their fave group having an official account too DOES NOT MEAN people being catty their faves not having an account first. You go hang out with girlschannel and other snobby Japanese wotas.

        Fans probably wanting the accounts just to have some official inclusion of sorts especially since Johnny’s haven’t opened its FC to the rest of the world. It’s easy to do a headcount of actual fandom community instead of relying to FC membership.

        • Sio

          Game, set mach! well said!


      • byebicycle

        lolz at the fans thinking that they can tweet their favs. It’s a PR account run by admins – the members will never see any of it.

        nofunallowed.jpg >:O although i can guarantee you that matsujun at least would take a look if arashi were on twitter. dude has already mentioned multiple times looking at twitter lol, and he doesn’t even have an account (…that we know of. *shifty eyes*)

    • Johnny Kitagawa

      Accounts illegally posting Johnny’s pictures and videos beware. They’re finally making a move on twitter and getting ready to strike you down.

    • Bruh, I almost had a heart attack at work. Wow.
      Arashi maybe in the future? :D

    • mindblown

      I’d much rather have them create a Youtube account and upload their PVs, but this is a step in the right direction.

    • King of the Kats

      Will they allow the boys to post

      • :)

        Only with supervision.

    • Reileen

      Someone give me the memes of fictional Johnnys personal twitter account. It was so hilarious and accurate

    • Taima-kun

      something changed in the management for this to happen lol
      which is nice, as long as they’re serious about it and not just a limited-time thing

      • :)

        i’m hoping this change will affect j-storm pr as well. Johnny’s Entertainment groups seems to have more wiggle room when it comes to marketing.

    • Finally, it’s about time! Better late than never, eh?

    • meh

      They’ve just announced release date for their (already announced long time ago) album and concert DVD/BD (both on 11.30).

      Idk what I was expecting that “significant announcement” to be, lol.

    • light

      A group pr account sounds good but I’m fine with them not having open personal ones, i feel it would get messy.

      • >:)

        Same. Anything pr is fine and their j-web is enough. Maintaining their own personal accounts can get suffocating.

        I imagine it’ll be pretty exciting if arashi has an official-pr account. Twitter might combust.

        • Kisa Nao

          OMG Yes. Me too.
          I think it’ll go error!
          The group I’d like to have twitter account is first foremost is Arashi!! Then Kinki Kids, Kanjani8 & KAT-TUN ~
          They’re all my fav groups in Johnnys. I do agree that if it is individual accounts it could get messy and much more difficult to maintain. I’d really much like it if it is group official account with perhaps some notes from each members once in a while (since I doubt they have much time managing it so Arashi staff admin it is).

    • 4fan

      That’s great!

      Wake me up when NEWS has one. Thanks! Hahaha!

    • kazumi

      I hope it would be permanent, not just temporary like JE’s idols before.
      It’s gonna be awesome if JE would open official account for all debuted groups. I know, they are in recharging period now, but KAT-TUN please~

    • Tûńà Fîśh

      When will hey! Say! JUMP have one?!

    • Taridina

      Give me Sexy Zone 😭

    • Kisha Mane

      i want KAT-TUN to have one as well. Though i love kame the most, i’d rather him not have his own. He wants to keep his private life remain private and that is just fair.

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      Haha…I want HSJ. It’ll be hilarious 😂

    • happy

      Apparently Kanjani8 will be opening a similar PR account in November.

    • Keny