Is Kamenashi Kazuya Heading Towards Marriage?

News of a relationship to close out 2014 with a bang has been discovered. KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya (28) and Fukada Kyouko (32) have started a relationship with their eyes set on marriage. Kamenashi and Fukada became close while playing lovers in the movie “Joker Game,” which is set to be released next year on January 31.

During October of this year, they were together for about 2 weeks at an overseas shooting location. The catalyst was the kiss scene that would become legendary in the industry. They practiced the kiss close to ten times and the final reveal was a deep kiss that seem to stretch on forever. There is no mistake that the kiss scene caused the two to realize their feelings for each other. (Person involved with the film)

Nonetheless, they are both very popular stars who engage in a large number of projects. In the majority of such cases, the relationship ends once the two realize their feelings for each other. But it was during the shooting of the Friday “evening melo” drama by Tere Asa, “Second Love” in which Kamenashi and Fukada played characters that were romantically involved with each other that their interest in each other grew deeper.

“In that drama, Kamenashi played a dancer with rare talent who spent his days languishing with anxiety because he couldn’t catch a break. On the other hand, Fukada played a female teacher in despair because of her affair with a co-worker and her relationships with her students. The two become attracted to each other and fall into a destructive love. The script was written by Ooishi Shizuka of “Second Virgin” fame. Looking at the situation, there is no reason for the two to not fall in love. The pair’s scenes have the feeling of being so fun that it can’t be helped. (Person involved with the drama)

However, the ones who cast doubt on their relationship were entertainment pro executives.

In the industry, their status is different. For one drama, Fukada gets a minimum of 15,000,000 yen. Because Kamenashi gets 4,000,000 yen for one drama and his fee is quite cheap, the joke that he is “Kanenashi” [lit. “no money”] instead of Kamenashi is thrown around. (Informed source)

One wonders if they will reach marriage.


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    • Reileen

      Kamenashi is always heading for mariage whenever he has a new drama.
      Lemme see those bed scenes first

    • neenpeen

      Woah! Get it Kameeeeee!!

    • muffin

      They could have at least tried to make it believable.

    • meowpooff

      hah i began to believe all J media rumours are true
      congratulation if this true

    • Ern Laties

      I’d totally buy this if it weren’t for the fact that their movie AND drama will be out soon. I mean, Kame ALWAYS got rumor like this before his drama came out (usually, they use Koizumi for this, but.. not this time it seems! ;p). Now he got movie too, and with Fukakyon too. Naaaah. This is just a publicity stunt to make people watch their drama and movie, since both got intimate/sexy scene.

    • nath

      …. sounds like a bad fan fiction, the kiss scene however looks kinda promising :)

    • eplizo

      I’m literally laughing. mkay.

    • What

      “They practiced the kiss close to ten times and the final reveal was a deep kiss that seem to stretch on forever. There is no mistake that the kiss scene caused the two to realize their feelings for each other.” Lmao this sounds like the beginning of a bad romance jdrama

    • Kazumi

      There are so many marriage news lately but I really am not sure about kame will get married soon. I think the marriage news is just promotion thing especially both were casting in 2 production, Joker Game and Second Love, as a lover. For the fee, of course FukaKyon gets higher, she is more senior than kame and kame’s rating dramas are not that good too *sorry kame*. Kame’s marriage news is more shocking than long relationship of MatsuJun x Inoue Mao’s news marriage for me.

    • guest

      Every girl in a dorama with Kame is getting married to him. Reality tells a very different story, I mean, one of them (Meisa) got married to his soulmate (Jin) who looks like one of his heroines in another drama (Haruka).

      • silverwings

        Soulmate? *GAGGING*

      • nath

        ….. Kame’s soulmate, if there is one, wld probably be himself

      • Jips

        His soulmate (Jin)+1.. haha AK will never sink.

    • Marmmy Nicolette Paniamogan

      duh? Whats with this lately JE news!? No Kame pls your still our baby! And who cares if Kame have cheaper talent fee or having no money? He’s still KAMENASHI KAZUYA he’s talented, handsome and so dedicated to things he did, many girls wants to be married with him no matter what! We still love’s you Kame no matter whatever happen to you!

      • kanenashi

        I’m sure Kame cares if Kame has no money.

        • Ern Laties

          Haha… ikr? Just look at all those expensive clothes & shoes he’s wearing. He’d be trouble if he didn’t have any money ;p

      • nath

        For someone who was reported, by reliable media, to have stayed in one of the most pricey condos, i doubt he is even close to be penniless, have no worry.

    • guest

      wasn’t he rumored with Anne before too and now she is marrying somebody else??
      marriage my ass …he’s gay.

      • me

        Sounds like someone doesn’t know how publicity works.

        • renew

          Hahaha… ikr? This is ‘normal’ whenever Kame got new drama or movie, to the point I just can’t believe any of this rumors anymore. It’s too damn obvious.

      • london

        lol, he isn’t gay but definitely didn’t date anne.

      • fifi

        Maybe he isn’t gay could be one of those weirdos who like white women
        U get weird guys who go for skinny white girls with big boobs and fat asses hehehe

        • Jessica Johnson


      • Jessica Johnson

        Kame are not gay stupid!!

    • renew

      Actually, this rumor is pretty funny to me. Besides the oh-obviously-publicity-stunt, Kame previous co-star Anne-chan (who’s also had dating/marriage rumor with Kame) will be getting married soon and his Friday’ed partner, Yonekura Ryoko (remember that hugging pictures when she’s drunk???) also announced her marriage. Hmmmm… Coincidence? But oh well. Unless someone show me real proof, this just reeks publicity stunt to me, like everyone been saying.

    • AAApanda

      LOL really now….

      • Samfujie

        There’s one thing that i would want to say. “guys are you nuts”? You’re saying things against other without looking at yourself. Do a self check first.

    • xyz

      Omg the Kanenashi joke. LOL.

    • Guest

      Ok, 150man and 40man are 1,500,000 and 400,000 yen right?

    • Bibi

      PR!!! It was the same with Anne.
      this is sooo PR. Next they will be spotted together in a restaurant or somewhere else….aaaalways the same.

    • Meryem Ben Brahim

      God they got me at first when I read just the title then I saw the picture and I was like what fukada??? Hhhhjhhh that stuff again xD this is getting funnier, those people are plain stupid don’t they get tired of making thoses stories whenever kame chan has a new doroma xD and what’s with the money thing hhhhh this is the joke of the year, anyways I still want our kame chan to stay single he is still young what? And I am not ready for this xD
      The kiss story is sooooooooo lame xD
      Kame chan gambatte hope this dorama and joker game will be a hit

    • FinalFantasy’sNextTopModel

      Noo, I thought the only one marrying him was no other than me!

    • Guest

      LOL the thing is Fukuda Kyoko already has a boyfriend and she’s been photographed by the Paparazzi & Friday’d with pics so they’re just doing this for publicity

      • chuuchuuni

        didn’t Fukada break up with her boyfriend earlier this year? saying that she broke up with his bf due to career something..

        • RR Djses

          yes fukada brokeup with Maasa Igarashi but nov 2014 she been caught having new bf a italian chef restaurant owner and Fukada admits it! obviously this article is just a publicity stunt! They should post someting thats TRUE/REAL! Well I will always support both of them Fukakyon and Kazuya so i’ll watch their movie and drama!

    • merkypie

      Kyoko Fukada is looking homely as hell if she’s only 32. Damn Japan and its obsession with women looking homely as fuck once they hit 30.

    • Lilly

      Lol it seems Like everyone wants to get marries before new years eve……! I mean what the ….

    • Guest

      I am surprised by the numerous sudden marriage in the industry , to be honest I thought they where all Gays or at least half of them :( , well good luck to them hope they be happy ^^

      • Jessica Johnson

        they are not gays, Asshole

    • sarah

      I feel like this dude is ” getting married” everytime he’s in a new show. He should fire whoever does his gossip.

    • mikan

      really? anyway looking forward to this drama~

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      marriage?? ahahaha not happening. kame is too greedy, he loves his career (and himself ;) ) too much. he won’t risk it.

    • kat tun fan

      she will be super lucky

    • 百五女

      Fangirls, cheers! These guys cannot fool everyone. We know that Kame-chan is isn’t that shallow–falling in love w/ an actress in his set! No…Kame-chan is so unpredictable & out-of-the-box to do what most celebrities are doing & what most people are expecting. Yes, celebrities marry celebrities but Kame-chan…who knows? Do they think he isn’t that wise to learn from those toooooo many many broken celebrity marriages? If ever he liked the girl, do they think that he isn’t that wise to pause for a moment to say “oh, I’m hot, I’m on fever, give me a FAN, please!” Romantic love is romantic you know, but it will not last forever because it’s just a fever & I guess he will not let himself to be trapped with a “kind of love” that will only last for 2 years or 6 months. He will not marry just because his kokoro is being silly getting doki doki or even just because the girl is in his own basket so people, cheers!

    • Samuraiangel Wings

      If I am not mistaken , I read somewhere that Kamenashi Kazuya kun is always talking about really having a big house…which means a real big family…so, putting 1 + 1 =2, that may mean our Kamenashi Kazuya kun will be the sole provider and that his love partner keeping house and the kids…many kids…who knows, size of a baseball team!!!!! I cannot imagine the career minded Fukada Kyouko san stepping away from the limelight…temptations of the entertainment world….all that flash bulbs and glamour….but then, we cannot underestimate the power of love and besides, truth is always stranger than fiction. Still, I believe Kamenashi Kazuya kun already had someone in his heart because on the basis of his revelation that he will be married at 30. I think marriage is not something that you can put a deadline to it if you are still “shopping around”. Marriage is no “rush hour” for someone who is philosophical and a deep thinker as Kamenashi Kazuya kun. Well, I must learn to be patient to wait until Kamenashi Kazuya kun unveils the secret woman in his heart…now, that makes a great story!!!!

    • Ooakoto Ootamaka

      Kanenashi?! That’s a good one! Hahahaha! Anyway, 15 Million Yen for Kyoko per drama is, I think, a bit too small?

    • “Kanenashi”.. I laughed harder than usual.

      Kame-san same as always, new drama, new girl, new marriage gossips..

    • Esha

      I think this is just rumor…

    • Esha

      the PR is damaging Kame’s reputation by using false link-ups as publicity. Kame should be careful of his image.

    • Esha

      The PR is spoiling Kame’solo reputation by planting link-up stories for promotion purpose. Kame should be more careful about these PR activities and not allow them to use his name as they want. Poor Kame

    • Esha

      PR is damaging Kame’s image for publicity of the drama. Hope Kame realizes this and takes care of what is written about him.

    • inchkame223

      I’ve read another rumor again about these 2 yesterday. Really, can somebody confirm it now?

    • Angeline Carista

      Fukada is 34 this year…