Hiroki Narimiya announces retirement from the entertainment industry

Following the article published by FRIDAY last December 2, the actor Hiroki Narimiya (34) has announced his retirement in the show business through his company.

The published article has claimed that the actor uses cocaine and other drugs. At the same day, he has denied the accusations saying that these were false. He firmly said that he was willing to take legal actions. He also mentioned how he felt furious as he never used drugs.

The management comments: As a social responsibility, we have conducted investigations as well as hearings.  However, we could not confirm the objective which has led to the accusations about him using drugs. While considering his future plans, he, himself, has requested to retire from the entertainment industry.

His management was also surprised with his decision. “We had to talk about this multiple times, but since his decision has been final, we had no choice but to respect him.”

Narimiya’s letter was sent last December 8, 2016 via fax:

I am aware that I was the cause of everything that has happened. I was tricked by several people and was betrayed by a friend whom I trusted with all my heart.

In this kind of career, there are things such as sexuality which the people [from this industry] do not want to expose, I cannot express enough fear, despair, and anxiety which continue to crush me. This is because of the wrong information which is spreading until now.  

I want to disappear from the entertainment world.

Continuing my work in the entertainment industry might cause further inconveniences to other people. There is no way but to leave the industry as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for everyone who was involved in making me grow as an actor as well as those who supported me.

For the fans who cheered on me, I would like to apologize in leaving [the industry] this way.

I am really sorry. At the same time, thank you very much.

December 8, 2016

Narimiya Hiroki

Source: Oricon

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    • Haruka Hiroto

      why he would retire in entertainment industry if the drug and cocaine issue is not true?

      • Anything doing with drugs in Japan and your career is over. Either someone wanted to trash his career, or he is guilty.

      • Himi Tsu

        It does seems like a looser way out :/
        I only see two possibilities : That’s true or he got so angry against entertainment business because of this article that it pushed him to stop..

        • Logos

          If he’s truly innocent, I don’t think it’s a loser way out. He might’ve made up the decision out of anger but leaving a career he has build for decades takes courage.

          • Himi Tsu

            I meant it in the lines that now that he retired, everybody will think it’s (possibly) true even if he denied. The fact that he retires at such time will always leave doubt about what really happened. With this result, it does SEEMS like the “easy” way out to avoid confronting the medias and the fans.

            What’s more, there wasn’t any letter in this article to begin with when I commented.

            • Logos

              Its an easy way out if he’s guilty.
              If he’s innocent, leaving a solid career is hard. Period.

        • Didichan

          the betrayal hurt him too deep.. it does to make him a loser… just probably disillusioned by showbiz and the length people we go to make news

      • asahiwominiikouyo

        Arama should add a translation of Narimiya’s handwritten letter.
        It seems like he deeply trusted that friend who sold the pictures to Friday. He was greatly disillusioned by that so he decided to retire. He said that he wanted to disappear from the industry.

        • Will

          It has already been updated.

      • Joanne

        The picture was caught out as being false anyway. https://twitter.com/sayamicyun/status/804890438930866176e
        When you see the picture in full you can see that the powder was from one of those diy candy sets and he had the whole set on the table, whilst the rest of the lollies were cropped out and only the powder was shown on the magazine.

        The poor guy probably was so sick with the ent world after having this happen. You fxxd up bacstabbing friend that sold him out, you really messed up

        • dysis

          Uhmm, this is embarrassing. This tweet was posted as a joke to begin with.

          That’s an ashtray. It matches the ashtray found in one of the pictures on his Instagram account.


          • nonnonanon

            Really? But it doesn’t look the same as the ashtray in the picture tho?

            • dysis

              A lighter, alcoholic drinks…and a cake mix for kids..?

              Even if it’s not the same ashtray, I don’t think he’d retire over a picture of him playing with a cake mix.

              • CaptainSexy

                Then why did you say “it matches the ashtray” tho?

                • dysis

                  Because Japanese netizens have been saying that

              • byebicycle

                it’s probably not the cake mix pic (if it’s indeed one of those diy things) so much as it is the fact that a “friend” sold him out to a tabloid and made it seem like he’s doing drugs.

              • Logos

                You’re forgetting the fact the red herring packet of “powder” was not seen anywhere on that table. What was looked like plastic food/candy containers.
                The picture of the powder was taken separately. It was obviously set up to look like a snorting drug with the small snorting spoon. It’s understandable to be furious and/or scared knowing he was set up to the point that he feels the need to retire.

      • Logos

        I think he felt like there won’t be an end to it. He will forever be labeled as a drug user even if he’s proven innocent. Netizens practically said that if he’s taking legal action than it shows he’s guilty. (See comments from the previous article). On the other hand if he kept quite he’s still seen as guilty and will keep getting taunted over it.

    • Himi Tsu

      what.. What.. WHAT ? O___O

    • eplizo

      I dashed here after hearing the news omg. what!? This makes it more likely that it’s true. It’s either that, or he’s just tired of celebrity life in general and took this opportunity……… or a combination of the two lol.

      • Logos

        He also mentioned about sexuality. I’m guessing he could foresee the tabloids targetting his personal life while he tried to clear his name off the drug accusations. Also a lot of these tabloids are connected to yakuza organizations.

        • eplizo

          That’s what I thought too. He might have mentioned sexuality as foreshadowing.

    • I’m also wondering why so many on Twitter “Like” this article. We still don’t know if he’s guilty or not. If he isn’t, then it has ruined his career. I just think that he could’ve continued as an actor if he’s innocent.

    • monica_monami

      Someone should post the translation of his letter. It was heartbreaking😭

    • Reileen

      Noooo Narimiya! 😢

    • Dahliah Ghaniah

      ehhhhhhhhhh? i

    • Graham_cracker
      • Will

        It has been updated on this article.

        • Graham_cracker

          Thank you. That letter makes me so upset. He doesn’t deserve this. :(

    • fan715

      omg people find the translation to his letter. it was because one of his so called friends is the one who gave FRIDAY the contents for the article and they also told private information about him, nothing to do with drug use since he strongly denied it. it was even more upsetting for him because he claims he’s never touched drugs. he lost faith in the entertainment industry. please someone translate the letter for those who cant read japanese. it has so much more depth than what this arama article says. its heartbreaking hes a great actor

      • Will

        It’s updated now.

    • nonnonanon

      Omg this can’t be happening. He’s one of the few good actors that are still left…


      • HyperMoot .

        the few good actors??? what’s the range of ‘few’? imho, there are loads of great actors in Jmovies currently

        • Guilty

          Ikr. People acting he’s that good, he might be good but his acting is not groundbreaking and can easily be replaced.

          • a little girl

            but his acting still special for some people and for them he isnt that easy to replaced

            • Guilty

              But whyyyy?? Lol. Oh well.

            • Didichan

              I totaly agree … why wont people let his fans miss … i all so think his acting is distinct too…. i am going to miss him

          • Logos

            Nari has a distinctive acting style and he has made some characters uniquely his. There are other talented actors out there but don’t act like his absence is not felt by the industry.
            He’s the current go to young villain so he’s probably tired getting limited offers.

            • Didichan

              You said it….👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

        • nonnonanon

          Well that’s your opinion.

          IMHO, good, great and extraordinary actors are in different categories…..

          And not all recent actors are honestly that “good”. Hence the word “FEW”….

          • HyperMoot .

            ah I see, it’s that subtle. So there are few “good actors” left. but then are there many in the other two, that is the “great” and extraordinary” groups. What about the “quite good”, “very good” and “fantabulous” categories.

            • nonnonanon

              Nope, never said there’s a lot in great and extraordinary categories. But there some in quite good, very good and fantabulous categories.

              • HyperMoot .

                I never said you said (actually, that was a question) but never mind ,er, is ‘some’ higher than ‘few’? (that’s a question, again…just in case)

      • Logos

        I love Nari and am sad he’s retiring but there are a lot good young actors on par with him.
        Suda Masaki, Takeru Sato, Yamada Takayuki, Yagira Yuya, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Ikuta Toma, Kazama Shunsuke, Eita, Kenichi Matsuyama, and a lot more.

        • nonnonanon

          Well I never said that he’s the only good actor left…

          For me, good, great and extraordinary actors are in different categories.

          And imho Narimiya is in the good actors categories…

          • Logos

            I particularly wrote “good young actors on par with him”. There are many good actors in that list (and more), not a few. You made it sound like there’s only a handful of talented j-actors around whatever their skill rank is.

            • nonnonanon

              Imho all those actors that you listed are in different levels.

              Some are obviously on par with Narimiya. But some are above his level and some are even below his level.

              Well before you get all defensive and judgemental again, let me remind you that this is just my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it, but pls respect my own opinion. Don’t force me with yours….

              • Logos

                *rme* i’ve said before, I love Nari but I disagree there are only “a few” good actors on par with him and I’m not trying to “force” my opinion on you. Imo, most on that list is subjectively on par with Nari.
                Not being defensive but curious, who’s in that list is above Nari and who’s not on par with him?

                • nonnonanon

                  Hmmm….I was about to list it down but then I will definitely get a lot of hate replies who disagrees with me. So I better not. Sorry tho…

                • Hatori Sachiyo

                  It’s not a big deal. Why are you getting irritated?

                  • Logos

                    You mean the bolding? I hate to be dismissed when i was particularly careful with my wordings and understood clearly what OP meant.

                    I was not irritated but I find it highly inaccurate to say there’s only a few good young japanese actors on par with Nari. Is it bad of me to disagree and to find the industry is rich with talents?

        • Didichan

          😭😭😭😭His fans are missing him and are sad right now…. he is a unique actor … with a distinct talent .. he will be deeply missed… and to leave under such terrible conditions is very sad ….

      • Hatori Sachiyo

        How can people get offended with this? Just small matter :-/

        • nonnonanon

          Lol ikr….people are so sensitive these days…

        • Logos

          Read back what I wrote. I didn’t sound offended.

          • It getting annoying

            Hmm to me u dont sound offended but ur quite persistent. As OP has said, it her own opinion. So cmon, just let it go k…no more fighting plizzz….

            • Logos

              Well OP did also continue called me judgemental, defensive, and also implied i was being over-sensitive after she “apologized”. What’s there to fight for right? :)

              • Huh?

                When did she apologize??

                • Logos

                  It’s not an actual apology but the conversation should’ve ended at “sorry tho”. Unfortunately it was not respected.

              • CaptainSexy

                LOL you guys argue about something that had nothing to do with this article.

                Btw, I don’t think @careact:disqus apologise to you about this issue tho. I think she said sorry but she cannot list down the actors that you requested.

                Just my opinion tho….

                • Logos

                  I’m not dumb Levi. It’s not an actual apology but the conversation should’ve ended at “sorry tho”. I respected her rejection and didn’t pester.

                  • CaptainSexy

                    Well how should I know you’re dumb or not. Cuz in your previous argument you sound kinda dumb. You said you’re not being defensive but then you kept insisting that there are a lot good actors on par with Narimiya. And I kinda agree with that.

                    But OP had mention so many times already that its her own damn opinion!

                    So cmon, learn to LET IT GO ALREADY……

                    • Lena

                      *LOL* And I thought this kind of argument will only happen in Ohno-related posts! Words like judgemental, dumb and defensive…

                    • Logos

                      Maybe a number of you are the ones who need to let it go? I will keep on defending myself because I did respect her opinion. And we have agreed we differ in opinions after clarifying some points. The conversation should have ended but I guess its fun to butt into other people arguments right?

      • oberdamujigae

        same tbh I’m always hooked by his crazy madman roles :(

      • Miss718

        LMAO at the Lion King GIF. And I’m watching Lala Pipo with him in it and he looks so sexy. I just found this article cos I’m stalking his life now and damn. As soon as I fall in love he gets taken away.

    • morning glow

      This is heartbreaking news. I hope he’s holding up okay. :( praying that he’ll return eventually when he’s ready.

    • Burlys

      What. Noooo D: But reading the letter, I hope things go better for him in the future.

    • kazumi

      Wow! I’m so shock when I read this. I just read that he did a urine test to prove that he is not using a drug and the test result said he didn’t use a drug. Then suddenly he wants to retire…..
      Narimiya is one of good actors. I like watching his dramas. I hope this decision is the best for him.

    • monica_monami

      It wasn’t because of the drug if u see from his letter. It seemed like he was heartbroken with the industry and the friend thar he trusted. If that friend is someone frm the industry as well, it would make sense.

    • No9

      Has he ever been in any scandals before this? I find it hard to believe that you could just leave the whole industry after one event but if this has happened many times before I could understand how he feels. Either way I’m gonna miss him, he was a pretty good actor and always made me laugh. Best of luck to him in the future.

      • The rumour of him being gay is the one persisting rumour and I’m not sure that counts as a scandal. I think he has been considering leaving from awhile. In recent interviews he seems to often say “I’m not sure if I’m suited for this industry”. Perhaps this pushed him to take the leap and leave the industry.

        • mikamika

          Thanks for the additional info!

    • Guilty

      This makes him look guilty though.

    • Guilty

      Well, to be fair, he’s not a lousy actor but his acting is something replaceable. He’s not as good as Eita or Shun Oguri so yeah no feeling of loss for me.

      • Fuyuko

        Subjective. He’s as good as oguri. Eita is on a different level, however.

        • Guilty

          Sorry if I actually compared them to Eita. He’s definitely on a way way different level. He’s a god. 🙏🙏🙏

      • Eubin Jhun

        Well this comment is not very kind even if his acting was lousy. He has his heart broken and you say “no feeling of loss cuz you’re replaceable.” lol. I guess you have poor ability to empathize…how pitiful your life is.

        • Guilty

          I guess so too.

    • Logos

      It’s possible that he doesn’t trust the system and since he strongly sees himself as innocent from any drug related crimes, his case against Friday slander is low priority for the police. It’ll be a civil case most likely.

    • suezu

      omg this is so heartbreaking :( i hope he’s okay.
      by the way i read on twitter narimiya’s company went to Friday before the 1st scandal article was out and ask if they really have the proofs. actually Friday don’t have the proofs but they published it anyway. uh this make me sick :(

      • mikamika

        Friday’s reaction doesn’t surprise me, but it’s still sickening

        • suezu

          yeah the mastermind of this really want to ruin someone’s life. i just hope there will clarification for his reputation as for his social life, not as celeb.

    • james

      What a 2016, 1st HIRO & LDH & now this….

    • Sunshine

      Damn, I’m ESL, but I feel like he’s dissapointed with his friends, and I get a feeling that maybe they got something regarding his sexuality? Maybe something more graphic? What I get is that he’s not only dissapointed but also scared. I wish him the best of luck. Can’t believe one of my stand up! Boys is retiring

    • Nic

      I’m crushed by this news :”((((

    • byebicycle

      honestly shocked. i understand he feels betrayed and fed up with the entertainment industry, but this feels so drastic.

      also, i have to admit i don’t entirely understand the “sexuality” comment. i tried reading the original japanese text as well, and i got the idea he felt like people were intruding too much? i guess? but i’m not sure.

      in any case, this sucks. he’s been around for ages, and it’s unfortunate to see his career end so early and in such a shitty way.

      • Logos

        You got it right about the “sexuality” comment. Rumors about his sexuality have been going for a long while and it probably bothered him enough to mention it in his retirement letter.

        • byebicycle

          ah, i see. i didn’t keep up with any rumours about him, so i didn’t know. must be so tiring to constantly have people wonder, when it’s really none of their business :/

    • Nikki ok

      Honestly I like him but leaving so suddenly when it isn’t true doesn’t make sense even if his bff betrayed him, he probably did do drugs and those people may have more dirt on him, maybe that he’s gay or something.
      The situation I imagine is that he probably overstepped his line or pissed off some people who then went on and released that drug info, he probably had to beg them to stop and not release more on him and as a step he had to take he had to leave.
      It does not make sense for a long lasting actor with no scandals to suddenly leave, he’s not a child and he’s been in this industry for too long so he probably has things to hide.

    • Jo

      I wouldn’t expect he took this scandal this serious. He must be hurt deeply by how the picture got to the press and how people whom he trusted treated him.

      It’s sad as I basically followed his acting career up until now and he’s one of a few actors I really adore. Hope he will soon get back on his feet…

    • Angeline Carista

      i understand he is furious but why take the whole bunch of his achievement and future career with this decision?

      • Logos

        Because he will forever be labeled as adrug user even if he’s proven innocent. Netizens practically said that if he’s taking legal action than it shows he’s guilty. (See comments from the previous article). On the other hand if he kept quite he’s still seen as guilty and will keep getting taunted over it. There’s no end to it.

        • dysis

          He appears even more guilty by retiring from the industry tbh.

          I applaud his decision though. It would be better for his health and peace of mind to disappear from the industry as soon as possible.

          • Logos

            The drug accusation is not the only thing that have been bothering him though. He particularly wrote about “sexuality” and being disillusioned by the whole industry.
            Maybe he’s at a point not give a fuck because people will see him guilty either way.

            • dysis

              I’ve been reading 2ch and Girls Chan comments about the allegations and from what I’ve gathered, people are more disturbed by pictures of him holding a little Birkin bag than that “proof” of him using cocaine. I do think that the drug allegation is the least of his concerns. To have all these people talking about your sexuality like it’s their own is more hurtful. You can quit drugs, but you can never quit your sexuality.

          • Didichan

            I think he his just heartbroken by the betrayal

        • Angeline Carista

          So basically every public figure related in drugs rumor shall resign? Regardless the truth? Wow.. that’s just.. something

          • Logos

            You’re jumping to conclusions. The drug thing is not the only factor of him retiring. Read his letter and consider this probability.
            “He retired bec they probably have more deets on him esp because of that trusted ‘friend’. And there’s also him mentioning ‘sexuality’. It will be exhausting to continue working and then be constantly afraid/ threatened of getting your private life exposed.”

            • Angeline Carista


    • Didichan

      The betrsyal must have hurt him… one of y favorite jactors… i hope he changes his mind

    • CaptainSexy

      Maybe it meant that his management won’t handle it anymore. Because he’s retired now….so he have to handle it by himself….

    • light

      That’s so sad…i’m not exactly a fan but I have a fondness for him since Stand up…
      I feel that the his friend betrayal was the last straw for him more than the scandal itself. Plus even if he proved it fake (which he could do since there is no real proof), he would always be labeled as a drug user. It’s probably a bunch of things that led to this decision…
      I hope he will be ok..

    • Reileen

      He retired bec they probably have more deets on him esp because of that trusted ‘friend’. And there’s also him mentioning ‘sexuality’. It will be exhausting to continue working and then be constantly afraid/ threatened of getting your private life exposed.

      • atralail

        yeah that’s what i thought after he was suddenly mentioning sexuality. poor guy

      • Logos

        This is probably the reason.

      • pikobear

        He’s a popular actor. The agency won’t let go of him easily if the case wasn’t serious. I say he’s guilty of doing drugs. They let him go so that he won’t cause further damage to the agency. And if that really is his friend, Narimiya wouldn’t use his friend to buy cocaine. I know he tested negative in the urine analysis he took recently but, coke gets out of your system in just weeks. They won’t detect it through just urine.

        People here are too naive.

        • Logos

          The official statement from his agency has said they had tried to talk him out of it but he was adamant to retire.
          They couldn’t force him to stay and I think he has worked out contractual penalties he had to face due to his retirement.

          Nari also has officially said he was betrayed by a friend whom he had trusted with all his heart. The tabloid said their source was his friend who help buy his stash, so a backstabbing friend certainly was involved in either buying the drugs OR setting him up as a druggie.

        • Hermione48fan

          Maybe not, maybe they had other type of information that he didn´t want to be leaked or release to the public, maybe he didn´t want to hurt his family or parents.

        • Logos

          Just to add he can do hair analysis (but his bleached brown hair will effect the results) and still further scrutiny will continue.
          Credit doramaworld: “Matsumoto Hitoshi put it very accurately in a TV programme today, the stigma of having your name dragged through dirt in this manner especially with a drug scandal will be really bad for an artiste’s career. If he stays on in showbiz, he will have to keep fighting this cloud of doubt over his head even if the scientific tests prove that he is not guilty. And to Narimiya, this battle to stay in showbiz may seem worthless by now after all he has gone through.”

        • SamuraiSx

          youre aafwul . and because of people like you Narimiya was disappointed. its easiest to say say on stupid accusations /o yea he used the drug/ and end. awful really people youre so awful. belivin everytin what press says.. I really feel sorry for him

    • mikamika

      Wut? No!!!
      Has anyone any idea why he mentions ‘sexuality’?

      • light

        I think he was exposed as bisexuals by tabloids before, but i’m not sure.

        • mikamika

          Thank you!
          In some comments below something similar was mentioned. Grrr, why do people care who loves who??

      • Because people haven’t stop harping on that matter of whether he is gay and he’s most likely irritated (to put it lightly). Most recently, perhaps even more than this drug matter, people were more interested in a picture of him holding a Birkin bag and talking about how it looked gay. The thread on girl’s ch for example was overwhelmingly filled with comments like, ‘Ok drugs aside, that definitely shows he’ s gay right?’ To date he’s never commented on the validity of these rumours, but gay or not he makes it clear in his letter that his sexuality is definitely something he wants to keep to himself.

        • mikamika

          Thanks! I don’t follow girl’s ch, so I had no idea about all that.
          Silly me always thought that sexuality is a private matter… (as long as you don’t do anything illegal, all parties are consenting etc. of course) /end sarcasm

          • No problem :) No loss, I think girls channel is full of trashy opinions. I know right? If he isn’t he doesn’t need to publicly deny it, if he is then there may be reasons why he wants to stay in the closet. Gee…

    • CaptainSexy

      Really hope that netizens would be able to track the bastards that tricked Narimiya so that these assholes wont be able to live peacefully after ruining a man’s life…

    • Not him … I’m really fucking sad right now, it is one of my favorite
      actor. Waking up and seeing this news is one of the most horrible thing
      that could happen. How can this happen. Like wtf.. He is a sublime actor
      it can’t end up like that ….

    • ProllyWild

      It’s no mystery so many people are quitting the biz lately. It’s terrible on them. Rumors, no privacy, no freedom and that’s before you even deal with the industry itself. The whole business is dehumanizing from fan side and business side. It’s a lot for people to deal with and many choose to get out earlier while they still have time to reshape their lives.

      This should shock no one.

      • TruthSpeaker

        Showbiz is tough place to survive. Agencies,crazy fans,scoops,long work hours,no privacy,no proper pay.. ouch… these all hurt..

    • Encha277

      Maybe I’m seeing this from the wrong angle, but it looks like he is tired of being a closeted gay man in constant fear of being exposed and the person who likely betrayed him was his lover. Being with someone who is closeted can be very difficult and can lead to a lot of stress and hurt feelings, so they may have lashed out with the photos and threats of other revealing information. Very sad, he was one of my favorite actors and I hope that some day he will rejoin the entertainment industry.

    • ainareina

      No no no no no no. Just when you think 2016 couldn’t get any worse.

    • Omg….2016 needs to end right now. I’m gonna cry, omg.

    • TruthSpeaker
    • Reo

      Girlschannel is calling it “running away.” Not assuming his sexuality, but it’s hard to live in the spotlight when your lifestyle doesn’t match Japan’s norms and constantly under a microscope.

    • Mahdyah Rosita


    • DoSHachiko

      FUCK NO.

      He was literally one of the first actors who got me into liking J-Dramas. :c
      This is really breaking my heart so much seeing him leave like this.

    • yamakita

      He was betrayed. I feel sad for him. I think this is the right decision for him. Best of luck to him.

    • Aw man

      Japan is so unkind and backwards when it comes to celebrities’ freedom to love. If he got betrayed by his ex-boyfriend, this is beyond heartbreaking. Ugh.

      Has there ever been a major Japanese celebrity who came out of the closet without backlash?

      • mikamika

        Or any openly gay men that don’t “have” to act completely onee-like?

        • kamben is here

          I know at least 1 (former) jgv actor who’s openly gay and he’s not onee-like at all.

          The gv actors can openly talk about their sexuality because gv isn’t mainstream.


      • PinotNoir10

        Wait, I thought he was retiring because of alleged evidence of drug use. He’s also retiring because he is gay? O_o

        Well, I think to retire for either reason is really extreme. But I don’t know much about Japanese society.

        • Logos

          Did you read his letter? He mentioned about his sexuality being sensationalized and being disillusioned by the industry as a whole.

          • PinotNoir10

            Didn’t know that had to do with implied homosexuality. I’m not really familiar with this guy other than seeing a few dramas he’s acted in.

    • Eubin Jhun

      I’ve been a fan of him for over 7 years and this news shocked me so much… It’s too heartbreaking and I wish he’s okay. Now I feel like I eager to punch Friday ppl’s faces and sue them if I can.
      About the gay thing, I’m sick of ppl who are too interested in someone’s sexuality. He is a great actor and his job is acting not talking about all his privacy. You’ve never paid anything for looking into his private life. I just enjoy his acting, I don’t freaking care he’s gay or not. It’s not a big deal!
      His presence in movies and dramas has made me soooo happy and I can’t believe I lose opportunities to see him again because of rude and stupid ppl. But I wouldn’t say Nari should come back cuz it makes him unhappy. Thank you Nari for giving me full of joy for several years. I wish you will be fine and happy again.

    • Pirado

      Thank you so much Friday for fucking a person’s life with your bullshit, you are so cute.
      I think he can be innocent but fears that that motherfucker friend keeps with his bullshit, oh and he mentions sexuality too, I don’t know if he is gay, straight or bi and I don’t care but I bet this toilet paper named Friday will keep digging in his private life.
      In short, Fuck you friday

    • bec2224

      In another article on another site says he took a drug test and came back negative. They centered more on the betrayal that he feels. Sounds like he fell for the wrong man and even though the other guy sold false info to the rag mags Nari is the one who will be paying for it. It’s a shame, I’ve always liked him, didn’t matter to me who he loves, As long as he entertain me in the drama’s and movies, which is what his job was.

    • Hermione48fan

      I saw him in Stand Up!, Gokusen, Yankee-Kun to Megane chan, Bloody Monday, Saigo no Bansan, Azumi 1 &2. I´m SO shocked at this retirement because I never expected this T_T. I´m not his huge fan, but I always loved him when I found him dramas or movies that I was watching. I even wanted to know him more so I saw some other things with him as main lead. I will really miss him T_T.

    • minh

      is this likely to be a permanent retirement? in my country after big scandals celebrities will go into a “retirement” for like a year or a couple years but usually make comeback (unless they committed a really serious crime like sexual assault)

    • oberdamujigae

      ah this is saddening. he’s really the best actor at playing psychotic roles I’m gonna miss him :'(

    • PinotNoir10

      It seems like it’s quite common in J-entertainment for idols/actors/singers to retire for whatever reason. I wish more of that would happen in America. -_______-

    • PinotNoir10

      Also, not too familiar here with Japanese entertainment industry. But have there ever been any public figures who’ve been caught doing drugs and still manage to have a career afterward? Just curious bc I don’t really know what is considered the worst of the worst in terms of the spectrum of scandals in Japan. I mean, infidelity seems to be okay for male entertainment figures. Women? idk, I mean Becky was pretty much hated on/bashed hardcore (though I know she’s attempting a comeback).
      Also, he was def. a famous and successful actor. So the fact that this was enough to force him into retirement is really sad.

      • Hermione48fan

        He wasn´t caught doing drugs, is all Friday trying to ruin someone´s life.
        He did tests and it weren´t positive.

      • Logos

        Drug case pretty much is high in terms scandal spectrum. So far none of tv celebs who were legit caught with drugs had their career revived. Someone mentioned BuckTick guitarist/songwriter in the other Nari article but he’s not a tv personality and his case weren’t well known.
        Girlschannel have compared Nari case with Ohno Satoshi marijuana/3p allegations in 2008. Like Nari, there was no evidence of drug use on the pictures except for Ohno making funny faces. Unlike Nari, the pictures used were old, 2 years old tbe. Ohno couldn’t use drug test to prove himself innocent while Nari still has hair test option. Ohno also has a powerful agency to back him up and they severed ties with the tabloid publishing company. Nari don’t have that luxury.
        Till this day netizens still calls Ohno, Taimakun (pothead). Regardless of innocence the stigma remains.

    • Ri U

      What I’m getting is that this friend of Narimiya was collecting a lot of info to sell to the tabloids and instead of dealing with a scandal a month (because this friend would have liked to continue selling private pics of Narimiya to the magazines), Narimiya just retired.

      It’s something that I can’t prove, but if Narimiya took the drug test, and it came back negative, it would have been possible (difficult but possible) for him to come back from this scandal. The fact that he quit has to mean that whoever leaked that picture not only framed him, but was intending on continuing to frame him. I say continuing to frame because for Narimiya the only way to escape this was to retire, not go vacation, not go on hiatus, but to retire.

      It sucks because regardless of where he stands in comparison to other male actors, Narimiya was a personal favorite of mine. Honey and Clover, and Bloody Monday are some of my favorite dramas. I just recently watched Kaito Yamaneko and fell in love with his acting all over again. It’s selfish but I legit feel sad that I will never see a new performance from him but I hope that with retirement, he will feel less pressure and anxiety and find happiness.

    • sockmagnet

      Not gonna happen. He’s in shock and despair but he’ll recover and a part he is dieing for or one that they are going to beg him to do will bring him back out of retirement. He’s too good and too young to turn his back on entertainment. I have faith in him.

    • usedtobemyself

      Fuck 2016 I swear…it’s like all my favorite people are disappearing ;;

    • WTF……this is sad, if this thing happened anywhere else he wouldn’t care les…this is sad…I am upset, he was my ultimate japanese bias…..

    • Harumi Masa

      I’m actually expecting more films and dramas from him. He’s one of my adored actors. :(
      I just hope for his happiness. His fans will love him forever. T^T

    • leejong

      Absolutely heart breaking… more so because after investigation the allegation were concluded to be false.