Haruma Miura and Koharu Sugawara Are Dating

Haruma Miura is no longer single! He is now in an alleged relationship with world famous dancer and choreographer, Koharu Sugawara. According to sources, the two reportedly started dating recently. Earlier this month, the new couple were seen near a luxury residential area in Tokyo. Haruma is currently 26 and Koharu is 24.

Haruma is a popular actor but some may not recognize his partner’s name. Actually, Koharu has built a name for herself around the globe. She travels to different countries, teaching dance and participating in dance workshops. She’s performed for acts such as Rihanna, SMAP, EXILE and Namie Amuro. Her choreography experience includes the likes of 2NE1, Girls Generation, Kumi Koda, and Crystal Kay. On the side, Koharu does some modelling.

Their encounter was revealed through a radio program. Around the middle of last month, Haruma guested on a radio program, where Koharu is a regular. A stylist had recommended Haruma to watch Daichi Miura‘s “Unlock” PV, which featured Koharu.

Haruma was so impressed by her skills that he wanted meet her. He initiated contact and the two were introduced through an acquaintance.  Also mentioned was Haruma’s attendance at one of Koharu’s performances in February. Her performance gave him encouragement during a time when he was worried about his play. The play Haruma starred in was Kinky Boots.

Via Yahoo JP & Nikkan Sports

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    • kiyomi

      wait, when did she broke up with Suleman Malik??

    • He

      Omg! I LOVE BOTH. Been a fan of Koharu since her dance vids went viral.
      Haruma was worried about his play? Was it Kinky Boots?

      • The play wasn’t specified…I assume it was!

        • He

          Oh you should stick a vid of Miura Kinki Boots in the article just because lol. I was very impressed with him.

          And girlschannel is loving this pair too. Google translated Koharu as “handsome”. Very interesting that Miura was rumored to date Aoi Yuu before her and she also had some dancing background. Miura type are women with talents.

          • Haha, well I added the play name! He looks amazing in his role!
            It’s nice to know that people are loving them as a couple. :D
            Oh, I didn’t know that about him, maybe that is his type!

        • He
          • JavaMocha

            Koharu is living the dream and now she’s dating Haruma too. So jealous and she’s the same age as me #cryingfordays

      • Mia

        I guess it was Kinky boots but dang he did gooood

        • He

          He did! I went through a lot of his Kinky Boots clips. Too bad can’t see his whole show.

      • jjaeyumixx

        is that him?? the one in the middle?? O_O lol..
        didn’t know that he got muscles, coz when i watched his last dorama, he was so thin..and surprising, i didn’t know that he could dance so well!

        • He

          That’s him in red and center. I was surprised he was that broad and agile too. Perfect XD

        • hoshiharuhime

          Haruma used to be in a idol group or something, long long time ago. And Amuse makes theirs boys sing and dance every year now at a concert too xD

      • Haruma is amazing.

    • bailey darbii

      she also did that teaming solo right? she’s so talented and perfect, these japanese women are a gift. she deserved a new fine man every month.

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      she looks like a dude, he looks like a chick.

      • He

        And your point was?

        • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

          they make a good couple.

          • Cats

            Nope much preferred her with suleman Malik go search him up if you don’t know he is.. this is making me a little depressed was a great fan of hers because of suleman but now not too sure. She’s an outstanding dancer but I’m just a little sad her and suleman were just made for each other wonder what happened

            • He

              I always had a best-friend vibe with those two instead of lovers. They worked well together but if they are over, move on. A man doesn’t make a woman.
              Obviously I love her with my boo Haruma. Hope they last for a long long time and has babies together <3

              • Ano

                I disagree suleman and koharu used to post bundles of instagrams before they broke up, they looked so happy together he introduced her to his family and vice versa.. every time they would dance together it just felt right and they both looked extremely at home together like that’s what they were meant to be doing together. Oh well things don’t last forever hope she finds the happiness she is looking for with this actor who I have not heard of in my life probably because I’m not into Japanese actors/actresses lol is he popular?

                • He

                  To me their chemistry is more on the comfortable side, even on the dance floor. At home together perfectly describes these two. Do you still have a link of Koharu with Suleman family? I’m curious lol. I have seen some of their pictures together but it still give me “besties” feel. Maybe religion is a factor too if he’s a practicing muslim (fyi, i’m muslim myself). If that’s the problem, than you shouldn’t blame any party for moving on. Life’s complicated that way. Their relationship is still beautiful and i’m sure they’ll keep on blooming as friends.

                  Miura used to be huge name until the wildly panned Attack on Titans live action movie. He’s still pretty popular and is gaining back respect as a talented actor after Kinky Boots.

                  • Ano

                    Lol well I would link it if I could I’ll try link some pictures of my favourites of them together and also some with their families, I’m hoping their still friends quick crew and Koharu were one big family it would be a shame if they weren’t on speaking terms.

                    • He

                      I do want to see lol. Especially curious about famous minority Muslims in other countries.
                      Omg somebody flagging my comments about SulemanXKoharu break-up lol. I’m reading coughconspiracycough theories on this Miura hook-up to be a publicity stunt, what’s next? Didn’t know the dancing community is so stan-ish with their otps lol.

    • hotaru hime

      ahh i didn’t know about her previously. just watched the video and OMG she’s so talented and skilled!

      • He

        Koharu dancing to Say My Name did me in 2 years ago.
        She’s a monster! Also watch her animated hair.

      • She’s amazing!! Her Elastic Heart dance is mesmerizing.

      • JavaMocha

        It’s a bit funny as Koharu has been labelled a real life “Levi” in a couple videos and Haruma played Eren in the live adaptation of AoT haha

    • Okay, okay, I see you Haruma. Koharu is cool af so okay. 😉

    • paperplane

      Get it Harumacchi!

    • Yessy Mariana

      I am happy if someone I like fall in love. I hope them to be happy and I hope for another good work.

    • eplizo

      Wow. That’s so random lol. I love them both a lot though, so reading this was a pleasant surprise.

    • effect

      Never knew about her until now..She has an androgynous look going on. Shes really talented!

    • Mia

      OMG i approve!! She`s Awesome
      And man i died Daichi and Koharu are love !

    • TYCallHisHatersBoo

      Ive started to like hamura since i watchd Gokusen 3 lol..he looked so damn hot!

    • MiKa✿

      Miura Haruma <33 Congrats!! XD

    • kathz

      Super random but they’re both eyecandies so why not lol

    • Kuga


      • Cats

        That’s what I’m thinking I loved when Koharu was dating suleman they made the perfect couple and I’m actually so devastated that they broke up recently and now she’s dating this dude no disrespect but I’m just a bit annoyed!! Why did they break up why!! Also I believe they broke up very recently two couple weeks I think now 😠☹️

        • He

          How did you know the break-up with Suleman was a couple of weeks ago? Maybe they’ve broke up amiably and remain friends for a long time now. I can only judge both men physically. Suleman is wonderful but he’s a tad shorter & smaller than her while Haruma is taller (and is cuter imo). Sorry, I’m biased lol

          • Ano

            Well I think they broke up very recently as I follow them both on social media outlets, I’m kind of guessing obviously I don’t know them personally so I can not say when they broke up I can only speculate as a fan of quick crew (Suleman) I guess I thought they would last forever probably because I couldn’t picture either of them with anyone else.

            • He

              Well there are no rules saying exes can’t post pictures of each other/together and evolved as friends lol.

              • Ano

                Don’t quite get your response..

                • He

                  “Maybe they’ve broke up amiably and remain friends for a long time now.”

                  • Ano

                    Maybe but pictures they posted always has a date/time and following them as an avid fan I can assure you that they took pictures when they were in a relationship (bf/gf) not when they were just friends. Very recently suleman and Koharu both deleted all their instagram pictures and videos this tells me that they broke up quite recently. ☹️

        • Kuga

          They might be still together after all.

      • Akana

        It’s very likely that this is all publicity stuff. They do things like this in entertainment all the time by pairing people together to get more promotion for either one or both of them. You cannot believe everything you read in tabloids unless you know the people themselves and they say it’s true and show actual proof that it’s true. And I don’t mean saying it’s true to interviewers because a lot of what celebrities say is edited or written for them completely for their public image. Just like the government does with the news.

        • Kuga

          Aye, u’re right. After this article, i tried to find other source but to no avail so i guess it was not true after all. I kinda overreacted XD cuz it caught me off guard. I just heard somebody said she’s getting married soon a while before this thing is up, so I was shocked if she’s actually dating someone else.

    • REMISU

      I LOVE KOHARU. & Miura haruma so this makes me very happy.

    • Hamizah Sones

      She’s the one that danced with Taemin during Hit The Stage right?

      • He

        Yes and she’s the one who choreographed it. A lot of Taemin fans didn’t realize it seems

        • iWatson

          Really??? Everyone in the fandom, especially Taemin fangirls should know that though…it’s a straight up fact that’s been acknowledged even before the MV came out…
          The Taemin fans you’ve seen must be veeeeeeery new!

          • He

            There’s loads of comments (on youtube mainly) “this is the chick taemin picked to dance with him!”, “no wonder taemin chose to dance with her”. a lot acknowledged her as taemin dancing partner on hit stage but not the choreographer, which is a bigger deal. Koko sensei deserves a bit more cred lol.

            • iWatson

              Oh….i haven’t seen any like that. And everyone i saw knew about it and was fangirling that she was the choreographer haha! Oh well, i guess the news doesn’t reach everyone. ^^
              Plus, i found it strange because if there’s one thing Shawols always want to know, is who choreographs for SHINee hehe!
              (I miss Rino Nakasone and SHINee….)

        • Vixie Hartlock

          Nope, you can’t just assume that people didn’t know she’s the choreographer of the dance because they just mentioned dance partner and not choreographer. If they didn’t know before, later on they will know that she is the choreographer because posts by shawols/taemints indicate her as the choreographer anyway. This is so bombs by the way. Koharu Sugawara is really an amazing and technical dancer. Her muscle isolation and control are so spot on I am so amazed with her movements. You can feel the emotions in her every movement. ♥

    • Jo
      • He

        Aaaww ~<3
        They'll look hot dancing together.

        • alexine

          That I wanna see

          • He

            They probably keep their dancing sessions private :x

            • alexine

              Now I really wanna see Lol

      • Here’s a cut of their conversation!

    • iWatson

      So he must be the one she was dating while working with Taemin right? Which wasn’t too long ago…. I love her!! And kinda wished her and Taemin were together…ahahahaha!

    • oberdamujigae

      just recently learned of Koharu when she was dancing with Taemin in korean show Hit The Stage and I was so impressed
      this dating announcement made me very happy they seemed like a cute couple ^^

    • Sy_Blue

      It hurts my heart a little bit to know that he’s since he’s one of my fav. But as i know the girl is koharu, I can’t say anything but happy for them! i recognize her right away bcs i’ve seen her once on ‘Hit The Stage’ (Korea’s tv show) with SHinee’s Taemin (One of famous korean boyband). They look cute together!