Twin models Chie and Chika Yoshikawa post about a visit to a plastic surgery clinic

Chie and Chika Yoshikawa (previously known as Guri and Gura Yoshikawa), identical twins and models best known for their work for ‘Koakuma Ageha’ fashion magazine, took to Instagram to tell they underwent plastic surgery together. They reported in a straightforward manner that their goal was to fix their jawlines.

Both of the sisters posted about the surgery in detail. They shared the list of treatments they underwent. The list included botox and hyaluronic acid injections, and some lift-work done with collagen. Chika commented on her Instagram post: “I was surprised my chin got so sharp. My face became small, I’m happy.”

Chika complimented TAC Clinic, the clinic they visited, saying it’s an amazing place where a lot of models go. According to her, the treatments were quite easy and painless.

Her Instagram photos were well received, and they resulted in a bunch of questions she later replied to. For example, she told a commenter who was worried about swelling that her face didn’t get swollen, only slightly puffy, and she met friends right afterwards. She suggested those interested in the price should visit the clinic’s homepage where the full prices can be found. Scrolling through the surgery section on the website revealed that the botox shots alone cost 130 000 yen (roughly 1200 USD). Chika mentioned that people would get a -40% discount if they told they saw her social media posts, though.

The other sister Chie released short video clips of the transformation on her Twitter account.

This isn’t the first time the 28-year-olds have resorted to a doctor’s scalpel. ‘Ageha’ published an article of them visiting a plastic surgeon in 2014.

(Via Modelpress)

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    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      I’m amazed we have found ways to shrink people’s faces with acid and stuff…

      • Azura Of Ylisse

        Hyaluronic Acid isn’t the acid you’re probably thinking of.
        It’s actually very good for your skin and is a common ingredient in skincare products in the East ( I’ve started seeing it pop up in Western skincare products now too.)
        I’m quite surprised to see it being used as part of plastic surgery, to be honest.
        It’s no wonder then that celebrities who go under the knife have soft, supple skin afterwards.

    • maguro part deux


    • SnowDrop

      Huh, interesting. I actually commend them for being open and talking about it, instead of the usual celebrity thing of lying about it (even when it’s obvious to everyone and their blind mother) >.>

    • AkaneHaga


    • AoZora

      plastic surgery clinic TAC promotion…

    • Oopdie Doopdie Doo

      They remind me of the Olsen twins for some reason….

    • rs34

      I wonder which one is people more prefer, you are pretty but natural or you become super pretty but went under the knife.

      • 千奈美

        I prefer the first one. You can find very original and exotic beauty features. And being pretty doesn’t mean the face needs to be flawless, sometimes that flaw is what makes the beauty.

    • SlyMoonFox
    • Azura Of Ylisse

      They look like Tomomi Itano.

    • 千奈美

      I hope it won’t be a thing as in South Korea, it feels really weird to have all the celebs looking the same having the same beauty features…etc. I personally don’t like it.

    • Not my thing but kudos to them for being upfront.

    • Totokoko

      Good for them I guess.
      Their stare in that picture reminds me of that one owl gif.

    • Matcha
    • Xialin Ann

      Why don’t they get endorsed by a PS company? Bright girls who are straight forward, honest and can offer helpful tips as well as the fact that their surgery went well too considering how much they’ve altered throughout their careers.

      They should look into getting that smoney’