Tomohisa Yamashita’s “Breast-Like” Pectoral Muscles In Code Blue Make Headlines

Johnny’s Actor Tomohisa Yamashita is currently starring in the highly anticipated third season of the Fuji TV Drama Series “Code Blue. It began airing on July 17th to positive reviews and a very high viewership rating, exceeding 15%.

Many viewers were excited to see Yamapi reprise his role as Aizawa Kosaku again, and watch him interact with his numerous co-workers at Shohoku Emergency Medical Services. However, there was one scene in particular during the first episode that caught the attention of many viewers. Aizawa begins to take off his medical scrubs to change clothes, which is where the viewers are exposed to his “voluptuous” pectoral muscles. One writer at the gossip website mess-y stated that after seeing the scene, it was all she could think about for the remainder of the episode.  Yamapi’s chest has transformed from an ironing board to a tiny mountain.

Despite the shirtless scene not even lasting for a minute, it definitely made a huge impression with viewers and Yamapi fans, with some giving him the nickname “Mountain P”. Some fans predicted that if Yamapi were to wear a bra he would probably be a C cup, which resulted in some conflicted feelings regarding the matter. One fan stated “Am I really losing in chest size to Mountain P?”, while another female fan proclaimed “I can’t believe his are bigger than mine….”. Other fans were more interested in what they would like to do with the pectoral muscles, with one fan shamelessly sharing that they wouldn’t mind being “breast fed” by the popular actor.

While this revelation might be new to the casual viewer, Yamapi’s has been showing off his impressive pectoral muscles for a while now. In the 2009 Fuji TV drama series BUZZER BEAT“, Yamapi played a basketball player that was involved in quite a few shirtless scenes. While his pectorals might not have been as big as they were in the current season of Code Blue, it was still a treat for fans.

Furthermore, in the 2015 drama series “5-ji Kara 9-ji Made” there’s many “wonderful” pectoral scene that feature Yamapi. It’s been said that one of Yamapi’s co-stars, Johnny’s Jr. member Reo Nagatsuma, was so shocked at the size that he joked about giving Yamapi a bra as a gift, in which Yamapi playfully replied “I do not need a bra! (lol)”. Without a doubt it seems that this will continue to be one of Yamapi’s charm points.

How do you feel about Yamapi’s pectoral muscles?

(via Mess-y)

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    • BAD KID
      • kazu_no_ko

        That’s hilarious!

      • LOOLLLLL this gif killed me

    • angel223_

      Its true tho..
      His boobs is bigger than mine..


      Yes for breastfeeding.. XD

    • eternal_garden

      Yucks, what am I reading?

      “One writer at the gossip website mess-y stated that after seeing the scene, it was all she could think about for the remainder of the episode. ”

      There’s so many going on in that episode and that 3 sec scene is all she could think of?

      • yurisakura

        Its probably just an exaggeration for jokes sake 😅

    • me

      well Pi…it is indeed your boobs are bigger than mine! :p
      *shameonme XDDD

    • Guest

      Btw, Buzzer Beat 2009 not 2011..

    • Karen Khoo

      WHOA dat chest

    • The Dark Dudette

      Is that a polite moniker for ‘man-boobs’ because that’s what I am seeing here. I need better quality pics ( for close scientific inspection ). I don’t see the many ‘muscles’ that they are talking about. No shame in it though; he can’t be young forever.

      • kazu_no_ko

        I was thinking the same way. Imo, his chest is not bad, but he looks odd because his arms aren’t as toned and as muscular as his chest.

        • The Dark Dudette

          Yes. His chest area is pretty typical for someone who works out. It’s his flabby arms that make his chest stand out more, and make them look more like moobs than muscles

      • Alice

        I think he’s perfect. People have different body types. It seems you are either quite insecure/jealous or a heartless, shallow person to judge him for that. Those “man boobs” aren’t sagging, and are obviously not made of fat. They have nothing to do with age.

        • The Dark Dudette

          Female breasts sag with age while male ones get bigger with time. For some, it starts in one’s 20s. It’s just basic human biology at work. Yours will too. Nobody can escape it, you wouldn’t either. What’s so judgemental about stating the obvious? It was pure observation and speculation, not a scientific commentary. Talk about an overreaction. And when u think about it, my original comment did not even have the word ‘sag’. You were the one to bring it up

          Besides, if you actually followed the conversation, which I bet your bum you didn’t , we already talked about how his chest only stands out most likely because his exercise regimen is strictly restricted to his chest and abs area and he chooses to ignore his arms considering he was pretty skinny in his younger days. He has his reasons, one of which we assumed was to keep a softer look to keep up with Japanese beauty standards.
          Either you aren’t familiar with things like bench press, gymming and the whole concept of separate arms+legs exercises, or you are an oversensitive kid who gets offended at the slightest of things. Good luck getting ahead with that attitude.

          You think he’s perfect? Great. Many do. But how is that relevant? Did anyone here say that he’s ugly? Sorry . I am not capable of interpreting ideas that don’t exist in other people’s words. I guess, you are.

    • AoZora

      Can’t stop laughing..Name “mountain p” suits him.. Lol.. Go Yamapi, show whatever you can :p

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      I mean I always thought they were implants… Also, doesn’t Yama P already mean Mountain P… what am I missing??

      • Rising Sun

        lol its not an implant. he started working out before kurosagi era since before that he is so skinny like a stick.

        i dont undertstand either. His name has always been 山P which translated in english as ‘Mountain P’. The mountain is not because of the manboobs but rather because it is his name.

      • mina

        he was so skinny in his younger days. No moobs or even single muscles. watch his old dramas before 2005.
        He just started working out when turned 20.
        I think that just imbalance in his gym training. sometimes the moobs not that big too lol

    • Rising Sun

      being shirtless is like the signature drama moment that he has to do in basically every drama. i wonder what is the conversation behind the scene is.

      the ending credit of summer nude had me lol. for those who watch that will understand what i mean. :P

      and in buzzer beat, all the basketball guys where shirtless and show off their bodies in front of the mirror. one of the player said; ‘naoki, your chest is too big’ and he replied ‘is it so?’ XD

      • shiningarmour45

        is the summer nude scene is the one where Karina/Erika shoot him with watergun at the beach and he opened his shirt to catch her? :P

        summer nude is a great drama though. it is so underrated in my opinion.

        • Skai

          Does Summer Nude contain any sexual content? I’m not so comfortable with that and Summer Nude being a beach drama meant I stayed away from it.

          • shiningarmour45

            it did not contain any of that stuff! its a beautifully written drama about friendship and lost love.

            i’m exactly like you when i see the name and the poster. but the actual story is really good. and never would i imagine that yamapi and karina will have an amazing chemistry together.

            • Skai

              Thanks for your response!!
              I always see it come up when YT’s best dramas are discussed but I never really knew what to expect from it so I didn’t watch it.
              Would you say it’s a comedy or mostly romance?
              Thank you for that!! Might give it a try now x

              • AoZora

                Mostly romance

                • Skai

                  Thanks for your response!! ^^

              • shiningarmour45

                it was neither comedy nor romance if you ask me. it is mostly friendship and a beautiful one at that. the writing were pretty much impressive and while I understand it might bore others, the drama has substance than what it appear on the outside. its like you watch it thinking it to be other thing but it surprise you with what it has to offer.

                this drama is honestly one of my very favorite from yamapi. it surprise me on how well written is the script and i love the friendship between the characters. it is the best summer themed drama that i have ever seen to be honest.

                • Skai

                  Thanks for your insight! I might give it a go :)

          • AoZora

            Summer Nude doesnt contain any sexual content anf the title is misleading… I tried watching it for Yamapi but gave up half the way… I yawned and yawned while i watched.. The pace is so slow .. I felt the drama was boring..

            • Skai

              Thanks for your response and review!
              Is it really that boring?
              I might do some more research into it before I take the plunge (if I do).
              What other J-dramas would you recommend?

              • AoZora

                The list will be a long one. I will list a few – Hanzawa Naoki, Kaito Yamaneko, Flowers for Algernoon(Yamapi), Emperor’s cook, code blue series, HanaKimi first version, Good morning call, Gokusen series, Hero, My dangerous wife, Tatta hitotsu no koi,Pride, Long Vacation, Love Generation, Hana York Dango, Scum’s Wish, Border, Legal High, Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, Boku unmei no hits desu and many more.. I am sure you have already watched some of these… The dramas that I listed didn’t bore me during the course of watching.. Hope you find one suitable for you :)

                • Skai

                  Thank you so much for the comprehensive list!
                  Out of the ones you listed, I’ve seen Hanzawa Naoki, Hana Kimi (ofc 1st season. I don’t want to watch the 2nd one because the first one was perfect), Gokusen (all 3 seasons and the movies), Hero (currently on the second season), Hana Yori Dango and Legal High.
                  I’ve read about Scum’s Wish and I don’t think it’s for me…
                  I don’t like watching anything with sexual scenes tbh. I prefer to watch comedy (romcoms and action dramas are good too).
                  I want to watch NigeHaji and Border.
                  What do you think about Border? Does it have a good storyline and action? Does it have any comedy? I personally want to watch it because Oguri Shun :P but it does genuinely look like an interesting drama.

                  • AoZora

                    Border does not have comedy. Rather its about police investigation of crime cases. Oguri Shun has acted pretty well in this. The dialog “Criminals can kill for the sake of evil; however, police can’t kill for the sake of goodness.” suits it.

                    Some more recommendations – One pound gospel,Dame na watashi ni Koishite kudasai(have not watched it yet but heard good reviews),99.9,Yankee-kun to Megane-chan,Nodame Cantabile,Goodluck!!. These don’t have sexual scenes.
                    Also Kaito Yamaneko and Boku unmei no hits desu have some elements of comedy.. But,yes,please read synopsis before you proceed :P

                    • Skai

                      Thanks for your response and recommendations!!
                      I’ll check Border out for sure.

    • light

      Lmao a tiny mountain XD
      Not my cup of tea though.

    • Captain Kortaffel

      I hate to tell you fangirls this, but this growth is a sign of steroid abuse. He’s probably popping all kinds of stuff to stay in the johnny ikemen circle a while longer.

      But this will have some medical downfall later down the line.

      • shiningarmour45

        I dont think you are right on this. people behind the scene has always commented how he always work out at dressing room because he didnt have time to do it otherwise. and working out can give you that kind of bod.

        & he is against unhealthy routine like dieting excessively and has told fans that he likes girls who has meat on them (not this mean anything though). and he also dislike the dieting that he has to do when he did Ashita no Joe a few years back. after finishing the movie, he gained back all the weight that he lost. so looking at how he lives his life, i dont think he will take steroid just to have that body.

      • joshimrina

        I agree !

    • yamakita

      o_O But couldn’t it just be the angle to make them look so exaggerated? He is hunching a bit. Although, every time I see a shirtless Johnny, I think some old man is getting off on it and feel bad for the Johnny.

      • :)

        I dont know what to believe actually. If Johnny Kitagawa is really a pedo, i dont think that former Johnny’s idol Okamoto will send her son HSJ’s Keito to the agency. And as problematic as Koki is, he loves his brother and wouldn’t agree for him to join the company if he thinks it will put his brother in danger. Behind the scene story has always had Johnny’s idols telling stories on how Johnny will let them ask their mothers if he want them to do anything and to see how normal most of Johnny’s idols are, i really dont think they are sexually harrased at the company.

        • yamakita

          I think he is too old at this point, but I’m sure lots of improprieties happened at one point. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but probably happens to the ones who are easier preys. Just as they probably don’t pimp out the top names in 48/46, but the lower tier ones get special arrangements.

          I would like to believe that the entertainment industry is as pure as the spring flowers, but we all know the reality. If a rumor is persistent enough, there is prolly some truth to it.

          • :)

            Of course! Entertainment industry are so scary and shady and some stuffs will shocked you.

            My comment is directed to popular or debuted idols from johnny, as you said you are sorry to the said johnny idols thinking johnny did stuffs to them. I personally think they are not sexually harassed in any way since they always saying weird and hilarious stuffs about johnny. Kimura himself saying that johnny is a person he know personally and the one he respected in his life. As someone who is a father, I dont think he will say that if he knew what johnny really is.

            • yamakita

              I’m told that I should not believe anything I see or hear on TV…

      • Alice

        Yeah, but he’s too old to do anything now, and unfortunately similar things happen with ALL idols. You wouldn’t believe how girls have to sell their bodies to get into AKB and other idol groups… It’s the same thing.

    • Skai

      This is so funny.
      Poor YamaPi 😂😂

    • Himi Tsu

      I guess I’ll never understand the lettering of bras in Japan.. This is nowhere near the C here in Switzerland. This would probably fit a A… Or a small b if feeling generous.

      Anyway that’s too big for it to be sexy :P

    • guest
    • eplizo

      King of chests. He always looks amazing.

    • kashiyuka

      His moobs are back!

    • john wayne

      too bad his acting doesn’t match is visuals…!!!

      • :)

        I thought his acting is pretty decent, at least he didnt distract me when i watch the drama. All the casts did a good job but since Code Blue first season, I always thought he is the most convincing as a doctor. Be it when he is doing the cpr, operations, how he holds the surgury knife or how his eyes move through the surgical microscope during the neurosurgery ope and etc. I thought to myself, he must study a lot to master all of this.

        And he is pretty fantastic in both of the dramas with Kamenashi as well.

    • AkaneHaga

      i would say GACKT is better if you comp them

    • Celeste

      Might be bigger than his rumored girlfriend’s lol

    • Tintin

      Just when I’m starting to like him… I don’t find man boobs attractive.

      • Alice

        So you don’t like him anymore because you don’t like his body shape??