Koki Tanaka tests postive for marijuana, KAT-TUN’s “3 year curse” makes headlines again

Last week former KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka was arrested for suspected marijuana possession.  Today it was revealed that after a urine test marijuana was found in Koki’s body,  Koki previously denied  both using and carrying marijuana when first questioning by authorities. Naturally, all the activities of his current musical project INKT have been put on hold. A tour beginning in June and various signing events at record shops were planned.

In light of the news many Japanese websites have started to strike up conversations again about KAT-TUN’s “3 year curse”. An entertainment writer who specializes in Johnny & Associates sat down with gossip website aja-jo to further explain the  phenomenon.

KAT-TUN made their debut in 2006 as a 6 member group, but that only lasted for 4 years. In 2010 the first KAT-TUN member to withdraw was Jin Akanishi. A constant tabloid target, Jin usually made headlines due to his partying and alleged romances. In 2012 he married singer/actress Meisa Kuroki, their first child was born later on in the year.

In 2013 the next member to leave was Koki Tanaka, whose contract was terminated by Johnny & Associates. Koki wasn’t in the best standing with Johnnys, mainly due to getting numerous tattoos and running a bar/restaurant without the agency’s consent. Things took a turn for the worse when pictures of Koki’s private parts were published in a tabloid, the pictures were sent to the tabloid by a former AV star. Koki was fired the same day the magazine was published.

3 years later in 2016 Junnosuke Taguchi officially parted ways with the group, right in the midst of KAT-TUN’s 10th anniversary promotions. Fans were left blindsided when over the summer it was announced that Junnosuke would be making his solo debut under Universal Japan. Junnosuke’s major debut single “CONNECT” was released on April 5th, 2017.

It has become a hot topic among Johnny’s fans and reporters whether or not something will happen to the group again in 2019. Do you believe in KAT-TUN’s 3 year “curse”?

(via sankei & asa-jo)

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    • Smh

    • 326-623

      It’s like him as a yakuza in My Boss My Hero is the real deal.

    • rshina

      Why bringing KAT-TUN again, when he is not part of it now….😑😑

    • neko

      well I love Kat tun, but i´m not sure about the group as a trio, at this moment Im only interested in Kame… I hope they can keep it as a group but if not, I would be ok whit kame as a solo artist

    • guest

      Nothing will happen in 2019 because KAT-TUN won’t exist by then.

      • Anaa

        Maybe that will happen in 2019: KAT-TUN disolution….

    • angel223_

      there is no justifying his faults, He did it irresponsibly, He can smoke a joint but make it a secret/he was in Japan, and weeds is smelly, no way someone cant notice that. SMH. he prolly was still high by that, he was too arrogant in public.

      Im more interested with Kame upbringing as a solo, or with other as long as Kame is there.
      well at least, even if I hate everything about him, why do I love him so..
      aw shet.. lol Kame becoming an irritating words in my fam n friends.

      • angel223_

        He is so classy and very smart, the way he talk about Koki situation is like an assurance KT will come back, as long He was there, UN was there,
        Im no against changing their name or continuing as KT, but the Power puff boys are gaining new fans, more fans than they were in the past,.

        The curse is already there but it can break, since in KT Newsletter, the T-T is smiling.

      • kayat

        I doubt he was caught in the act, just said he tested positive. Weed can stay in your system for 1-2 months, I think. So it’s even possible he smoked abroad (don’t follow him well enough to know if he’s been recently). Though you’re right tbh, he probably runs in circles that smoke in Japan, too.

    • violet

      Honestly, I’d be more shocked if he tested negative. Koki is/was my favourite member of KAT-TUN and my favourite JE guy in general, but he’s definitely not the smartest. He knew what the consequences would be if he got caught, and he probably didn’t hide it very well. I’m just sad that this had to happen right when INKT finally released a song I actually enjoyed. I really hope he’s able to come back from this soon.

      Also, there are definitely some errors in this article. Taguchi’s major debut single was Connect, not Hero.

    • ran

      YES I BELIEVE IT! They need to go to a priest.

      • ran

        Maybe the 3 year curse won’t work anymore now that they’re 3.

    • BAD KID

      the koki nudes scandal was so crazy i still can’t believe it happened omg

    • HoneyDew

      Just a disappointing article of ARAMA… No consideration for any hyphens when u posted this article… I think u want KATTUN to sink… I hope some positive things are written about KATTUN in future…

      All sane minds know that this curse thing and all is superstition.. There is nothing like curse or bad luck.. KATTUN will make a comeback soon shedding all the negativity.. As a hyphen I am optimistic..

      • sho

        why are people getting pissy at arama for reporting on the koki stuff, where were all of you during the taguchi drama? oh right trying to get sympathy cause taguchi’s “scandal” didn’t make the group look bad only himself

        y’all need to stop playing victim. they would do the same for ANY group in this situation get over it

      • guest
      • Amiko

        lol “no consideration”?? get a grip. this is about a boy and. there are so many other things in the world to worry about. third worlder JE really have no grasp on reality.

      • surfboardt

        Jesus, the things people get angry at for Arama has been increasingly ridiculous.

        I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if people are angry at Arama for something as stupid as saying “Hamasaki Ayumi” instead of “Ayumi Hamasaki” at this point.

        • We had a writer do that a couple years ago, and there Was backlash


          • surfboardt

            AYU HA IMPACT.

      • We’ll write about things as they happen regardless if they’re positive or negative

        • pisces13

          I am a hyphen, thanks for posting this. ;)

      • goingtojpn

        how ridiculous… i am a hyphen and I am not offended. Gawd, everybody gets offended by anything nowadays. Don’t click on the article if you are going to complain.

      • ya

        Just be happy Arama is actually posting something relevant to its user-bases interests and not some try-hard indie music no one cares about or clicks on.

      • iGleaux

        Oh my goodness….

    • Dee

      Are fans really only care about kame?hmmm

    • popcorn

      Kamestans will get a meltdown, when Kame announces his retirement instead of going solo.

      • angel223_

        sorry, but there is Tokyo Olympics in 2020, the Going stuff will not do that.

        I think, after that. lol

        • popcorn

          Lol, my bad.

    • Himi Tsu

      I wrote it on the open post but maybe it has much more interest here :

      Shouldn’t the 3 KAT-TUN members left make a come back by creating a new band, leaving behind all their “unlucky” history and the name which is dirtied by former members ? Would it be more difficult to make a new name famous or keep with KAT-TUN ?

      I’m seriously only interested.. Won’t fan follow the 3 of them even if they change their group’s name? And there will be no more talk about Koki or whichever former band member linked to their group.

      • Asha

        I think this would be better ..but I never heard of a group that changed their name and got the same interest from fans ! maybe its different with kat tun ..they are so famous anyway ..

        • Zaylia

          Not a Japanese group but a South Korean boy band changed their band name. In 2016, Beast had one of their members leave and they decided to change companies. In 2017, they returned under the name Highlight since their old company has copyright to the name.

          • Asha

            ikr ..but as far as I know they didn’t get that popular as before but they can count on their fans you know …so it might be the same with KAT TUN because their fans are like SOOOO MUCH so they can still go on . all of that IF they were thinking of changing their group name ..

    • From the outside, he does look rough like gangster type of guy but then one statement from Matsuoka to Koichi/Tsuyoshi made me feel differently about him. Matsuoka said that from the outside Koki looks like a bad boy (?) with tattoo and all but he actually really sweet/soft (?) on how he keeps apologizing even for smallest mistakes. But then when I read about all the troubles that he create from himself…. hmmphhh

      • kamben is here

        He is a softie indeed (former 6-nin hyphen here).
        It’s just that he’s reckless when it comes to things like this.

        • I wonder why made you a former? You dont like their music anymore?

    • Mayura

      Kame, Ueda and Nakamura should just find a new guy with the surname starting with “E”, then regroup and rebrand themselves as “NUKE”. XD

      • yamakita

        I think KAT-TUN and NEWS should become a superpower hybrid group.

        • Mayura

          Even though both groups had a great collaboration in one episode of Shounen Club, their styles are still too different from one another. Besides, I don’t know if NEWS is willing to merge with KAT-TUN either since the latter will forever get dragged into whatever future misdemeanor news about Koki, Akanishi and Taguchi.

          Perhaps, instead of merging, it might be better that they collaborate as a “project”. For example, the company can let individual members from both groups act together in the same drama then let both groups collaborate to sing the drama’s themesong (note: something like Kame and Yamapii). With increased exposure of both groups performing together, it will soon sink into fans’ mind that both groups can achieve better synergy and the fans can gradually accept each other. At this point of time, forcefully merging them together will bring more harm than good since KAT-TUN was well known to have major fights in the past so NEWS’ fans might not be convinced.

          • What is the misdemeanor news about Taguchi?

            • Mayura

              “……future misdemeanor news……”

              Keyword being “future” here. I can’t predict the future but the possibility remains that whatever scandals the past members will get involved next time, the media will keep popping their ex-band’s name even though they are clearly no longer related to one another. It’s like the KAT-TUN brand name will always become collateral damage.

              • guest

                “I can’t predict the future but the possibility remains that whatever scandals the past members will get involved next time”

                It always amuses me that folk/KTstans think current members are angels and have or will never have scandals. And right they are always the victims, poor UNKO. smfh

                • Mayura

                  I think you must have misunderstood me completely. I am merely looking at KAT-TUN as a product. Just like the scandal a decade ago where local milk powder in China were tainted and caused severe health issues to babies, it resulted in people distrusting the local products until today. Brand reputation is a predominant marketing tool and once damaged, it is very difficult to repair.

                  As I’ve said in another post, I don’t follow KT much as I’m not a fan. The only thing that interests me is what business strategies are viable to revive this “product”.

          • fdghtf

            “Besides, I don’t know if NEWS is willing to merge with KAT-TUN either since the latter will forever get dragged into whatever future misdemeanor news about Koki, Akanishi and Taguchi.”

            Right, because NEWS didn’t have their fair share of scandals in past and at the present moment…

            NO, THANK YOU to a NEWS/KAT-TUN merge anyway, I’d rather have KAT-TUN as a trio.

      • guest


        Someone with O would be better.

        • Mayura

          NUKO? UKON? OKUN? KUON?

          • guest


            • Brilliant! XD

            • Mayura

              LOL!! You hate these guys so much?

            • popcorn

              I vote for UNKO. XD

    • iGleaux

      Who snitched on him and who did he piss off because we have Japanese rappers straight up smoking weed in MVs and as far as I know not a damn thing has happened to them so….?

    • 1996liner

      Gdragon smoked weed yet everyone gave him a pass lol

    • eplizo


    • xxxr24

      Koki now is free at parents’ home. The drug and car weren’t his. The test was probably falsified by the police because a few days ago he had done another, surprise, on tv and was clean. According to the Geralists there are no real accusations about him and should not be arrested.