Keisuke Koide Apology Press Conference Postponed

An apology press conference from actor Keisuke Koide (33), who was suspended indefinitely due to drinking and fornicating with a 17-year-old year, was scheduled to be held on the 9th but has since been announced that it was postponed to a later, unknown date.

According to Livedoor, tabloid Nippon Sports reported on the 12th that this a result of a decision from Amuse, Koide’s affiliated office. But why?

The problem became apparent on the 8th, the day before the release of the weekly tabloid “FRIDAY” with the girl’s confession. Since the reveal of the girl’s attempts to extort Koide of 5 million yen, there have people questioning her intentions with him–whether she laid out a “honey trap” to squeeze some money out of him, or if she was really forced into participating against her will.

A venue was scheduled with intentions to hold a press conference at noon on June 9. However, with discussion from his office, they ultimately postponed it following developing news regarding the girl’s credibility.

The content of the news report from Friday in comparison to the content shared by netizens on Twitter regarding the case are vastly different, which has resulted in the office to reopen investigations of the case.

Furthermore, a woman who is said to be the girl’s mother keeps updating her social media with updates of her daughter’s recent status.

For the time being, my daughter is hospitalized and receiving mental health care,” she wrote on Facebook the evening of the 9th. “Bad things may be written about that actor, and there might be things written about my daughter that are bad as well. But I only wish the best for everything and to move on from this amicably.

According to J-Cast, posts on an internet bulletin board that are assumed to be from the girl’s mother are gaining a lot of attention.

Do you know the actor Keisuke Koide? My daughter went on a date with him yesterday!” she wrote as if she were reporting news from the day before.

In the Friday report, it says Koide’s relations with the girl took place on the night of May 9. Koide’s name was first posted by this user on the bulletin board on May 10 with a story that matches the one in the Koide case, a whole month before it made headlines.

Following the initial update, the anonymous poster made multiple references to her daughters relationship with the actor, including that she saw photos and Line conversations, calling it “scoop.” The original posts have since been deleted. J-Cast has forwarded the information to Amuse because they thrive on drama.

As soon as Koide is able to have a discussion with the girl’s party this week, a press conference will be held.

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    • PigeonPop

      The girl (and her family?) have also been contact with Bunshun; their version of the “full scoop” was released on print just a few hours ago…with not a lot of new information, unless one is really interested in getting to know the personal history of the girl.

    • ae_abercrombie

      This is turning into a damn circus. Now it’s going into a he said she said. And now her mother’s involved? This is nuts.

    • Kusen Goto

      I love how dumb this is and I want it to get messier.

    • rshina

      this situation is quite stupid…

    • goingtojpn

      what a mess! all three of them are so stupid.

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      MESS!!! Omg. Now her mom is involved too. Lady…don’t you have a knitting class to take or something? They all need psychiatric help…