Kanjani8, Keyakizaka46, E-girls, and More Rumored to Be Dropped from Kohaku Uta Gassen

The 68th Kohaku Uta Gassen will be held on December 31. The official information on who will be performing will be released in a few weeks, but until then there will be rumors about who will and who won’t be invited this year.

A particular rumor that’s gained traction recently is one about the reduced presence of Johnny & Associates, coming from someone related to NHK. Last year, Arashi, TOKIO, V6, Kanjani8, Sexy Zone, and KinKi Kids performed. In addition, Aiba Masaki of Arashi was the White Team’s host, essentially giving Johnny’s seven spots on Kohaku. Masaki being the host for the White Team was a continuation of idols from Johnny & Associates holding that spot.

Kohaku’s ratings are down, and according to Kohaku fans its due in part to the large number of Johnny’s on the show. Decreasing the number of Johnny’s is the solution. And with demise of SMAP, the group which gave the company a great deal of power, it may very well happen.

So who from Johnny’s may be getting chopped? According to a music writer, Kanjani8 and Sexy Zone. Johnny & Associates issued a strong request to NHK to get Sexy Zone on the show last year due to the group’s high musicality. But with Johnny’s acts being push aside, they’re a prime candidate for cancellation. Kanjani8 has been on the show five time, but with a viewer rating of 33.1% last year, they were dead last in terms of ratings among all of the show’s performers. And since the group was originally focused on variey shows, they are at the top of the list to not be invited to this year’s Kohaku.

Is anyone else on the chopping block besides Johnny’s? Yes, with E-girls being the first one up. With a viewer rating of 33.6% last year, they fared second worst of all the show’s performers. The music writer also names Keyakizaka46, saying that even though they have a large fanbase, they don’t have enough public attention. Seven-time attendee AAA is also rumored to be dismissed, seeing as how they have the third worst viewer rating last year at 33.7%. Even though they come from the powerful Avex, Kohaku’s viewers are not keen on watching them.

The selection process for Kohaku Uta Gassen remains a mystery. It’s often asked why someone like Akiko Wada appears year after year. NHK said that it’s because she’s well regarded by the show’s viewers.


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    • SsunShine

      Can someone enlighten me on what is Arashi’s ratings for last year?

      And why Kanjani8 as the lowest considered bad, because as far as I know last year, they perform first. Of course you couldn’t get every viewers infront of the screen at the first minute. Their song this year is good, I’m looking forward to them performing it on Kouhaku though :(

      • atif

        Arashi get the highest last year…43.7% rating

        • Hatori Sachiyo

          Yup. And for Arashi to be dropped is unthinkable of

          • SsunShine

            Indeed, with that kind of ratings, pretty sure Kouhaku won’t drop them. Arashi is really one of a rare group. Still going strong until now, the fandom sizes, public recognition, extraordinary sales and big tours even on their 18th years. I won’t be surprised if they are announced as ootori again if Amuro Namie is not coming.

        • eternal_sky

          This make me laugh as I remember Jnetizen who asked ‘is Arashi still famous now?’ Clearly they are.

    • yacchaitai

      I’d be VERY surprised if they dropped keyaki right now

      • aisasami

        Keyaki had a pretty good year. Fukyouwaon gained good traction in terms of popularity, right?

      • gutto

        Me too! They are better than Nogi. AKB should get dropped

    • Eris_03

      It would be better if they just dump Sexy Zone. No offense to their fans, but they didn’t do anything to deserve a spot for Kohaku.

      Kanjani8’s my favorite JE group, but I don’t really mind if they also get dropped. They had a good year, but to be honest, most of their performances in kouhaku is a mess.

      As for Keyakizaka46, I doubt if they would be dropped. My guess is that Akb48 would be the only 48G this year.

      I don’t really know with E-girls, but their songs this year are kinda meh.

    • WD79

      “Kanjani8 has been on the show five time, but with a viewer rating of 33.1% last year, they were dead last in terms of ratings among all of the show’s performers.”

      LOL it’s not like they performed first or anything…oh wait!

      And in almost every year, rating for the first performers have always been the lowest among all the performers. But guess what? Their rating were actually higher than the first performer in 2015-2016! Hmm…

      And about them focusing on variety shows (sure they’re like the Johnny’s group with highest number of variety shows on TV right now), oh yeah it’s not like they have their own music show, or that NHK’s SONGS feature the whole group in an episode dedicated to them this year, or that they performed at METROCK…but but OH WAIT!

      I wonder what drug this supposedly music writer is on…Even if Kanjani8 are dropped from Kouhaku this year, it’s definitely not because of any of these reasons.

      • gutto

        *directing a my reporter’s mic at you

        How would you feel if K8 is dropped while HSJ getting an invite?

        • WD79

          If the reason for K8 being dropped is so that J&A could push HSJ then let it be. Maybe then K8 could return to doing their own countdown concerts which they’ve abandoned since the first year they got invited to Kouhaku.

    • AkaneHaga

      is this gonna be amuro last, right?
      i bet yui aragaki will be there again too/not

      honestly im glad they drop some of johnny
      btw i need some1 who sing riding a horse again

      • Guest

        I doubt Amuro will be there. She dgaf about Kohaku.

      • maguro part deux

        Yes, Kahala and her horse would be a great addition to the show.

    • Risa

      Is no one mentioning how the girls section is SWAMPED with 48 groups? I agree that having too many idols on the show is just… too much – it takes the diversity of the cast away. But it’s not just the guys (!). Seriously last year were so many 48/46 groups, I can’t even remember any females besides them anymore.

      “Kohaku’s ratings are down, and according to Kohaku fans its due in part to the large number of Johnny’s on the show”
      LMAO, yes I’m sure this is the only reason. Ratings are just an excuse for cutting an act, as there are many influences on it aside from the group. Kohaku has been pretty boring for years now. (I never got how they chose they participants for Kohaku anyways.)

      I agree with what someone else said below: An act should deserve to be on Kohaku, even if that means lower ratings for that time slot.

      • Kanjo Maru

        AKB, Nogizaka and Keyakizaka were on it last year. 3 isn’t ridiculous.
        There were 7 Johnny’s acts, right?

        And before anyone says the girl groups had a lot of members, it was still only 3 acts thus 3 performances. Meanwhile Johnny’s had 7 performances. 3 performances which happened to have large groups.

        • Risa

          Wait a moment… Wasn’t there all the other 48-units too? I thought there was some sort of medley? Well, if it’s only been three groups, then it’s okay I guess. (maybe I’m mixing it up with another show. Maybe FNS). Though it is debatable for me if Keyakizaka is already ‘worthy’ of Kohaku. I know they are popular and their music isn’t bad, but I always thought Kohaku is a place for acts that established a name over the years. (Same goes for Sexy Zone btw. They are too young as a group imo)

          And yes, 7 JE acts are too many. And I’m saying this as a fan of several of their groups. But not all of them should be on Kohaku. For me personally I would personally pick 3 out of the mentioned groups, maybe 4.

          Still, I think Kohaku’s real problems lie somewhere else. As I said, the show is getting more boring every year, and it’s not necessarily because of their acts…

          • Kanjo Maru

            No, not last year. Perhaps it was another show. A couple of year-end shows have the full assortment of 48 groups there.

            I’m personally disappointed it looks like Eito will be dropped as they’re my favourite Johnny’s group. But I doubt Johnny will stick up for them over younger pushes.

            Kohaku has been stale for a while regardless of the acts alright. I know old people love it but the older acts literally do the same performance year in year out. I don’t really have much in the way of suggestions though. Might be nice to see more collabs (not just background dancing), but that might involve too fundamental a change.

          • AkaneHaga

            for me Keyakizaka deserved it
            maybe they should drop nogizaka if they need drop from 48/46 group
            reason—>Techi is slaying nowdays
            they even won an award in VMAJ

            • Kanjo Maru

              Or they could drop AKB, stop contributing to the myth that they’re still popular. Especially after Mayu’s gone there’s not enough names left to carry the group.

              Of course I’m exaggerating, but at least it’s time to let them stop doing melodies.

              • AkaneHaga

                imposible for now, after olympic that posible and thats 2020
                they’re main artist in olympic so they’ll keep this pace
                they just has badluck on SS this year
                eventho i hope they disband in 2 years from now i think thats imposible
                remember they has army

                • Kanjo Maru

                  They’re not actually confirmed for the Olympics. It’s all because Akimoto is on the Committee.

                  The idea of putting them out is pretty unpopular.

      • maguro part deux

        Kohaku has always been pretty boring. Before it was full of lame idols, it was full of lame enka singers.

    • aisasami

      What happens if MM. get invited back to FNS or Kouhaku. Since the original 1st gen members are now back together, it would be the “natsukashii” moment of 2017.

      • AkaneHaga

        i will say no chance even w/ 20th anniversary

      • K

        They have been on FNS. They might go on Kouhaku this year, I mean if Puffy who hasn’t had a Top 10 hit in 15 years was on for their anniversary last year MM should be on too.

    • light

      I mean, the first performers always get the lower ratings, that’s not a great way to choose.
      Sexy Zone should be cut though, nothing against them but there is no reason yet for them to be at Kohaku.

      • Nagahama Eru

        imo and as what i had noticed, JE always put youngest debuted unit so that they can also showcase their juniors as background dancers. (NYC, then Sexy Zone)

        but Sexy Zone last time performed without any juniors so I guess they will stop now

      • gutto

        I’m starting to only like Sexy Zone this year (arashi fan) so this saddens me. Gyutto is such a good crowd pleasing song, I want to see it at Kouhaku.

    • the groupie who

      “LOL it’s not like they performed first or anything…oh wait!

      And in almost every year, rating for the first performers have always been the lowest among all the performers. But guess what? Their rating were actually higher than the first performer in 2015-2016! Hmm…” <—- BASICALLY THIS xD

      I feel like the person who wrote that article forgot on purpose such important fact lol … so even if eito didnt participe on this year's Kohaku, it's clear its not for the reason stated on the article.

      Eito have enjoyed one of their most succesful years , their sales are great , they're the johnnys act with most tv shows, they even achieved records in terms of concerts . If they don't go this year is only to make some space for HSJ 10th Anniversary .

      Kanjani and Kinki Kids(nd they are not appearing this year) are clearly more relevant to the general public than HSJ.

    • rshina

      I’m really glad if they drop Sexy Zone. I’m not even sure why they are able to be invited in the first place.

      who do you want to perform in this year Kohaku? personally, I really hope to see Amuro Namie, since she’ll retire next year.

    • Kanjo Maru

      With no chance of SMAP this year Johnny’s can’t really strong arm like they used to. I wonder what kind of act they’ll turn to with the extra space.

    • Guest

      Every year is the same shit. At the end of the day, I highly doubt any big Johnny’s/AVEX act will be cut. AAA and E.G. Family will most definitely be there with how much $$$$$$ AVEX spends on them. Those 46 groups will be there too. Maybe some Johnny’s will be cut too but NHK is super subservient to all those agencies so it’ll definitely give a slot to any group the agency wants.

      I remember the year where all Yakuza-related acts were supposed to be cut. And then the announcement was made and literally every act you expected — including the ones we all know are related to the Yakuza (*cough*AVEX*cough*LDH*cough*AKS) were there.

    • ‘Sexy Zone on the show last year due to the group’s high musicality’

      What is this supposed to mean? :O

      • gutto

        this is such a lie.

        but i love Gyutto. dang if they dropped when they deserves it with Gyutto this year

    • Reileen

      IMO, E-girls has a high chance of getting cut. They are not even trying to hype up the newly revamped group. They only had 1?? single release this year. How will you go to Kohaku with that?
      No one is expecting other 48/46 groups except Nogi, Keyaki and AKB.

      I seriously doubt Kanjani8 is gonna get axed in one of their most fruitful years, especially music-wise.
      KinKi Kids got one of the highest ratings last year and it’s somehow understood they’ll be at Kohaku again for their anniversary but they’re gonna be at Kyocera Dome. Tsuyoshi’s condition prob is still a factor.

      HSJ will welcome 10th anniversary mid November. Expect some announcements.

      • Hey! Say JUMP should’ve been on years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised if they debut this year.

        • Reileen

          Johnnys have a thing with anniversaries

    • neko

      Sexy Zone have released good singles this year is a shame if they get dropped

      • Kanjo Maru

        I’m saying this as someone who was a Sexy Zone hater for years but Gyutto is a perfect song for Kouhaku.

        • neko

          I love your objectivity !

        • gutto

          SAME!!! I hated them for years too and now I’ve seen the light. Such nice boys and what a good song

    • Urara Kasugano

      I reallyyyyyy hope to see Morning Musume ’17 on Kouhaku

    • Even if Namie dgaf about Kohaku, I still would love to see her perform. She deserves that much imo.

    • Dalooshe

      I’d love to see Utada and Kohh on Kohaku. For some reason Suda Masaki getting invited doesn’t sound strange to me (not that I mind because Bae).

    • Diego

      The problem I see is that there aren’t many artist to replace Johnny’s and girl idol groups. J-pop scene isn’t at their best now in terms of variety of artist. In the past few years, they’ve invited old classic groups such as Rebecca or Puffy to fill the gaps. They might repeat the formula again this year.

      Having said that, my predictions are:
      – JE might replace some acts but they will have at least 5-6 groups. 48/46 will be the same as 2016 with AKB48, Nogizaka and Keyakizaka.
      – E-girls have lost the public’s attention so I’m afraid they will not be invited
      – Utada will not perform, she did it last year because her song was Asadora’s theme song
      – I think there’s a slight chance of seeing Namie’s last performance on TV but I don’t have high hopes
      – DAOKO and Mai Kuraki will be invited because of their success on digital charts

      • Mela

        Blame Johnny for banning male idols from other company..
        And yeah, instead of e-girls they should invite Flower. It would be amazing if Daoko, Kuraki and Namie really perform.

      • I actually see Yonezu Kenshi getting on and DAOKO being a special guest for his perormance, seeing as he’s more of a name and she’s basically a one hit wonder.

        And I don’t agree about there not being diversity. The issue is that the powers that be keep pushing the same acts over and over again to appease certain companies.

    • let’s just have keya46 (i want them to throw their shoes at an old person and kill them), throw in a bone for mm (not ’17, they cant sing, just bring ms chelsea nonaka), replace egirls with flower and call it a day for female idol groups

      • death_signs

        Ya I’ll rather they replace e-girls with flower. The latest e-girls songs are meh.

    • yamakita

      I thought last year’s Kohaku was pretty good. I rewatched it several times. I like these rumors, however.

    • Soo Thoo Cheah Jee

      Fuck it, just cancel the show altogether !!!!!!!

    • wew

      I hope they invite WANIMA.

    • Tia

      I hope there no K-POP artist… just no… It’s Japanese music event and I want to watch Japanese singer or Idol, not korean Idol even tough I like a couple of them, for this one just no.