Kanjani fans are satisfied with Tadayoshi Okura dating Yuriko Yoshitaka: “Better than Serina”

On the 15th July, tabloid ‘Friday’ reported that actress Yuriko Yoshitaka (27) and Kanjani8 member Tadayoshi Okura (31) are dating. Paps caught Yoshitaka during her frequent visits to Okura’s apartment. One could expect that Okura’s fanbase would be raging… Surprisingly, rather than bad-mouthing Yoshitaka, the net is throwing a party satisfied that the Kanjani star left his previous “sweetheart” Serina.

According to the sources, Yoshitaka broke up with Radwimps leader Yojiro Noda last year. At similar time Okura is said to part ways with Serina.

Comments on Twitter are ruthless: “Million times better than Serina“, “How to call this feeling? I’m not as furious as when I heard about Serina“, “I hated Serina, but I approve of Yoshitaka“, “Good you left Serina and found yourself a decent girl”, “Good job! At last friday’d with a top-class actress”. Anti-fans also have no mercy and leave their comments on Serina’s official accounts, but these are said to be regularly deleted by Serina/staff.

Gossip journalists comment: “When the news of Okura and Serina emerged in 2014, Serina was already high in the ranks of the most hated celebrity. On top of that she started posting pictures of herself in coordinated outfits with Okura and hinting on their romance, which infuriated the johnny fans. Yoshitaka had a time when she was strongly criticized for her thoughtless comments, but her image got incomparably better after starring in NHK’s ‘Hanako to Anne’. She also stepped up as an actress. Even Okura-fans look at her in a more approving way now.”   

Johnny’s management is said to be carefully reading the fans’ reactions to any dating news/scandal – and hope that they are also happy that Okura switched from problematic Serina to asadora-graduate Yoshitaka.

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    • Are

      I thought she dated Ikuta Toma?

      • Anna

        It seems they were caught together while filming Bokura ga Ita, but not sure how long it lasted… Pity, they’d make a nice couple;)

      • WD79

        Toma is supposedly with Seino Nana now.

      • Ivy Vo

        I read somewhere that it’s not true. They are just friend and close enough to have a night party . There were many people there but only those two appeared in picture. I don’t know about Ohkura but I like Yuriko after Hanako, and do people still remember in Kouhaku, when her co-stars appeared on the show to surprise/support her, she asked “Why are you here? You don’t have anything to do at home?” and everybody laughed. I think it’s her nature to have such thoughtless comments like that, but sometimes it’s just so cute!

        • Iuri

          They definitely dated for a short while but remain friendly now. The series of pictures showed they were holding hands though but that’s not my basis to claim they dated. Both parties never denied the rumors and its really not surprising if they were more than just buddies at one time. Yuriko (&toma) is pretty chill like that.

          I love Yuriko frank comments but I don’t think it’s thoughtless. She’s no tennen like Ayase.

    • Guest

      It pisses me off that fans feel they’re entitled to even approve or disprove of who they date. If they’re happy then be happy for them and if they make a mistake then hope they learn from it.

    • Anti-fans so scary tho~~

    • Fans are so scary.
      This child is weird to me though, lol. Well, whatever he likes. And she likes.

    • nothingsover

      LOL poor Serina. But I’m really happy for these two. I love Okura and I REALLY LOVE Yoshitaka Yuriko so I hope things turn out well for them.

    • Reileen

      What happened to Yoshitaka tho? Is she in somthing after the asadora?

      • Iuri

        She’s in a couple or more of stageplays. The girl is still active and about. Her CMs are still on. I remember she did a cover of PERFUME with her comedian bff and it gotten a bit of coverage.

      • She took a break a whole year and travelled around the world (including a participation as volunteer in an NGO abroad).

    • the groupie who

      Well, since 2014 Serina is in the middle of a war with Ohkura’s fans , she constantly provokes them so I don’t feel bad for her at all , I remember how at first I thought it was ridiculous how those kids(Ohkura’s fandom is mostly conformed by very young eighters as far as I know ) hated on her for dating him , but she she proved to be just like those haters: they hated , she provoked ( same story for 2 years )

      There’s no dating ban in johnnys but management clearly let their idols to have relationships under the unspoken rule to date in a very low profile but what did she do? she didn’t care about her ex at all , I’m sure Ohkura was put in a very difficult decision many times bcos she was always busy taking selfies with Ohkura’s clothes or writing about her “best friend” (like she used to call him) on instagram .

      If you truly love someone you would never do things that can get problems to the person you supposedly love.

      Wishing these two ( if the rumours are true ) to have a quiet and great relationship .

      • anon

        What did she do to them?

        • the groupie who

          Basically she messed up with Ohkura’s job . For non johnnys fans this would look like an overrreaction but as I explained on my previous comment J&A is pretty serious about their idols relationships, they let them date but they have to be careful to not get caught and if they still get caught they have to be really low profile unless they want to have problems with management .

          Well what Serina did was the total opposite, she shoved the relationship on the face of everyone all the time when she knew that was going to affect Ohkura’s situation with the company . Okay , she doesn’t have to follow their rules but do you really need to be in a ridiculous fight with haters just because you enjoy it ??? bcos it’s clear she had lots of fun teasing haters , she uploaded selfies wearing Ohkura’s clothes for few seconds on her instagram and deleted the pics after she made sure those kids noticed the pic . At this point I even wonder if she ever loved Ohkura or was just obssesed in dating a johnnys with lots of money , cos it’s obvious it was Ohkura who paid for that rich life Serina had on the last years ( since she barely had any job ) …. but well, that’s his money so it’s his problem .

          Among all the eito members Ohkura was the only who sent by himself his application to the company and he was really small when he did it, he was a fan of Morita Go and he joined Johnnys to become a dancer like him . He’s rich as fu** , his family is swimming in money … does he really need the job? nope , he’s in johnnys because he loves what he does .

          Does Serina really have to do all this to the man she supposedly loves?

          btw not to mention that that last week , after the news of Ohkura and Yoshitaka appeared on FRIDAY she had the guts to upload another selfie wearing the same t-shirt Ohkura wore on the latest PV of Kanjani8 … girl is manipulative and crazy, I guess she lost it after seeing the pics bcos there is no reason to upload that kind of pic after another woman was photographed going to your ex’s apartment several times . She cares way more about haters than the man that loved her once .

          sorry for the looooooooong af reply XD and Tacchon isn’t even my ichiban LOL

        • the groupie who

          Wrote a looong reply like 5 hours ago, still waiting for my comment to be approved .

          • anon

            That’s strange. I didn’t know comments had to be approved here. That sucks. I hope I’ll get to see it. Please approve it Arama!!!

            • the groupie who

              maybe bcos it was way too long ? XD or maybe bcos I edited it few times ( blame it on my poor english haha )

    • hotaru hime

      uhh so.. to receive fans’ blessing/ approval, idols have to first date someone with a bad reputation before being together with someone decent? XD

    • mai

      my ship broke…. yoshitaka and kengo kora …. hiksssss

      • ruurururur

        i ship them too, they are really suit

    • JuNonボイじゃない!

      My yuriko noda ship ;_;

      • kogamo

        Eee… Didn’t he write “Gogatsu no hae” about her?

        • JuNonボイじゃない!

          Half expected that. Hoped it wasn’t about her. I’ve heard of them getting back together couple of years back, they broke up again quietly or something? Ah. Last year. Probably yeah. Sucks. D:

    • Esha

      glad to see dating news at last.. Nino’s was not covered. It got discussed during OPEN POST:(

    • Mai

      My Yuriko-Nino ship wrecked T.T