Has Gesu no Kiwami Otome. Truly Been Canceled?

What a difference a year makes! Exactly a year ago today, Gesu no Kiwami Otome. was flying high, about to make their debut on Kohaku Uta Gassen after a whirlwind year. Things changed though due to frontman Kawatani Enon’s inability to keep it in his pants. First, there was the fallout from his affair with Becky, a story which dominated the first half of the year. Gesu no Kiwami Otome. went on a brief hiatus and Becky’s career was left in shambles.

Enon doesn’t learn from his mistakes, resulting in another scandal in the second half of the year, again involving his love life. He was caught drinking with his underage girlfriend Honoka Rin. This resulted in not only Rin’s career taking a hit, but Gesu no Kiwami Otome. going on an even longer hiatus. And this one was a bigger deal because it included the temporary shelving of the band’s new album, “Daruma Ringo.”

But has Gesu no Kiwami Otome. been permanently shelved?

According to Nikkan Sports, that may very well be the case. It appears that the band’s management company, Space Shower Music, has decided not to renew the band’s contract, which expires soon. With all the crap that Enon and his penis has gotten them into, it’s totally understandable. It is interesting to note though that Enon’s other band, indigo la End, wasn’t mentioned in the Nikkan Sports article. Maybe they’ve gone unscathed or maybe they’re just not relevant enough compared to Gesu no Kiwami Otome. to mention?


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    • REMISU

      Ugh enon.

      Everyone else in the band was so talented.

      • Kinonome

        I disagree with this statement. Enon may be a lot of things but he’s definitely not a talentless man. As main composer it is clear he always brought the best out of the other members regardless of their individual talents, so if anything he had what it takes to be a great frontman. Being a shitty individual has nothing to do with talent.

        • REMISU

          Oh the way I wrote this made it imply that I didn’t think Enon was talented.

          He most definitely is a talented man & I really liked his music.

          I just meant that the other members were also talented and it sucks that they were also reprimanded for something that Enon did.

    • surfboardt

      Personally, I’m leaning towards “Both bands are cancelled, but indigo la End wasn’t relevant enough to mention because it’s essentially the misono of the two bands”. While indigo la End did catch some attention, its identity/popularity to the mainstream is ultimately tied into Enon via Gesu’s success. While at the moment, it was a good move for getting indigo la End attention, it also doesn’t help that the Enon/Gesu connection was used as a promotion tool via simultaneous single releases and performing as a paired/back-to-back act on Music Japan because that connection left fingerprints all over the band’s image as a result.

      The only way I can see indigo la End staying with Space Shower Music if the source is accurate is if Enon drops out of the band as a frontman and either leaves the band completely or moves into a producer role without using his name as a form of promotion (And I can’t see either of those situations happening).

      That said, Enon really is an idiot. You’d think that any person with a brain would go “Hm… I just got caught in THE dating/cheating scandal of the year, but I am luckily able work without having to go on hiatus. Maybe I shouldn’t see anyone for a while to prevent further negative attention”. Granted, the underage drinking part is what really killed him and his bands career wise, but getting caught with anyone in general would just create a field day of “Enon spot dating someone JUST xx days after his divorce and cheating with Becky” articles.

      • Yeah, Enon is the mastermind behind both these bands so I don’t see that happening.

    • I do think “Daruma Ringo” will eventually be put on iTunes with no promo, just a way of cleaning out the closet. Kinda like those final ICONIQ songs a few years ago.

      • gck_

        @ronald hmmm There’s so much rage in this post. πŸ˜‘ but I guess i see where you are coming from.
        i hope everything goes well, their record label boss acknowledges the group & talked of Enon’s mistakes. But in the end it was a mistake. He did get famous and he screwed up but he shouldn’t be stopped from being in a relationship even though several Japanese people seem to be very serious about such issues. He screwed up & although he was under scrutiny after the 1st big scandal, he chose to be in a relationship because he wanted that, maybe he should have kept it all lowkey but I don’t think his past mistake should limit him from being involved with someone new (although i would be extremely careful if i was to be involved with him).
        Otherwise, it would be really sad if this is completely true,i feel sorry for his bandmates, Honoka, him & Becky. Blessings to all those involved. And i wish them all the success in years to come. Such talent can’t go to waste. They still have all our support πŸ™πŸ™

        Oh yeah here’s the article with their record label boss and Gesu no Kiwami Otome.(in the second page), he seemed a bit supportive of the band as a whole.


      • Thomas

        agreed. don’t think they’d let Enon go without making some last-minute money out of him. SOMEONE is going to buy the album plus it’s a finished product already so they have no reason not to release it.

    • senapie

      thinking with their dicks has led many talented and successful guys to a premature demise

    • kamben is here

      “With all the crap that Enon and his penis has gotten them into, it’s totally understandable.”


      On a serious note, I pity the other members of his bands D:

      • Thomas

        I’m CRYING at that sentence lmao

    • yamakita

      Who cares? Let’s stop talking about him. If the other band members are talented enough, they can find life after this guy. Otherwise, they were just riding his coattail to begin with and the right thing is happening.

    • james

      what a waste. we & the band members should thank Enon & his penis…

    • Nante

      I feel bad for the other members, but this douche deserves it.