Gesu no Kiwami Otome. / indigo la End’s Kawatani Enon Is Secretly Married and Having Affair with Becky

Today, Shukan Bunshun revealed that Kawatani Enon (27) of the bands Gesu no Kiwami Otome. and indigo la End is supposedly dating Becky (31). The problem though is that he is currently married. Enon has secretly been married since last summer. He met Becky in October, and the rumored couple said that that they began a friendship soon afterwards. Becky was a fan of Enon’s, and she, like everyone else, had no idea that he was married. Enon told Becky that he was married in November. Shukan Bunshun discovered LINE messages between Enon and Becky speaking of Enon’s plans to divorce his wife and then marry Becky.

After Enon’s Kohaku Uta Gassen debut with his band Gesu no Kiwami Otome., he and his rumored girlfriend traveled to Nagasaki to spend the New Year with his parents. It is during this Nagasaki trip that the rumored couple was photographed together. When asked if they were a couple, both parties denied the allegations. Becky told Shukan Bunshun to ask her management if she was dating Enon. When Shukan Bunshun asked Enon about his wife, he said that she was just a friend.

Pictures of Becky and Enon in Nagasaki:

Since Shukan Bunshun first reported on this, Enon has confessed to being married, but said that he and Becky are only friends. Becky has maintained the “only friends” position, going so far as to have a tearful press conference to maintain her innocence:

Both apologize for any misunderstanding that came about due to the nature of their friendship.


Photos of the rumored couple in their hotel room / their LINE messages:

Thanks to Reileen and Yoreruu!

Translation of the LINE conversation, starting with the left page:

Becky: Ken-chan, thank you for the lovely Christmas Eve and Christmas. You took me to the sea. Treated me well. Gave me stylish gifts. Truly, truly, thank you. I was happy. Forever happy. Being together with you made me absolutely happy.

Right page:

Becky: Really?

Enon: Did you go?

Becky: Yes

Becky: Let’s do it

Enon: Let’s do it

Becky: Goodnight

Enon: Goodnight

Enon: There are discussions. It would be better if you waited while these discussions are taking place. It can become emotional. I hope that you wait while I am writing my thesis. Though it’s painful to have you wait, I want you to wait.

Becky: Ken-chan, good morning. Ok. I’ll wait. I’m wait for you Ken-chan. I’m fine. So that you can turn in your thesis, you can be selfish. LOL!

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    • Reileen

      The Line pictures of them in a hotel leaked. Damn
      Mess all over. Becky’s clean image is gonna take a hit.

      • Post them here and I’ll add them into the article.

        • Reileen
        • Yoreruu

          I did a quick google search, I believe I found it: and

          It seems like it. But Ken-chan? I’m confused lol
          Anyway, that was…..unexpected. I agree that it’s Becky’s image that’s gonna take the biggest hit… it’s always like that afterall. :(

          • Thanks!

            • Yoreruu

              On the naver link you can actually read the messages! But… I didn’t know who Ken-chan was supposed to be. I read some of the article and apparently Kenta is his real name? She sounds really happy… now, how the heck did something like that leak?

              • kukuruyukkk

                Yes, his real name is Kawatani Kenta, hence the Ken-chan nickname

                • Yoreruu

                  Yeah, I read it there after lol. Thanks for confirming it though! ^^

          • Nandini Paramita

            Yup Enon real name is 川谷健太 (Kawatani Kenta).

        • creamcheesecake

          Unleashthegeek on twitter has summarized their Line convos. Basically, Enon asked Becky to wait for him to finish his “graduation papers” (divorce papers), Becky said she will wait for him.

          From unleashthegeek’s: “To sum it up, Becky & Kawatani Enon knowingly had an affair while he is married, got caught, but not admitting it officially.”

          • I definitely believe it’s an affair. I mean, taking your random female friend to your parents’ house all the way in Nagasaki on New Year’s as opposed to your wife… And then sharing a hotel room…

    • T

      Like I said on the minuskakugo post, Mr. Children’s Sakurai had an adultery scandal when he was married with a gravure idol in 1997, the band went on hiatus due to the media shitstorm and the band suffered a major hit. This band’s break is definitely over and Becky’s image, although not as popular as she was a few years ago, won’t ever be the same again. RIP.

      • oop

        glay’s teru had an adultery scandal with PUFFY’s ami and that’s when GLAY’s sales started falling. it’s like the band vocalists want to throw their wives away as soon as they get a little money and meet a celebrity smh

      • bailey darbii

        I heard Mari is doing great after her scandal so maybe she has a chance.

    • oop

      damnnnn. girl is fucked. she should go on hiatus, then pull a yamamoto mona and return with a clean, family friendly comeback.

    • Yama92

      Damn….. This is a shit storm, Enon why you got to be like that… Eww

    • hotaru hime

      Just read the LINE messages. Becky was so sweet, thanking “ken chan” for the christmas date >__<
      and i really admire how she carry herself in the press conference.

      although i too, disapprove of adultery scandals when i see one.. and i'd agree that this will deal some damage to her image etc. but somehow my heart feels for her.

      • Yoreruu

        Yeah, right? She sounds so happy and sweet, I can’t help but feel sorry for her :/

        I’m not a fan, but I like Becky. Somehow. Also, I don’t agree of such things either, but having such a scandal while being a talent must suck… specially Becky, I think it’s a first for her, right? The industry is a bit too cruel when it comes to such things. She handled things well, but it also seemed like she was about to cry any moment. -sigh-

        • Reileen

          yeah if the relationship did not leak, they may be getting married in the future, after the divorce.
          must suck for her. A few days ago, she’s very happy with him, even meeting his parents. then it got leaked. Probably met with the agency right after to know how to deal when tabloid releases it, and now what, just few days after, they are over.
          No love life, damaged image etc.

      • surfboardt

        For me personally, I feel bad for her not because I think she’s innocent per se, but because it seems like she’s taking more hits for it compared to Enon (disappointedbutnotsurprised.gif). I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s spun in a way that puts all the blame on her based on how previous scandals were portrayed.

        What I’m more interested in is whether Becky knows that he’s married and whether Enon’s wife was aware of him cheating/seeing other people (Since it could be a case of being separated, but not legally divorced yet, but I doubt it tbh). If Becky wasn’t aware that he’s married, then I’d definitely feel bad for her as a victim, but there simply isn’t enough information for me to say that.

        • The LINE translations should really be in this article, they’re extremely incriminating. Enon told her in one to wait for him while he filed the divorce papers as it could take some time because his wife would be likely to get ~emotional (what a jerk), and Becky replied to it sounding happy and like there was absolutely nothing wrong with the situation, saying she’d make him spoil her once the separation was finalized. Both parties are firmly in the wrong but she sounds very… naive/delusional/all of the above, which I guess is pitiable.

          • Lost In Ube

            Slut shaming is an international sport, unfortunately. And in this case, she is the one with more star power and is thus more of a target.

      • Yama92

        Where did you read the messages?

      • Golightly

        I’m sure his wife thought Becky sounded real sweet too.

        • hotaru hime

          His wife is the biggest victim in this mess..

          but seriously though, if a man can be this cruel to his wife n went on to having an affair with divorce in mind, i’m not sure if it is better for the wife to continue staying by his side.. It would be, of course, if they have kids. and if the wife really love him and willing to forgive him.. if not, it’d hurt even more when u keep a man but not his heart..

          From the wife’s POV, Enon and Becky deserves all these slamming. But then again, regardless of whether or not the information got leaked, it is still better for her to let go of that man and pursue her happiness. (unless she loves him so much that she doesn’t mind sharing him with other women)

          From Becky’s POV, she just fell in love at the wrong time. (with the wrong person maybe) I’m sure at this age, she should be fully aware that what they did is “wrong”. To even choose to continue doing this, I’m guessing she’d really loved him too much that she’s willing to risk the consequences. I feel sorry for her for loving the wrong person. but this is something she needs to face

    • eplizo

      Holy HELL. LMAO. This is a huge ass mess omg.

    • guest

      This has to be the first article about this mess written with Kawatani as the focus. All the media and SNS are focusing on Becky

      • oop

        eh well becky’s like japan’s big sister, everyone loves her and she used to be everywhere up until very recently. the dude, on his own, is a nobody in terms of recognition.

        and she’s the only one who’s shown face after the fact

      • 3JSB_AbeHiroshiFans

        because becky is a bigger star? Disappointing news tbh. I hate affairs of all things

        • bitchy

          True! It doesn’t make a great headline if they’ll use that nobody’s name. Using Becky’s name would make the news bigger.

          • Her name is in the headline. To be quite honest, I personally don’t care about Becky (some random talent) so I wrote the headline the way I wanted. The only reason I care about this story is because of Enon.

            • bitchy

              Lol. This is just so funny. Shows how highly you think of yourself.. Lol

              • If you don’t think highly of yourself, who will?

            • random

              But Becky build her career for years, while Enon is just a random musician that just debut for 2 years.
              I like Romance ga arimaru and Watashi igai watashijyanaino, but I hope Enon will get the consequences of his bad act, and not only Becky.

    • Although of course I don’t personally know what his relationship with his wife is like, the way he talks about her in these messages sounds so cold and makes me question why Becky doesn’t think he could treat her the same way eventually. Hard to feel sorry for either one of them, IMO, but I don’t like cheaters, so…

      + LOL at people on Twitter digging up his old tweets from 2011 where he trashed other musicians now. The public evisceration will be swift and merciless.

      • Reileen

        and he just married his wife last year summer. Way too fast for a marriage to break down lol.

        • Kuku

          He is so messy…

      • What’s being said? I went to look on Twitter but there is too damn much going on.


          Seems like I missed when these spread around the first time, haha, I think they originally became a minor topic at the start of last year. But people have a serious reason to dislike him now so I’m not surprised they’re being brought up again.

          • anon

            What do these say? I would really appreciate a translation or gist:)

            • Wumbo

              him throwing shade at miwa and the band flumpool

          • Ryusei

            bitch badmouthed miwa time to dislike him lol I was gonna be neutral but miwa has a special place in my heart lol

            • Thao Vy Vo

              same here just want to watch all these things as an outsider but flumpool is special for me so :))

    • mivp

      poor Becky, tho.
      read her chat, seems like she was really in love with him.
      to bad it was for the wrong man at the wrong time.

    • surfboardt

      Dammit, is it ever possible to stan someone/a group without later finding out that they’re inexcusably terrible as a person?

      • Shinra-Electric

        This doesn’t enhance Enon in your eyes?

    • bitchy

      I don’t get why people are feeling sorry for Becky. She knows he’s married and still continued to date him. The sympathy should be directed to the wife, not to Becky.

      I liked Becky and I was sort of shipping her to Toru since she’s also friends with them. But now I hate her, I hate all the mistresses who knowingly ruin families. They should all die.

    • FrozenLand

      Well that;s a huge scoop. This could be one of the options for scandal of the year in December… If we still remember about this by then.

      Becky’s clean image is gone for sure.

    • jae

      Wow, damn. I liked Gesu…but this is so gross. I can’t stand adultery. And I don’t understand why Becky has so many sympathizers. I mean, it’d be one thing if she never found out Enon was married–but she continued to pursue the relationship despite him revealing he had a wife. I feel bad for the wife, married to a man who would cast her aside so easily and talk so coldly about her (talking about getting divorce papers signed so casually to his mistress, like wtf). Calling her a friend at first, but then admitting to it when he got caught lmao, nice try.
      And Enon, jfc. I was rooting for you and your band, but now…naw. I also don’t like how Becky is taking so much more crap from the media than he is (the mistress is always more at fault, apparently…). Ugh, this is a mess.
      On a side note, I hope Yoohei from [Alexandros] never has a scandal like this cuz he’s my fave rn lol (and he seems like a super nice and genuine guy). I’ll be disappointed if I ever find out he’s as crappy a guy as Enon (which I wanna say will never happen, but who knows) :p

      • FrozenLand

        I agree. I used to like Becky but damn. Continuing with the relationship when she knows he;s married is not cool at all. The wife is the biggest victim in this scandal.

        I’m hoping my biased aren’t such jerks too. But then again that’s hard to say since I don’t know them in real life…

    • Ran_Master

      Wow, people being buthurt because a rock star is having an affair ? The whole world is turning soushoku I’m afraid…

    • Ryusei

      Can someone translate the line messages?
      I feel sorry for becky ://

      • creamcheesecake

        She also at fault, continuing the affair after the revelation. I’m a big fan of Gesuotome and I really like Becky as well, but I can’t say I feel sorry for both of them.

    • Lost In Ube

      So who leaked the LINE messages? They are taken from his phone obviously. Eri is Becky’s middle name.

      • Taima-kun

        People are speculating it could be the wife

        • Lost In Ube

          Probably. Someone who has access to his phone, obviously. Not very good at this whole cheating thing if he is using the same phone and account that someone else can get to.

    • yacchaitai

      Please don’t marry a person like that Becky!

    • Golightly

      Was the press con before or after the LINE pictures leak?

      • Reileen

        The presscon was right after Shukan Bunshun relased their scoop yesterday night. The presscon was late last night.

    • Kyoko

      I see so many people (not just on arama) commenting she should have left him when she found out he was married and yes, that would be the right thing to do, but have you ever been in love? It’s sad but it’s hard to be rational sometimes.

      • meri

        this exactly. she seems very much in love with him

      • Golightly

        This is such a cop out. She’s 31 not some 17 year old that gets in her feelings and doesn’t have the emotional maturity to understand what she is doing is wrong. She should have been out of there the minute she knew he was married.

        • Kyoko

          Yes, but 31 is still young. People in their 30s (and older) still do dumb things. I’m not saying she was right in pursuing a relationship with him, but I feel like too many people are pointing fingers when it’s easy to do that when you haven’t experienced something similar and you’re only watching from outside.
          Affairs are pretty common in Japan as far as I know, but of course she’s getting all the heat because she’s a celebrity with a good image.

          • Golightly

            LMAO @ this entire comment.

            Even a girl in her late teens/early twenties should know better than to pull this shit. In what world is 31 young? Yes, people still do dumb things like oversleep, miss a meeting, show up late to work, etc. Knowingly screwing a married man is not one of those dumb, little mistakes adults make. She made a choice.

            So what if affairs are common? She’s a celebrity and part of getting all the perks of fame, wealth, and status is having to accept that your private life is, for the most part, no longer private and open to poking and probing by the media and public. I’m not saying that’s right, but it is what it is.

            You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

            • Kyoko

              You are kidding, right? 31 is not immature but IS still young. I don’t know where you’re from, since in some countries women in their thirties are seen as old but come on…

              Again, I’m not really justifying her. I’m just trying to say things are a little more complicated when you’re in love. Why do you think so many people have affairs and can’t leave the other party then?

              • Golightly

                “Why do you think so many people have affairs and can’t leave the other party then?”


                • Ran_Master

                  Lol, you sound like a 14 years old who never dated anybody and learn love in Disney movies ah ah !

                  • oop


                • Kyoko

                  I’m sorry you seem to think that things are so black and white. Hopefully you’ll never find yourself in a situation similar to Becky’s.

                  • bidhigher

                    And hopefully, when it all goes well, and they live happily ever after. Let’s hope, he will not meet more pretty, more understandable, more down to earth, more anything than his 2nd wife and will leave her with the same situation she once did to his 1st wife.
                    Karma is bitch.

                • iGleaux

                  I’d have gone with selfishness. They only care about their personal happiness.

              • Boo

                Why do I think so many people have affairs and can’t leave the other party then?
                They’re using their brain to justify themselves, saying it’s right, it’s the right person, he/she’s your s.o, go for it, no one will get hurt, he/she doesnot love her/his spouses anymore, he/she is here with you afterall.
                And selfishness to grasp her happiness for once in a life time.

            • Gisele

              moralfag detected

          • iGleaux

            I’m 26 and I know better than to continue in that situation no matter how in love I thought I was.

      • imperfecthumanbeing

        it’s not easy, it’s true. but that’s the line that separate people with really good morale from those of lesser morale. tbh i expected more out of Becky. I for sure thought beforehand that she is one of the exemplary celebrity due to the image she projected. maybe it’s considerably okay since there are no children involved n as perhaps affairs is like you said common in Japan n people often make stupid decision in regards to the heart, but is it wrong to expect someone especially a public figure who people sometimes look up to n got paid for it, to respect the marital commitment made between two individuals?
        I think most people here probably hope that after knowing his marital status, she atleast wait until the divorce is settled before continuing the relationship with him. or for Enon to came out to the press about his marital status and pursuit of divorce upon realizing that Becky is the love of his life instead of his wife. as you say, the world is not black or white, thus there are actually several better choices that she and Enon can make upon realizing their long-lasting love to each other, but they just chose the easy way out because it’s easy. so now they need to bear the consequences of their decision whether they want it or not. but tbh it’s just one stupid mistake in Becky’s side prob due to her lack of love experience, so I hope she will rebound back out of this soon enough.

      • Shinra-Electric

        C’mon! Becky’s on the slide and she wanted to prove to herself that she still had it by bagging the hottest dude on the scene. Unfortunately he was taken and she has to answer for it now. Sucks, but they both knew the danger and need to take the pain like adults.

        • naa

          “hottest dude on the scene” LOL NOT EVEN CLOSE

          • Shinra-Electric

            He is tho! Dude has risen like a Phoenix in the industry through 2015.

            • How about Tosaka from 3J Soul Brothers or anyone from JSB? I’d say those guys are the hottest dudes on the scene imo

              • Wakarehen

                everyone in JSB (Exile in general) looks greasy as fuck tho

                • Ryusei


                  • naa

                    /dying at that greasy comment

                    • Ryusei

                      i wasn’t really serious hence the one-word caps lock response. why does everyone take everything dead-serious in these comments.. Next time I’ll make a disclaimer for you

                      • naa

                        lmao chill, do you really think i was dying
                        it was still funny idc if you were series or not, my comment was pointing out how funny i found it so don’t bother with that disclaimer

                      • Ryusei

                        It comes across mockingly and i hate that wannabe “smarter than you” attitude so there’s another one for you

                      • naa

                        wow you have such a negative mind. in all honestly i meant it in a way that was like LOLOLOL. but the way you took it is like to another level.

                      • Ryusei


                      • naa

                        lol alright dude

                • I’m just talking about JSB and about Gun-chan and Hiroomi specifically (Those two are fin imo) also it’s not like Enon was any better lool

              • hot dude

                Yes, they are imo. 3JSB debuted in 2010, nominated for the Japan Record Award and debuted on Kohaku in 2012, then won the Japan Record Award in 2015 and 2016. What a hot group.
                But I think she can’t, because she already have a relationship with EX MAKIDAI back in 2013. I don’t think there’s any of 3JSB member that want to have a relationship with his senpai’s ex-girlfriend.

                • hot dude

                  Edit: 3JSB won the Japan Record Award in 2014 and 2015. :p

            • naa

              He’s no catch, get that out of your head or better yet, get a pair of glasses.

              • ice za

                I think it was meant more as the ‘currently trending dude’

          • He’s talking about his band’s rise, not his looks. There wasn’t an act in 2015 that rose as fast as Gesu no Kiwami Otome. Who else went from debuting in 2013 to being nominated for the Japan Record Award and debuting on Kohaku in 2015?

            • naa

              ohh ok.

            • I’m mad you had to explain what “hottest on the scene” meant. -_-

      • Lilly

        I don’t care how much you are in love, there’s just no excuse for having an affair with a committed person. This is so wrong and just DUMB!
        Did Becky really believed that she actually had a shot with him?!! He’s MARRIED!
        I had never found that having an affair is true love. I just don’t get it!
        The only sad thing about this whole shit is Enon’s wife. I feel sorry for her for marrying a complete idiot!

    • ran

      Shukan Bunshin is scary and amazing, striking when gesu is on the rise.
      Becky seems like someone very naive about romance. And Enon lol. He looks like such a down-to-earth man but what a disappointment.

      • bitchy

        I wish they’d expose Arashi. I want to know if Sho is a cheating bastard too!

        • Ran_Master

          Probably never happening. Johnny’s Jimusho is far too powerful.

        • iijima

          I still believe that Mary did her notorious interview with Shukan Bunshun last year in an exchange to cover up a huge scandal of an Arashi member.

          • Michi

            Or her beloved Matchy.

          • Ohhhh, I’ve never heard of this theory, but it makes sense!

        • Lool I have the feeling some nasty stuff is going on at Jhonny’s somewhere but the media outlets ain’t got the balls to do shit so they just go for more vulnerable acts like Gesu no Kiwami in this case…

          • naa

            i honestly believe sho was with maki but he couldn’t get his name on the marriage roster in Johnnys high enough to ensure he could get married soon so she got fed up and dumped his ass. after Matchy talked about the marriage roster on vs arashi it makes sense why Taichi had to wait so long. and all that crap that Johnny-san saying shit like ‘you can come to me anytime and discuss wanting to get married im totally fine with it’ is bullshit. i don’t care for maki or sho but she admitted she has no friends and the ones she used to have are married that don’t hang with her anymore. plus her marriage with yamamoto looks so ridiculous like how do you from never dating to marriage don’t make me laugh that shit was beyond trying to make the public into sheep.

            • Kuku

              But maki went to sho’s shows last year beforee shw got married. Usually if the scandal was true the actress couldnt be a guest on their show in short ttime span

              • naa

                that’s just a rumor where the actress doesn’t go on the show in a short time span. where is it written? where is it seriously a thing?

            • light

              I never understood the Sho/Maki thing,like there was nothing. She kept going on their shows like usual when she had to promote something, they laughed about the rumor on tv…
              I thought it was just shipping like with Nino and Yuriko,because people liked them together on drama/movie.

            • Boo

              Are you writing a sample ff??

              • naa

                lmao WTFFF is that a ff for you? don’t you know what a comment is? and its my opinion alright lol your opinion is even less of my concern

            • blah

              lol pls no! shoxmaki is never happened.

              • naa

                lmao please show me some evidence, your opinion is completely retarded to me as far as im concerned

                • this is so oot but I had to

                  Irony, is when you ask for evidence when you yourself don’t have it. Your opinion is like some ff summary or something.
                  Sho denied it. It should be enough. AND he denied it when he didn’t really need to deny it. There wasn’t really any evidence (2-shot photos etc.) to prove he really did date Maki (unlike in Ohno’s case). IF they were really dating, keeping mum about it was still an option for him. And to deny right in front of Maki, if he was really dating her, well Sho may be some things, but he’s not some insensitive jerk who says things without thinking. Those who pay attention would know that Sho carefully thinks of what he says when on TV.
                  As for Maki marrying so quickly, sure she might have been heartbroken or on the rebound, but Sho isn’t the only male on this planet for her to have dated.

                  This is so oot, but the “retarded” part had me wanting to type this out >.>

                  • naa

                    what the fuck are you talking about, there WERE two shot pics of them when the tabloids broke the news of them together at that gay bar which shows you are still retarded

                    • oot

                      Oh wow, you returned with more of your obnoxious comments.
                      And there you go again saying things without evidence. The least you could have done is include those supposed two shots to enlighten me. I admit, I wasn’t around when the “Gay bar scandal” broke out, but I think I would have seen those photos in the 3 years I’ve been around had they been incriminating enough.
                      Was curious tho and all I could find was this photo. Are you serious? Who is the retarded one here really?
                      *can’t wait to see how you respond to this, I’m having fun with all this “retardedness”*

                • blah

                  pls stop. you embarrassed yourself.

        • ran

          why must you bring in arashi

    • won

      Is there a translations to the LINE messages?

    • Idontknow

      “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffet

      I think the biggest issue most people have with Becky on this scandal is related to her clean image. I have little doubt that if her partner is anyone not in marital status, public will whole-heartedly support her. The swift damage control is commendable, but I kinda dislike the fact that she publicly said they were just friend when there were several evidence and indication that they are more than that. it becomes public deception imo n I don’t think it bid well with her clean/honest image. but what else can she said in this situation I guess.

    • This is all promo for Gesu’s new album out new week, “Ryoseibai” (“Both Sides Are To Blame”):

      The song is titled “Ryoseibai de Ii Janai” (“Isn’t It Fine If Both Side Are To Blame”). LOL at Enon having his bride taken away in the video, when he left his bride for another woman in real life.

      • Taima-kun


        • It’s all a very strange coincidence.

          • Yama92

            sick irony

          • Maybe he wrote the lyrics and named the song like that based on his own experience, like literally, still that is all so fucked up if he really got inspiration from his own, acts wouldn’t be a coincidence at all lol

          • By the way sir, I used the “got a tip” email thingy Arama Japan currently has, haven’t received any response yet (it’s been a while). Are you sure is the right address?

      • Ryusei

        watch them profit from the scandal. Romance ga arimaru and watashi igai watashijyanaino both went up on recochoku…

      • Liokt

        Wait, is this all just a way to promote their new album?!


        But let’s see how japanese audience will react to this: postpone the album’s release or, if not, sales lower than expected or much higher than expected.

        2016 is already here to stay, damn.

        • Ryusei

          Lol it’s not but the titles make it seem that way

          • Liokt

            Just kidding. I’m still mad. Poor miwa…

            • Ryusei

              Wonder if she’ll see this lol

              • Liokt

                And surely they met themselves at the backstages of these live specials like MSta SP and Kouhaku…

                • Ryusei

                  Maybe he changed his mind lol whatever she’s the one with the clean image and karma bit him in the ass

                • Ryusei

                  I just saw gesu and miwa are both on the next episode of music station LOL how awkward is that?? Imagine the MC being like: so you heard that enon-kun over there bitched about you on twitter 4 years ago right? I know that won’t happen but it’s so funny to me rn

                  • Liokt

                    LOL Oh My God, can’t wait to watch it and feel the tension.

    • light

      Becky should have left him as soon as she knew about the marriage,even if he promised her he was going to get divorced. I like her but she’s at fault too. The guy is awful. Only feel sorry for the wife.

      Becky must not have known about the leaked hotel pics and how much of their conversations the magazine got a hold on,before deciding to make a press conference.

    • Listen here, this kind of talk will NOT be tolerate here.

      • Yama92

        that person is disgusting

        • Can you see the comments still? Because I deleted them on this page and in the staff area.

          • Yama92

            No I can’t

    • Sara

      It’s the end of her career and she knows it….
      I can never look at her the same way. I’d be shocked if she actually thought she can have a relationship with a cheater. How long till he’ll do the same to you, and he was married recently when the affair started. That’s no marriage..

    • Pirado

      I don’t feel sorry for her, she knew perfectly he was married and decided to continue the relationship, the only one I pity is his wife, the other two can go to fuck themselves

      • ice za

        I know right. Somebody else commented that she was naive/delusional/really in love with him but what mistress is not. Even if he promised marriage be morally responsible make a clean break & then wait; why support the jerk during proceedings.

    • Man…I’m so disappointed. I love Becky and then I was gonna start getting into Gesu but the lead is this kind of guy. Just sad now. :(

    • Shinra-Electric

      This is such E-non story! You evil journalists! :P

      I just hope it’s not la End of Enon. He should have controlled his
      swell by getting involved in the rubbing scene. Let’s avoid that
      sayonara bell.


    • Shinra-Electric

      I heard Enon was a Cuckold. He was just getting his dignity back. Don’t judge without the facts!!

    • God I remember when ONE OK ROCK’s Alex got in that groping scandal he had to left the band and they canceled lots of tours and shit went down, luckily they started from scratch and got a new concept (almost 2 years after), they became mainstream and nowadays they are one of the greatest J-Rock bands of Japan. Enon however is not just the guitarist but also the vocalist and leader, he can’t just leave Gesu no Kiwami…nor disband it (hopefully not) but the position where he is standing at is one of the most important in the new band boom thing going on coz Gesu wasn’t just any regular band, it was the band leading everyone to a new era, I think… Everyone rooted for him and now this happens… They have a looooooong time ahead till the thing cools down and they can start making music ever again…If this really cools down that is

      One thing’s for sure. They won’t be as big as they were ever again. R.I.P

    • Shinra-Electric

      He just wanted to get his la End away. What’s the harm?

    • Alva Starr

      Interesting. I hope this will continue to be updated.

    • eureeka

      The most WTF part of this whole thing is that they met in October!! Why are you already talking about marriage and waiting while people get divorce papers?

    • Wumbo

      not 2016 coming for my faves already :(

    • Liokt

      What. A. Mess. I’m sad.

    • Really

      The Japanese way of having press conferences for when their private lives get violated and damage control is so strange to me. It would be a shame if this “scandal” sinks Becky’s reputation and her career suffers because of it. Ugh.

      • It already has. Look at Yaguchi…she had to take like a year break.

    • I honestly think that indie/alternative/rock musicians can be the messiest. As a long time listener of that type of music (mostly American/British), the drama in those scenes is juicier than any tabloid lol. It’s just that a lot of the time these bands/artists are not mainstream so their drama is really only known in the fandom. If he cheated on his wife with anyone else that is not well known, this wouldn’t even be a scandal. So many of the rocker guys do it…Anyway I kind of feel sorry for Becky since she had a successful career for so long. I’m not a fan but she was one of the most popular talentos for a long time. I wonder if she’s going to keep doing Itte Q and that zoo show with Aiba. Well, time will tell.

    • Guest

      People are so OTT when it comes to cheating. And it’s specially funny to see the Japanese public acting so outraged when affairs are so common in Japanese society.

      Either way, Becky will be fine tbqh. She’ll be on the downlow for a few months and will be back soon.

    • Ztf

      2016 already with this juicy scandals, I can’t wait for the rest.

    • poton

      Ruining her own career just for this ugly ass guy.

    • I can’t stop laughing at the header pic. He looks so tragic. Delete him and his career.

    • Francisco J. Risco

      Who the heck cares? We like his music for its quality not for his fidelity scorecard. So what if he cheated, that’s between them. As long Gesu keeps pumping out good music, he can do whatever he wishes with his private life. Well, he is officially a rock star now. With this incident, Enon has another thing in common with John Lennon. To me its a great thing. Keep up the great job Enon.

      • Guest
      • Ran_Master

        Finally a comment that make sense ! Reading comments here, I was wondering if Arama was used only by 14 years old girls. Did everyone forgot the “sex, drug & rock n roll” thing ? Since when rock musiciens are supposed to be pure and bland ? I’m so tired of those soushoku-kei musiciens all acting like they are Johnny’s idols. That’s why Japanese music has been so boring, nobody tries to break the rules anymore.

        • light

          The thread got this big just because of Becky,if he was with a random girl almost nobody would care about him.

          And since when, just because rock musicians (is he even one?) have this reputation, it makes it ok to cheat his wife?Sure, cheating helps making better music lol

          • Ran_Master

            Sex can be inspiring…

            That being said, some musiciens cheat, some drink too much, some take drugs, some drive too fast… and some do all the above. If we had to cut everyone with some “morale” issues, there wouldn’t be many left to entertain us… People are over reacting for things that have not a single effect on their own lives. I’m tired of people expecting “stars” to be perfect and pure. That’s so stupid.

            • light

              Have sex with your own wife. And yeah,doing something like driving too fast could hurt or kill other people, i don’t know if you are serious with this “morale” thing.

              Nobody is asking for prison penalty,he won’t be cut off the industry and most of his fans will keep on listening to the band, this is just the first reaction to the news. He’s known,he fucked up and he did with someone more popular, comments had to be expected. If there was a famous idol in his place, the comments would be twice as much.

              • Ran_Master

                Maybe she wasn’t good at sex after marriage, that’s why he cheated ! ;) It’s so funny, when you think about all the sex services Japan offers like soaps, delivery clubs, hostess clubs, deai-kei… Still people get mad because someone cheated. Hypocrisy at its finest !

                And yes, idol would be twice as much because idol fans are just on the top of the stupid fans list. Like they are really virgin… what a joke !

                • light

                  I don’t like how the media have so much influence on people careers and i personally don’t care about him nor i’m mad. The only thing that irks me is how Becky was the only one going through the whole apologizing thing, double standards.

                  Most of the people commenting here aren’t even Japanese, so what? Pretty much everyone just think that he fucked up,that’s it.

                  • Ran_Master

                    Japanese people medias are garbage, everyone with half a brain should know that. Of course it’s totally unfair for Becky, but we could put that on her jimusho bad handling of the situation. They should have just ignored the medias, just like Johnny’s Jimusho always do. Sun Music have been a bunch of morons for a long time though…

              • No lies

                You’re not asking for prison, but I saw someone asking for “for death of all the mistresses”. (note that they didn’t care about the guys)

                “Have sex with your own wife”:
                How do you know what’s going on in their couple, if they are (sexually) happy or not? Maybe they were not a “happy couple”. Maybe the wife doesn’t want to have sex with him (I knew of a few couples like that). Some people act very differently as soon as they get a ring on their finger (both men and women), unfortunately, Each cheating history is different. Sometimes it’s the cheater’s fault, sometimes it’s the cheated’s fault, sometimes it’s both fault.

                • light

                  I’ve just seen that comment and that’s definitely over the top. It was only one comment though,the others are pretty much only saying that cheating is bad.

                  Yeah i don’t know what’s going on and things aren’t black and white, but cheating on your wife soon after the marriage plus hiding from your new girlfriend for at least a month that you are married sounds pretty bad to me.

        • whoops

          I’d like to think that breaking rules in music composition or lyric would lead to better and unboring music than binging on “sex, drug, & rock n roll” thing. But maybe it’s just me.
          p.s: i’d rather be considered as a 14 years old girl that still value the importance of commitment (albeit being called naive/pure/bland) than a 27 years old man who doesn’t understand the meaning of commitment. but i guess being a rock musician means u are relieved of the responsibility to be an adult your whole life n just let the responsibility lies on the woman/women you are with.

          • Ran_Master

            Sorry but real adults understand that life isn’t black or white. Nobody’s perfect and you have do deal with it. Being butt hurt because someone you don’t personally know and will probably never meet in your real life cheat, or drink, or takes drug or whatever is just stupid and childish.

            • whoops

              the only one being butthurt here is you, as their fans I guess.

              I couldn’t care less about him or his group. I was just saying that I don’t think partaking in ‘sex. drugs, n rock & roll’ thingy is the thing that increase the quality of someone’s music.

              also I don’t know being concerned of someone’s else life choice is considered stupid and childish. i only stated my opinion cos he (& Becky) is a celebrity/public figure whose life’s choice like it or not might impact their fans.

        • Francisco J. Risco

          If there was no sex,drugs, or rock and roll n roll, there would be nothing to write about. Rock n roll is an attitude about living life at the edge without giving a cent about the consequences. That’s the difference between Pop and Rock. People forget that pop is short for popular and a rock star is basically the antihero….and we all know that that the antihero mold has always been a good fit for Enon even before all this BS.

      • whoops

        plenty of people it seems. well if his fans doesn’t care, then it’s their right and freedom. just don’t think the general public (aka potential new fans) will like him or the band much due to this “great thing”. luckily there are plenty of musicians as good as John Lennon (if not better) that are able to produce quality music without being unfaithful to his/her/their partners.

        • Ran_Master

          “luckily there are plenty of musicians as good as John Lennon (if not better) that are able to produce quality music without being unfaithful to his/her/their partners.”

          And how do you know ? You’re stalking them ? Or maybe they were just hiding the truth better ?

          • whoops

            seems i am someone who believe innocent unless proven, meanwhile you seem to be a person who believe guilty unless proven. well…

        • Francisco J. Risco

          I still think Gesu can make it overseas if anything though it won’t be easy. Also there aren’t that many musicians that are/were better than Lennon cheaters or not, don’t kid yourself. If I were Enon I would deny the whole thing. He doesn’t owe anyone an apology or an explanation. I’m confident he can pull this off and move on.

          • whoops

            good for Gesu then. yeah in Japan/Asia personal and professional life considerably collides, whereas overseas people see things differently. if they are really as good as they/you think they are, then they for sure will make it overseas regardless of all this.
            art quality is still somewhat subjective. you might think John Lennon is the best musician that is ever born, whilst not so for me.
            and yeah he doesn’t owe anyone an apology or an explanation. Becky is the one who has this clean image and has several CMs that are build upon this clean image.

      • yacchaitai

        To you cheating is a great thing? I hope you stay single until you die

        • Francisco J. Risco

          Maybe I will, and Im at peace with that. But let me ask you one thing, why do you care that he cheated on his wife? How will that change your life in any way? It looks to me that you were expecting him to be a role model. The guy is a musician, a human being. If you want a true role model, look at yourself in the mirror or look up to your parents for a role model not to a total stranger

          • yacchaitai

            Maybe because he isn’t hurting just himself but everyone around him, family, friends and fans are all affected by this. Why would I support selfish asshole behavior like this? this idea that real “rock stars” have to cheat and hurt people to be great is dumb as shit.

            • Francisco J. Risco

              Pop (which is short for popular) care about other people’s opinions because their fame depends on popularity. Rock stars do not. Rock and roll is about living on the edge without giving a damn about consequences, the antihero.

              • While rock is not about conforming to mainstream attitudes, being a rockstar (this term can be used loosely for this individual) does not eliminate one’s moral compass. Sure, rockstars cheat, do drugs, fornicate and engage in questionable behavior, but that does not mean they not subject to the negative consequences of that behavior in the name of rock and roll. Also, you have to take cultural differences into consideration. In Japan, even the rockstars have to keep up a certain public image to an extent. Plus, this guy’s music has gotten mainstream attention and he has been on the track to being catapulted to mainstream popularity.

                I personally could care less that this guy cheated but obviously his fans and the public do.

                • Francisco J. Risco

                  Yeah its strange why in a country with a $20 billion adult film industry will give a hard time for a trangression that has nothing to do with anyone but only with those involved. He’ll be fine, not sure about her though. As long as Enon keeps making great music its all fine with me.

                  • No lies

                    And the most disturbing is that the same crowd will praise (or turn a blind eye on) notorious pedophiles like Johnny’s boss, or the incredible pedophile bait that represents the idol industry that oversexualise minors (girls and boys) to sell music and merchandise. If you take the example of J&A again and see how sick it is to name teenage boys groups ‘Kinki Kids’, or ‘Sexy Zone’, and in the case of the latter, with the fallacious excuse that it’s a tribute to… Michael Jackson (sic!) and that the boss chose the members (all minors, the elder was 17 and the younger just 11… at the date of creation) because of his “ideal of ‘manliness'”… And nobody see problems in that, but don’t dare having an affair!!!
                    I even saw a comment (I don’t remember where) asking for “the death of all the mistresses”. No mention to the cheating guy nor to male lovers, though… It looks like some people should relocate to countries more in line with their ‘moral ideals’, such as Saudi Arabia, where women are stoned to death, even in case they were raped.
                    And, while I understand that the wife might really suffer (been in that position), when I read that fans or non-fans are “hurt” by the news, I’m wondering what will happen to this over-sensitive crowd if something really serious ever happen to them, like losing a close friend or a member of their family, losing their house, or suffering from hunger or cancer.

                    • hasawa

                      You’re talking like people criticizing Enon behaviour are necessarily the same that are apologizing pedophilia among Johnny entertainment which is ABSOLULTELY false. Many time on Arama i saw comments of people criticizing the sexualisation/abuse of young girls through idoling and how this industry was exploitative towards them. I myself isn’t even fond of idols but i heard/read several times (here and on many other websites) about those pedophile alegations among the idoling scene so NO, people are not praising them and even less turn a blind eye on them.
                      Tbh i don’t quite your reasonning, which consists of saying, if someone for example says “stealing is bad”, shit like “oh really, but how about people how are killing other people ??” like wtf, BOTH behaviour are bad, it’s not a contest of who’s the creepiest lol. That’s why i think bringing the topic of the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia and rape in this thread is pretty much uncalled for.. This topic is about Enon and Becky anyway so people are not going to bring every other scandal who happened/still happening in J-Entertainment here….
                      And yeah i think i’ve seen this comment about how “mistresses should be
                      killed” but i think that if BECKY is more criticized is because she is
                      considered as the ‘home wrecker’ so she kinda get the bad role here
                      (even though i personally think both are equally guilty for this)

                      Sorry if my english is not great, i’m french :-)

                      • No lies

                        I’m sorry but if there is someone who should be considered as a ‘home wrecker’, it’s the one in the couple who decided to cheat on his/her spouse/partner, and not the mistress or lover (except in the case of blackmailing, which is another story). But again, you don’t know what’s happening in their couple, and what led him to cheat on his wife. Maybe she’s making his life impossible. You never know what is really going on in a couple, especially when people want to “safe face”, even in front of their family. You have women who lie to even their best friends and family, because they don’t want to divulge that they are battered by their spouse. You can really never know the (dark) secrets of a couple. And yet, everybody wants to judge.
                        My comparison with Saudi Arabia is totally appropriate regarding the ·”all mistresses should be killed” comment.
                        And no, you can’t compare stealing to cheating. One is a crime, and the other is just a moral misbehaviour. Only countries that still treat women like cattle still consider adultery as a crime. Whereas almost every places on Earth consider stealing as a crime.
                        In any case, he hasn’t raped anybody, Becky hasn’t killed anybody. Yes, the wife might feel like shit, but this should concerns only the 3 of them, and not fans and unknown people.
                        And if you’re French, do you think that because almost all of the French presidents have cheated on their wives, they should have been all impeached? Do you think that the mistresses should have been publicly humiliated and that people should have asked that they “should retire form public life immediately”? And the function (as well as moral behaviour) of a president is far more important than the one of an artist or a talent.
                        So as long as nobody has committed a crime, this case should be dealt between the 3 of them and not on the public place.

                      • hasawa

                        I wasn’t comparing stealing to cheating i was just pointing out that your way of using something worse to say that something is not so bad kinda strange imo. Analogy is not the same as comparison. And again, this is not a contest about ‘what is worst’…
                        And yes we jugde, everyone is judging everyone, that’s life. You’re on a (partly) gossip website so it’s not the first time that stuff that -ideally- should be “dealt between those concerned” have been talked about here. It’s not like the first time ppl here are talking about random celebs’ private live (and it was not always about affairs)…..that’s the main purpose of GOSSIP lol.
                        And as i don’t personally don’t know Becky and am not a psychologist i’m not gonna make up possible scenarios trying to give her excuses. There is LINE messages proving Becky knew her new boyfriend had a wife and she aknowleged the whole situation with Enon filing up divorce to get married with her the soonest, so yes, i think she’s guilty along with him. That’s my opinion and i think you should respect that, as much as i pretty much respect the fact that you, on the contrary, don’t have any problem with that.
                        And i agree that the “all mistresses should be killed” was over-the-top (maybe the OP as not serious though lol) but come on dude, you’re on Arama, let’s not overthink about silly comments and trying to debate about things a bit far fetched from the main topic (= a random japanese celeb being caught having an affair while being married lol). Just because ppl are bitching/gossiping about Enon doesn’t mean they are not concerned about the issues you brought up here though ; it’s just not the right place.
                        And why do you even care about my opinion about french presidents?? i seriously think you’re projecting too much on this one and besides ‘making amends’ i really don’t have any answer to give to your questions haha! xD But actually here in France we are more busy mourning about the terrorists attacks of last year rather than discussing about affairs (lol) Again, there’s a time for each things, but at different places, so i’m not gonna keep bringing up that stuff here, sorry~ ^_^’

                    • :/

                      They were named KinKi Kids because they’re both from the Kinki (Kansai) region of Japan. There’s nothing ‘sick’ about it.

    • Nikki ok

      those people who feel sorry for becky are plain dumb, how can you fee sorry for someone who had an affair with a MARRIED man, she deserves all the shit she gets now and he deserves the same, the only person you should feel sorry for is the poor wife

    • ffs

      The funniest thing here is all those defending Enon because he’s a ‘rock star’. Alternate wank, hipster, new age pop maybe, but rock … not by a long shot.

    • vivi

      The camera sounds really make me dizzy, haah I have nothing to said..
      just why?

    • Leiron Sangcap

      i dont care about his other issues, as long he keep doing his music, i will still follow and support him and his band.

    • Gisele

      I don’t care in the slightest. I’ve never bought a gesu album, but I’m gonna buy the next one just because of this drama.

    • Romina.muñoz5

      I personally really like Becky, though I confess at first thought she was kinda annoying, but after that impression I started to think she’s a nice person. Overall as she started to get older, I found weird she still tries to keep this ‘clean’ image she supposedly had. I don’t condemn her if she has an adult life, please is a 31 years old woman; but I feel sad she believed in this man, I’m not saying she’s completely innocent, but was gullible. As someone else said, if he’s already cheating on her wife, is she sure he won’t do the same to her? I’m not sure how terribly will affect her career, hopefully after she takes a break, tries to repair her image. As regards the boy, never heard of him before, and part of me believe he will be somehow “benefit” from this, as he will be more noticed. By other side, feel so bad for her wife, being in the middle of all this. Hope this man face the consequences too.

    • risotto

      I feel sorry for dude’s wife. Also, the “I’ll wait for you” talk. Becky, smh. How you get your man is how you lose your man.

    • silverxstar

      oh no.. this guy is such a jerk.. becky can do so much better than him :(( of course becky is at fault as well.. I thought she is a level headed person.. not sure if love makes her blind??

    • ruffn

      She found out about his marriage in November then proceeds to spend Christmas together with him? Maybe because he promised her some stuff huh. Come on. I mean. I’m sorry but girlllll – once a cheater, always a cheater like damn get real. No wonder he was trending on twitter lol I like their music though such a shame

    • “You took me to the sea.”

      No, シー is Tokyo DisneySea, not the ocean (which would be 海うみ). Whoever is translating these needs to do a better job.

    • this unnie is weird

      he is so ugly it is shocking…