Former SMAP member Shingo Katori allegedly getting married, has secret child?

According to the tabloid Bunshun, former SMAP member Shingo Katori is in in the middle of finalizing marriage to his long-time girlfriend.

The two have apparently been dating for over 20 years, she is 2 years older than him. Bunshun reveals that Shingo has been building a house in the coastal city Zushi, located in the Kanagawa Prefecture. While digging up information on the house, they also came across the supposed preparations for marriage. The tabloid also mentioned that Shingo was spotted at an amusement park with an unknown boy, adding fuel to the old rumor that Shingo is secretly a father.

The origins of this rumor date all the way back to 1997, when it was first revealed that Shingo was seeing a non-famous woman. An unnamed source that works in the entertainment industry claims that for many years the boy lived part-time with Shingo, but due to his activities with SMAP Shingo was forced to keep everything a secret, and limit the time the two of them had together so things could continue to be kept under wraps.  Now that SMAP has disbanded Shingo has the opportunity to no longer pretend his alleged son doesn’t exist anymore.

In the past, the only SMAP member to have their love affair be officially recognized by Johnny & Associates was between Kimura Takuya and Kudo Shizuka. The two got married in 2000, and Kudo gave birth shortly after.

Another source, this time from someone who works at a television station and is close with Shingo, also shared some details about the house being built in Zushi. Naturally it’s going to be in one of the high-class residential areas, actor couple Nanako Matsushima and Takashi Sorimachi share a home in the same area. The new home is also said to have it’s own personal studio where Shingo can focus on his own personal artistic activities. The source also thinks that it’s only a “matter of time” before the two officially tie the knot.

A picture of Shingo with his girlfriend, as well as a picture of his alleged son can be seen below.



On vacation in Hawaii, 2016

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    • miri

      The “unknown boy” is a close friend’s son

    • goingtojpn

      Good for Shingo! If she really is his girlfriend for 20 years, she has the patience of a saint!

    • H

      How tf you hide a child for 20 years? I don’t believe it. Even Amuro’s son who is the Loch Ness of Japanese celebrity children has been caught only twice? I don’t think that’s his son.

      • Loch Ness of Japanese celebrity children> lol

      • gen

        lmfao Shingo just denied the illegitimate child rumours on his live midnight show

        Shingo: How about hanami?
        Hoshino Gen: I didn’t go to hanami at all
        Shingo: I want to go to hanami, with my friend’s kid. They said it’s my illegitimate child but it’s MY FRIEND’S kid. He’s not my illegitimate child.
        Hoshino Gen: That’s how it is.
        Shingo: It’s troublesome. Oh and I want to teach this kid the Koi dance.

    • May Villanueva

      Well if this is true.. that he is his son… and he is his long time partner… then in very much happy for him (them)…. and wtf! If they have been in a relationship for 20yrs… then i salute the girl! I mean.. after all the pressure, the issues, and all that shingo has been through and yet shes always been with him then i definitely think she is the one….

      Cant wait to hear the wedding bells.. its about time (for me) to settle down and have a family…

      And my gut tells me that the boy is his son (although im still doubting myself and thingking its his nephew)

      • miri

        It’s not his son, it’s the son of a friend and another friend in common said so here
        And if that part is false, the other thing about the girl doesn’t have much credibility either, although I’d be happy if it were.

    • Brett

      Please consult with me before using Kudo Shizuka’s name or image in any future articles. I wouldn’t want your precious little blog to be shut down due to a law suit.

      • Yahoo

        what why?

        • Brett

          I am her representative from Pony Canyon USA. All use of her name and likeness must be approved by me before it can be published.

          • Kanjo Maru

            Good one?

          • kiwi

            Uh huh. What kind of rep outs their client like that? The article didn’t use her name, yet here you are, putting her on blast.

            • H

              It’s obviously a joke this is the bitch ass who got dragged by Utada.

              • Brett

                Oh not at all. You must be mistaken I’m so sorry for your stupidity!

              • yessss


              • kiwi

                Where’s the funny part? The part where he keeps upvoting himself?

                • Brett

                  Oh I would never do that, Kiwi. Maybe it’s just someone with a similar profile? Please do not slander me or you could be faced with a lawsuit.

            • Brett

              Please read before you wanna try and come for me. “Associates was between Kimura Takuya and Kudo Shizuka. The two got married in 2000, and Kudo gave birth shortly after.”

          • rshina

            the article only mention Kudo Shizuka though. I mean, it only mention that Kimura Takuya is married to her and gave a birth (which even I know, and I’m not even a fans of those two)
            but if you’re really her rep, I think it’s better if you just e-mail them, instead commenting here.

            • Brett

              I agree with you! Alas, my e-mails have been ignored so I took to here as a last resort. I believe the “men” who run this site are too busy using their Grindr applications to respond to business e-mails on the side.

              • neko

                If you really are his manager can you let me know how to get official info from pony canyon for a Costa Rican magazine?

      • clockbird

        LOL I’d like to see that.

        • Brett

          I didn’t post this as a threat, but rather as a warning. I really don’t want anything to happen to them, that’s why I need them to get proper clearance in the future.

    • PigeonPop

      Glad to see this being covered–as Bunshun touched upon, the (possible) aftermath is just as interesting to observe. At the moment, morning/afternoon programming have completely ignored it (possibly blocked by Johnny’s?) and instead focusing their attention on Junko Sakurada’s comeback stage and the hoopla surrounding her ties to the Unification Church. We’ll see if this will receive any kind of major coverage on the telly in the next following days, especially on programs like the Waidona Show / Sunday Japon that are a bit more daring in what they choose to discuss.

    • guest

      Johnny’s said 2 days ago that it’s not Shingo’s son.

    • Good for them.

    • guest

      And now Shingo himself said that it’s not his son.