Dante Carver revealed to have had an affair, his mistress is now pregnant

American talent Dante Carver seems to have gotten himself into quite the mishap. Not only has it been revealed that he has had an affair, but the woman whom he had an affair with is now pregnant.

On August 2010, Carver married former model Akiko Matsumoto. Their official wedding ceremony was held the following year in April 2011 and the couple have two young children together aged 5 and 3. The trouble started last year when Carver started to fool around with a woman in her 20s. They became antiquated over the summer and she is not affiliated with the entertainment industry, she works at a sports shop. His mistress is now pregnant and is said to be giving birth in the “near future”

Naturally Carver’s wife is furious at the entire situation, upon her learning of the incident it’s been said that he sought refuge at his parents house. A divorce between Carver and Matsumoto is expected to happen but not immediately, seeing as Carver is doing his best to avoid the conflict entirely.  His agency tried to damage control the situation by claiming that the couples relationship had already “broken down” years ago, and that divorce talks were happening as early as 2015.

His “sloppy” behavior has apparently been well known among entertainment officials, however this scandal takes things to another level. Previously Carver’s biggest “scandal” was probably when he was caught driving with an expired international driving permit.

Carver achieved nationwide fame in Japan for his Softbank CMs where first he played the “Yoso Guy” and then Aya Ueto’s older brother as part of the fictional “White Family”. In 2008 he was crowned the most popular male actor in a CM by the public, breaking Takuya Kimura’s streak who had previously won the award 8 years in a row.

It’s currently unknown if he will be dropped from Softbank and his other promotional contracts, but he will have to face a considerable amount of penalty moving forward.

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    • cosmic lad
      • Sakura Kou

        the mistress can have abortion , it’s not like the baby is born yet .. and even if he got divorced and married the mistress the child will always have to know he was mistress child and in japan that is shameful thing .

    • kiu

      Gross, why would anyone want to fuck someone as fugly as him?

      • Lolli

        How is he ugly?

        • Hugo

          Cheating on his wife

          • Sakura Kou

            will the mistress is also a bitch why sleep with married man

    • kkmizu 狂水

      What a disgusting ungrateful piece of shit.

    • Misa

      Such a heartless man. So heartbreaking for his wife and children. I did some snooping around on Dante’s Instagram and he has disabled comments on his recent posts. Guess he was expecting hate comments to come his way. Akiko on the other hand is receiving lots of supportive messages on her Instagram.

      • Mark

        He is a nobody. His wife is a nobody.

    • AoZora

      Another infidelity news.. It’s sickening to hear so many infidelity news day after day.. 2017 year must be crowned year of infidelity…

      • Mark

        Dude, welcome to life.

    • kimbailey

      mess. so many Japanese talents (male especially) have had affairs and kept their high positions but Dante is a foreigner so he may not get the same privledge

      • Sakura Kou

        mention one japanese entertainer who had affair and kept his high position

        • kimbailey


        • Lester Pickett

          Yukie Nakama’s husband

        • Fayodezhu

          The dude who got with a Becky. Everyone was blaming Becky and saying that because she’s half White, she cheated. Where as no one questioned that bastard who was married and cheated in first place!

          • Olivia Underwood

            well that’s rather rascist lol. All us half-white people are going to be viewed as cheating backstabbers from now on lol

    • Encha277

      “They became antiquated over the summer” – Probably not what was meant…

      • Tiffa (ティファ)

        That’s all I could focus on :X

      • losers game

        I actually laughed at that one.

    • Shinra-Electric

      Big man diddling his hoe then ran away to mummy after getting found out! LOL Softbank should drop his sorry ass!

    • BabyPanda

      Good job bro

    • Dante…..bruh……why?………You dead to me now.

    • HyperMoot .
    • Kiki

      Making (black)foreigners look worse. smh

    • Matcha


    • I want to be relevant :(

      hmmm…….another trash added to my long list /O/

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      2017 is officially the year of the whores and mistresses/MISTERsis. I am done. This guy is a jerk and I hope his wife leaves him and softbank drops him.

      • Lester Pickett

        Tetsushi Tanaka

      • Fayodezhu

        Becky didn’t deserve all this mess. Her scanal looks like child’s play compared to all these cheaters coming out recently!

        • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

          I am sorry to say but I have to disagree with you :/. Becky knew Enon was married. She should have thought of HERSELF, her carrer and the goals she wanted in her life and not get involved with him. She knew she would face backlash if found out, as a matter of fact when it was discovered both her and Enon were kind of joking about it :/. All of our actions and choices (good ones and bad ones) have consequences. Becky chose to do the wrong thing now she must face the consequences.

    • ProllyWild

      This one is a bit complicated. The last time his current wife had pictures with him on her instagram is 2014.

      Danté has over the past years seemed to have been rather buddy buddy with quite a few women, and rarely seems to talk about his kids on his social media.

      Other rumors say that he’s been living with this other woman for awhile now and they’re having a baby.

      It is possible that their marriage fell apart early on, but for the sake of avoiding scandal and a bad image they decided to live apart but maintain public appearances. Very common in Japan…..

      • Bell

        Even if the marriage was already in tatters, this still seems like a clear case of thinking with the wrong head.

        • ProllyWild

          lol no argument there. Just saying, for better or worse (let’s face it, it’s for the worse), this is just a common thing here in japan that people stay publicly married, but privately separated.

    • Vernon

      It’s pathetic how many people dwell on such a common relationship matter. People are allowed to fall out of love and seek happiness in any way the see fit. Just as long as no one dies from it. What made me laugh even more was reading how the author of this article described Dante’s expired drivers permit as a scandal! So sad! How bored is the Japanese public! This is greatly common in America. The same America many Japanese people want to idolize. Every one with a negative comment needs a life and seek the true meaning of what getting a life is about. Everyone needs to get out of their shell and pursue better sex lives or just start one if you haven’t. Don’t be big nerds. More on quickly. This was so sad that Dante’s story was made a big deal. I feel like I surround by breastfeeding children while reading these comments. God bless and Chin up everyone.

      • Gerry Shelby

        I agree. Also, it seems like they just want to point a finger. Did some research and his international license wasn’t expired! Plus, how could he get the car and pay for it with a license that isn’t valid if the car company did there job? Just saying.

        Also, it was posted that the wife was cheating while in Thailand but they didn’t want to pursue that side

    • Mark

      And this guy is who? A nobody, that’s who. He is just some gaijin in Japan who got lucky with a wife and a TVCM gig. Other than that, a big zero. So, why is this clown shoe even being discussed. This is between, his dumb ass wife and even more dumb ass pregnant GF. Get over it, people. Get a life. But, Softbank must be one low life company to have given this clown the gig. I an sticking with AU.

    • Gerry Shelby

      Sad that people believe copy and pasted lies. If any of you truly cared, you’d understand. They’d been separated and divorced for several years. See them sharing their social media anymore. Quick to blame someone and assume it’s the man’s fault. It takes two to be in a relationship. So because he decided not to play the “media mind game” he’s wrong? At the end of the day, he had no personal relationship with any of you.

    • Gerry Shelby

      I just think instead of just believing everything posted just bc it seems to be a “popular topic”, we as a society would be more sensitive to each other.