17-year-old tried to extort Keisuke Koide for 5 million yen

Actor Keisuke Koide, 33, was indefinitely suspended from his entertainment activities earlier this week following reports of his misconduct with a 17-year-old girl in May.

Sponichi is reporting that the actor was asked to pay 5 million yen (roughly $45,000 USD) by the 17-year old girl in order to keep her quiet from leaking it to the press. Rather than reporting to his agency, he attempted to handle the situation on his own.

Koide managed to negotiate the girl’s money request down to 2 million yen ($18,000 USD). However, Koide backed out, and in the end, no money was exchanged between the two parties.

Following his abrupt change in plans, the girl reached out to weekly magazine “Friday” which ultimately resulted in a report detailing the interaction between Koide and the girl in Osaka from May 9th to 10th.

The two were said to have met at a bar which lead to them spending 6 hours together at the Imperial Hotel Osaka, where they reportedly had unprotected intercourse 5 times even when she said she did not want to continue because it was painful.

I wanted to talk to Friday about my experience to discuss the facts, not for financial reasons,” the girl maintains.

Netizens sniffed around the internet and potentially identified the girl by the watch pictured in photograph above via Instagram. It seems she is indeed 17-years-old as reported, but is not a high school student and is a single mother. Additionally, leaked messages (not pictured) bragging about having sex with Koide suggest that the experience was not forced as reported.

The found Instagram account even shared pictures in the hotel elevator during the timeframe.

Koide’s associated agency Amuse learned about this misconduct on the 6th when they received a confirmation inquiry from the weekly magazine. The office reached out to Koide who confirmed that the situation was true. Amuse has apologized for not holding a press conference as the matter may involve criminal investigation.

After the news broke out, Amuse stocks fell 3.53%.

As previously reported, NHK announced that it is cancelling the release of “Kamisama kara Hito Koto – Naniwa Okyakusama Soudanshitsu Monogatari“, set to air on June 10th of which stars Koide. He has also been dismissed from upcoming NTV drama “Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa Aru,” including being removed from the website.

Additionally, there are reports that the fate of upcoming Netflix drama “Jimmy – The True Story of a True Idiot” and Toshio Lee’s comedy “Ie ni Karen to Tsuma ga Kanarazu Shinda Furi wo Shite Imasu,” which has just finished production in the spring for a 2018 release, are also being discussed.

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    • REMISU

      So if it wasn’t forced….?

    • gck_

      So what’s the truth🤷

    • Urara Kasugano

      sooo i think this was not forced….

    • Urara Kasugano

      in the messages up until i could read the girl says “i did it with keisuke koide” and her friend says “wow really?’ and she says “yeah really” “that’s cool” “yeah. eight men..” and then i could not read i think she says he was the eighth guy he had it with that day or something

      • Mayura

        If I’m not wrong, something about meeting up with guys and the 8 (including 4 females) drank together. After that, I think they went separate ways for dates; Koide chose her and they headed to the hotel for sex.

    • Urara Kasugano

      BTW, These people should be hired as detectives they work so well (lol)

      • Mayura

        Remember Ohno’s scandal last year or something? These people managed to dig out so much stuffs!!!!!!

        • Urara Kasugano

          yes that one was amazing as well. These people are really amazing and their talents are being wasted. Just how did they find this girl with only a watch? i mean what did they google?

    • Nikki ok

      I don’t even know where y’all got that he was a rapist from…
      Anyway, that girl saw her chance and took it, next time he shouldn’t go for children, maybe he learned his lesson

      But wow that girl being this low is quite shocking, extorting money just because he’s a celeb

      • Urara Kasugano

        cause she said it was forced and when sex is forced that is rape. Basically, we all sympathized with her without taking some other things into consideration

        • Nikki ok

          she never said it was forced tho???? you all just assumed it

          she mentioned it was painful and she didn’t want to continue, but she still continued with him, rape is when something is forced…

          • Oscarpromo

            Didn’t want to continue = rape.

            • Nikki ok

              wtf but she still obviously continued out of free will with him

              do you really think a girl like her who wants to extort money out of him wouldn’t say it was rape straight out to the magazine to make matters worse for him? she didn’t say it because it wasn’t rape

              please read a book and educate yourself :D

              • Oscarpromo

                No personal insults please.

                With the limited amount of information we have at this point, there is no way to assess what really happened and we might never know. Nevertheless I persist: if someone doesn’t want a sexual act to continue, expresses that fact to their partner and intercourse is not interrupted, yes, they are being raped.

                • Nikki ok

                  sorry, nothing personal

                  let’s just agree to disagree for now since there’s not enough info yet

          • Bubi.

            If she didn’t want to continue, and it continues, isn’t that being forced?

            • Nikki ok

              if she didn’t want to continue and he persuades her to continue and she continues then no it isn’t,

              it would be different if he held her down and actually forced it but it doesn’t seem like it, because as I mentioned before if it actually was rape I don’t think the girl nor the magazine would hold back on that info because that would be even a bigger scandal than just being with a 17yr old

              when I read that part I thought the girl wanted to imply that he was extra horny for her and they did it so many times that it started hurting and he still wanted more lol

              • Bubi.

                Yeah, I can see why people are learning towards polar ends of this with the limited information we have. Part of me doesn’t want to victim blame because I know first hand if you’re in a situation like that it’s not always easy to remove yourself (and that depends on the person), but at the same time the leaked messages suggest otherwise (that she didn’t feel forced). We’ll just have to see how it plays out.

                • Nikki ok

                  Agreed, at this point the information given is not enough to conclude anything

                  • isanta

                    Nikki ok, that’s actually a common misconception that rape accures only if a strong physical force is involved. She didn’t want to continue and he persuades her verbally? Yes, that also counts as forcing. Saves energy for the rapist. And it’s quite common that girls who got persuaded by their partners (by hearing stuff like “do it to prove that you love me”) don’t fully realize that the rape happened because they share the same misconception and they just end up very confused and only knowing that something very bad happened without being able to name exactly what.

      • kamben is here

        And to think that they actually had sex MORE THAN ONCE. Painful my ass.

      • Bubi.

        The original FRIDAY report detailing her not wanting to continue suggests that consent was revoked yet he continued so I can see why. But this new gossip suggests otherwise.

      • yamakita

        There won’t be a next time because he’s now a nobody.

    • angel223_

      so, this is another detective matter to solve…
      this turn out to be a conniving drama.
      which is which the truth, gonna find out in next episode.

    • HoneyDew

      Its disheartening to see some people use a celebrity to extort money.. Both are assholes.. The girl too must get punished if this is true..

    • Samurai Heart

      That girl is so wise. Poor Koide! That’s what you get if you’re greedy having sex to a wise young girls.

    • don’t look back, my babe.

      this is just one hell of a messy situation and i’m angry mo matter what the outcome. yes, he should have used his common sense and not slept with a 17-year old girl – but the way she spitefully blackmailed him was just nasty. never piss off a young girl in this day and age!!! i think he’s learned an important lesson here. but now his whole career is damaged, so. idk. poor guy?

      • non

        Are we even sure he knew she was underage?

        • Bubi.

          No, we’re not. And she was at a bar when the drinking age is 20.

    • monica_monami

      Oh. Plot thickens. Unless we are the parties involved, we will never know the truth.

    • light

      What a mess

    • ite

      rape or not, he had sex with an underage girl. he’s a gross middle aged predator who messed with the wrong teen so jokes on him.

      • Nenad Jovanović

        Sorry, but there will be always those 16-17 year old girls that want to earn fast a bit of fame and money by sticking with big name celebrities, remember that wast majority of their fandom are those kind of girls, and actually, something like this happened in my country, in Serbia, and with even much older singer(57 year old), but here, his carieer is not dented not a single notch , but rather, more and more other male celebrities stand in his defense, making fun of the 17 year old gold snatcher, http://www.blic.rs/zabava/vesti/skandal-sako-polumenta-porucio-maloletnoj-devojcici-dodi-da-me-ljubis-ona-sve/zjvelny
        In this link, you can see him calling girl to come to him, and she let that video to the public.
        And here, in this another video, you can see another man, who is even more famous tv celebrity( Ognjen Amidzic), is parodying that video together with that singer http://www.blic.rs/zabava/vesti/sako-polumenta-se-ne-zaustavlja-objavljen-novi-snimak-iz-kreveta-i-to-sa-ovim/q1xllre

        • Bell

          Of course there will always be teenagers who are looking for an easy mark. That only makes the adult who falls for it stupid in addition to being wrong in the first place for chasing after teenagers. Going drinking with teenagers… what sort of grown man does that to begin with? Not one who anyone can say good about.

          • yamakita

            I seriously believe that he prolly didn’t know she was underage. But regardless what really happened, it’s over for him, for now.

            • hasawa

              Yes. Ppl jumping into conclusions saying this dude willingly dated an underage girl need to chill down. She may have lied about her age since a 17yo girl shouldn’t be in a bar since she wasn’t legal. There’s also some trouble concerning the consent of their sexual intercourses since this is her words against his. She said it hurt be she still pursued the relationship so who what’s the truth?
              This guy is far from being innocent but neither she is. He’s definitely an idiot for thinking he could get away with giving this girl money, but she’s at least as bad as him for trying to scam his ass. Ppl unconditionally​ praising her for this make my head swirl… 2 wrongs don’t make any good.

      • hasawa

        More importantly: do we know he actually KNEW she was underage?
        It makes a HUGE difference.

        • non

          Afaik,there’s no information on whether he knew or not, so everybody here is jumping to conclusions. Considering they met at a bar, it wouldn’t be to far fetched to believe that she wasn’t being entirely honest about her age.

    • iGleaux

      Some of these girls know how much these dudes covet the young ones and are starting to make them pay for it. Oh well, better learn to stop going after kids.

    • MJBeatle

      So…. She is a single mother (meaning she already has a child even though she is under-aged), and said the intercourse was painful (she is talking like she is a virgin)?…. And having sex 5 times in 6 hours seems like a difficult task….

      • Hermione48fan

        What?.Where did you find she is a single mother and about how many times they did it?. Just asking.

        • Gomen NASAi

          Did you even read the article above?

          “The two were said to have met at a bar which lead to them spending 6 hours together at the Imperial Hotel Osaka, where they reportedly had unprotected intercourse 5 times even when she said she did not want to continue because it was painful.

          “I wanted to talk to Friday about my experience to discuss the facts, not for financial reasons,” the girl maintains.

          Netizens sniffed around the internet and potentially identified the girl by the watch pictured in photograph above via Instagram. It seems she is indeed 17-years-old as reported, but is not a high school student and is a single mother. Additionally, leaked messages (not pictured) bragging about having sex with Koide suggest that the experience was not forced as reported.”

    • Both dumb af. Koide man, what a disappointment. One of the better actors in the industry. Good on you for admitting it but you know what, you ought to be in jail right now. Seriously. And gawd girl get your life together you cunning lil’ brat.

    • ProllyWild

      I wonder if he knew she was 17…
      Meeting up at a bar would lead to the assumption that she’s at least 20 unless she said otherwise….

      • maguro part deux

        I would thank that she lied about her age, since entrapment and blackmail seems to have been the plan all along.

      • Mayura

        Well, it’s hard to tell their real age these days with the amount of make up and grooming these girls put up. Even in my workplace, I can’t tell some younger colleagues’ age until I observed their speech and the way they behave.

      • Fuyuko

        I have to admit that crossed my mind too. Perhaps he did indeed worked under the assumption she’s of age…

      • Oopdie Doopdie Doo

        I wonder if the bar got in trouble for serving a minor…

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      We can never truly know what happened (consent vs rape). However, it is obvious that she is not innocent (no I am not victim blaming) let me explain, she herself did things wrong (like going to a bar when she is underage). That is incorrect. HOWEVER, that does not excuse that he had sex with a minor (then again I think the age of consent in Japan is different from here in the US so in that case if it was consensual he did not break the law). There is a possibility that she did not tell him her true age and that would be wrong as well. If it is true that she told him to stop and didn’t then he raped her. However, in those texts it looks like she is showing off and on top of that she extorted him. SO who really knows. In summary, they both suck and should get in trouble.

      • Bubi.

        Japan’s age of consent laws are weird, but for sexual activity (not marriage/sincere romantic relationships) it’s 18.

        • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

          Jesus Christ! So many grey areas when it comes to Japan’s age of consent laws :/.

          • Bubi.

            The fact it even needs a chart like this and still remains vague…

        • めぐみ☆

          wtf @ a grown woman being able to have sex with children but it’s a misdemeanor

        • WorldGN18

          Can you please give the source to this? also I think is good that they take all kinda things into consideration, but they do need to make things clearer

          • Bubi.
            • WorldGN18

              Thanks!! I think is fine that depending on the age things change, but it seems like they don’t believe in “reverse” rape, they are trying to have more sex equality but they still have some work to do

              • Bubi.

                Agreed. I’m just bothered that it leaves too much ambiguities that potentially not allow victims a sense of justice.

                • WorldGN18

                  Yes, I think this is a world wide problem though, just that in Japan feels more accentuated because they have a “youth-worshiping society” (don’t really know how to explain it) and well they are a developed country.

      • M

        The age of consent in Japan is 14, I believe, but it works the same way as in most developed countries. The age of consent only applies if the person you’re doing it with is not an adult. Then it’s statutory rape, regardless of whether or not it was consensual.

        For example, a 16 year old can have sex with a fellow 16 year old, or someone 17, let’s say. But if that other person is 18 or older, it’s statutory. This is why sometimes, when parents find out about their underage kid sleeping with someone 18 or over, they’ll have them charged for statutory. Even if the girl tell the police it was a completely consensual thing (like they’re dating or something too), the police still have to charge him by law. It happens more often than you’d think.

        I think they both should be punished for their respective crimes – him for statutory (seriously – make an example out of him!! Him getting to walk away from this is why Japanese men continue to go after young girls because they know they can do the same), and her for extortion is it ends up being true.

        • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

          Thank you so much for your wonderful explanation! I am completely wrong then when it comes to the age of consent then. I have always been so confused about that. I didn’t know that it only applied to you having sex with someone in your same age. I always thought that it mean the age where you can give consent regardless of the age of your partner.

    • yamakita

      I just realized who he is. What a waste.

      Not justifying anything that has happened, but Japanese (pop) culture is confusing because so much of it glorifies older man/younger woman relationships: teacher and student, guardian and child, some sort of (insert your own talent) genius and his young admirer, etc. I guess the kick here is the taboo involved. It seems like the only mistake here is that he picked the wrong young girl and he got blackmailed/caught. In the end he is a lowly actor usually in supporting roles so he is expandable. I am sure there are a lot more higher profile, older men getting away with worse, but it’s okay for them and none of it comes to light because of their social standings and probably because they have enough means to keep people’s mouths shut.

      Now before we all act high and mighty and point our fingers, here is some food for thought: Many states in the U.S. do not have an age requirement for girls to marry. To my shock this includes California. Some families, often the very religious ones, force their young girls (think younger than 15) to marry the older men who have raped them so the men wouldn’t get into trouble. Here is my source of information: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/26/opinion/sunday/it-was-forced-on-me-child-marriage-in-the-us.html?_r=0. I think this human rights issue is global, not just with whoever is dumb enough to get tangled in it.

      • Mayura

        Yes, it’s a global wide problem. Kiddie porn is also more common than what you think and the distribution of such materials is rampant in the dark web.

      • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

        My mom sent me that article the other day and I was completely shocked that this happens in my own country! There needs to more things done in order to protect children from these horrible pedophiles.

    • Puka

      lol little gold digger.

    • PigeonPop

      Still not sad for Koide, sorry. Honey trapping is a pretty common “thing” in Japanese showbiz, and as mentioned elsewhere if he really wanted to have a quick one night affair, he should have just called a high class escort who would keep quiet instead. He’s in his 30s already and has Amuse as his jimusho; he should be more than aware of why (and how) he should avoid this type of situation.

      • goingtojpn

        MTE. The girl may be a gold digger but he is still an ass.

    • Hermione48fan

      Jeez…. she is another gold digger who love to ruin actors´s careers and she tried to force him to pay to her,woahh. Some 17 years old are crazy.
      He was dumb for being with her in the first place, but I wonder if he even knew she was 17 years old.

    • H


    • Well……this changes some things. D:

    • Shanique Osbourne

      Why? Chances are if he had paid the 5 Million yen, she would demand more when that was finished on spreeing.

    • aainaa

      the question I really want to ask..
      Did Koide knew that she was 17? she looked so much older, even I mistook her for an adult.. if he didnt knew or the girl lied about his age, then I’m on his side.. but if he knew & still went on with it, then he’s super guilty & should be charge for rape.. but then again, the girl said she didnt want to continue? so it was a rape.. but then again I couldnt believe this girl anymore for some obvious reason.. why didnt she went to the police 1st is she was raped? but instead tried to extort money from this guy & when she didnt get the money, she went to gossip magazine where she can get money for the story.. but she never went to the police.. Yeah I hate to say this.. right now it seems like the girl is more guilty..

      • Hermione48fan

        And if something bad happen, why did the girl brag about her night with him to her friends?.Sorry but her story doesn´t match at all.

    • Urara Kasugano

      I Want some new juicy scandalll but not this type ofc

    • WorldGN18

      Well when I saw the first article I thought the whole thing was kinda fishy, I mean a 17 year old girl is not child, she knows what she is doing but for me the fact that he went for a 17 year old girl was enough reason to punish him, now I still think he needs to be punish but I think he is just an idiot, seriously he is a celebrity, he should have been more careful, and that brat needs to be punish too, and go to a reformatory or something. Now I read some of you were like “what is wrong with Japan if the girl is telling she didn’t wanted to have more sex he should be in jail, no need investigating!” I hope this serves as a lesson

    • Taru

      I hope the Netflix drama still gets released because I want to see Akiyoshi Nakao in something that I can watch legally from the comfort of my own home. :

    • Sakura Kou

      isn’t he from Rookies ? , noo I like his acting , what waste :(

    • பெண் உலக மூலம்

      Heavy breathing..

    • tera

      i don’t know what to believe nowadays. considering they meet at the bar, and the girl blackmail him, it comes down to the appeal of easy money after all.