Goodbye Original Kami 7, Mayu Watanabe to Hold AKB48 Graduation Concert in October

The graduation schedule for AKB48 member Mayu Watanabe has been revealed. The announcement was shared at a joint live concert between HKT48’s Himawarigumi and AKB48’s Team B.

Mayu’s graduation concert will take place during Halloween on October 31st at the Saitama Super Arena, prior to that her last national handshake event will take place at Nagoya on October 28th. After the concert she will participate in one more final handshake event in Yokohama on November 18th. Mayu’s graduation was initially announced during the 9th Senbatsu Sousenkyo back in June, but no further details were given at that time.

Mayu got her start as a 3rd generation member, her inclusion in AKB48 was announced in December 2006.  She instantly became one of the most popular members, having been at the forefront of the group for the last 10 years. In 2009 Mayu was selected to be a member in the sub-unit Watarirouka Hashiritai. She would go on to participate in two more sub-units, Team Dragon from AKB48 and NO NAME. Addtionaly, Mayu released 5 successful solo singles during her tenure in the group.

In AKB48’s first Senbatsu Election Mayu came in 4th place, giving her the privilege of being in the original famed “Kami 7” group.  The other members included Atsuko Maeda, Yuko Oshima, Mariko Shinoda, Tomomi Itano, Minami Takahashi, and Haruna Koijima. Mayu’s graduation officially marks the end of an era in AKB48.

With Saitama being Mayu’s hometown this will undoubtedly be a very special show for herself and AKB48 fans.

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    • yacchaitai

      the first kami 7 is the only real kami 7

      • surfboardt

        Excuse me, it’s really kami 8, how dare you discriminate the queen of swag!!!!11!

        • yacchaitai

          real swag queen fans know she was #7 in her first senbatsu >:( fake fan spotted””!!

          • surfboardt

            But for real, the drama about kami 7’s legitimacy once she fell out of it was stupid af rofl

    • N

      A popular AKB48 member not waiting 1 year to graduate? SHOOK!!!!

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    • Guest

      OK, so honestly, after Mayuyu is gone, which other AKB48 has mainstream recognition besides Rino Sashihara?

      • l3012

        Yamamoto Sayaka, and Kashiwagi Yuki

        • Guest

          Popularity among AKB otas =/= mainstream recognition. Neither Sayaka nor Yuki have that.

          • l3012

            Sayanee is getting there, at least is getting more invitations on her own in music shows. I mean, that may not be /huge/ but it’s a better position than most of the current members. Also, she appears in polls aimed to general audiences.

      • Orangerafi

        Yuki-rin is still there although I expect here to graduate next. Also Minegishi Minami, one of the 1st gen member is still active.

        • Guest

          Those are only popular with AKB fans though, they do not have widespread recognition. I mean, Minegashi Minami does have some due to her head shaving incident but that’s it.

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      she was the first akb members name i memorized cuz i remember all the cms they had in their peak and she was the only pretty one LMFAO.

    • baymon

      I’m expecting Kashiwagi to grad first, not Mayu. But I think she will be next.

    • rs34

      She looks different and mature without the bangs.

    • Liokt

      Sorry, but… Finally.

    • JSBLove

      I will surely miss Mayuyu in AKB… :'(

    • Orangerafi

      I will surely miss Mayuyu in AKB48😭

    • Kanjo Maru

      Making a correction because I find this fact interesting, the concept of kami 7 didn’t exist until the 2nd election. They were named so because they all remained in the top 7 while #8+ fell a lot.

    • l3012

      I’m so happy she’s graduating soon instead dragging it over – her last show in the theater hasn’t been announced yet, but I hope it’s before the end of the year. She’s one of my favorite members, but she’s already 23 and spent her whole adolescence being an idol. It’s time to focus in the real showbiz.

    • Matcha

      Mayuyu noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • fire jog with me

      hopefully no one crashes it with a marriage annoucement

    • elin satya

      No more kami 7 :( miss y’ll kami 7

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