Girls Channel Shares Their Thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”

We often share our thoughts on the most recent Japanese music releases on this site and other forums, but have you ever wondered what Japanese netizens thought of the latest American music releases? Well, here’s a start! Girls Channel recently shared their thoughts on Nicki Minaj’s recent music video and song, “Anaconda.”

In the too erotic MV of the super popular Nicki Minaji’s “Anaconda,” dancers were really bit by snakes!

1. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:28:59

Nicki chose the popular, highly rated “2014 MTV Video Music Awards as the place for her first performance of “Anaconda.” The performance gained a lot of attention and anticipation from the world, but before the ceremony, it was reported that an accident happened.

According to the American music specialty channel MTV, Nicki did a rehearsal with her back dancers on the 22nd of August. At that time, the 1.8m long snake being used as a prop bit a back dancer’s arm. The MTV Video Music Awards performance is here:


2. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:30:00 [通報]
Using a real snake is scary, isn’t it?


3. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:30:45 [通報]

“the 1.8m long snake being used as a prop bit a back dancer’s arm”

First of all, that a snake that big was supposed to be used at the VMA’s is surprising!


8. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:33:44 [通報]

When I watched this video, I thought that her big ass was sexy


9. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:34:08 [通報]

She’s a person with an amazing ass


10. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:35:37 [通報]

Furthermore it seems that during her next song her costume ripped and she sang while pinning it down. It’s tough when various accidents happen, huh


13. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:40:05 [通報]

Is this ass real?


14. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:42:40 [通報]

Britney also danced with a snake at the “Slave 4” performance a long time ago. So nostalgic~


16. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:43:19 [通報]

Nicki has calmed down quite a bit


20. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:47:39 [通報]

The song is not all that great, only the ass that is amazing


22. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 13:53:00 [通報]

I like Nicki, but I’ve only just found out that she’s famous enough to have a topic here at Girls Channel (lol)
She didn’t have the image of being popular in Japan compared to Gaga or Taylor.


24. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 14:18:04 [通報]

Compared to the “Starships” era I think she has considerably improved.
However, I like Nicki no matter how she is (o^O^o)


39. 匿名 2014/08/26(火) 17:09:57 [通報]

She’s black, short, and her chest and butt are amazing…because of that I thought she was Lil’ Kim’s little sister. Personally I like her more than Lil’ Lim lol


49. 匿名 2014/08/27(水) 03:43:44 [通報]

Nicki’s ass is fake ♡

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    • surfboardt

      That Lil Kim comment what kind of reaching?

    • kodakumis

      it’s a terrible song that’s only popular on social media because degeneracy is the cool thing now

      • Krung

        Coming from a Kumi Koda fan? Okay.

        • Streetrhodes

          DRAG HA

        • kodakumis

          Koda Kumi’s sexual videos are not degeneracy, she deals with sexual themes in a classy way, unlike this raunchy whore

          • Nameless



            Real classy huh?

            stop hiding behind your racism, the only reason you’re calling her raunchy is because she’s black and has a big ass. If this was iggy azalea you be calling her a class act.

            Fucking hypocrites

      • l3012
        • eplizo

          God. He’s so damn hot. I still wish I was her in this MV.

        • WannabeXenophile

          She’s got loads like that! Remember the Shake It video, OMFG!

          • l3012

            Ahh, first time I watched it, felt a bit embarrassed (young and innocent me~)

            which was her last ero video? I can recall KO-SO KO-SO (hadn’t followed Kuu much after the 4 TIMES era)

            • eplizo

              Her most recent is actually “So Fever” from her new special album. It has a “lesbian” scene just like “KO-SO-KO-SO”, but it isn’t near as intense lol.

      • Guest-san

        oh please
        get off your sex-shaming high horse and go somewhere

        If it was one of the numerous men singing/rapping about this no one would have an issue, like Bruno Mars and that ridiculous “Gorilla” song, but it’s a woman and all hell breaks loose. Get real.

    • Guilherme Teruya

      She took a song about butts which wasn’t really that great in the first place… and made it worse.
      I like Nicki but this is too trashy.

    • that last picture of nicki when she was young always makes me lol

      • Guest

        she looks 13 but she has that terrible tattoo?? How old is she in it?

    • guest

      i love girls channel comments tbh

      • yanderenightmares

        Still like 2chan more, but this will do until majide posts something new.

    • guest

      “The song is not all that great, only the ass that is amazing”

      that sums it up

    • ROFLikeAnOnew

      just saw that video for the first time…
      *cleanses soul with some Yiruma*

    • Sooo I actually sat through the video and…wow that song was terrible. “F**k all the skinny bitches?” WTF? And one thing is for sure, Sir Mix A Lot will be putting his great grandchildren through college with that song…

      • Guest

        That line meant this song was for the curvy/fat girls. In a society where being thin is ideal, those who are curvy or fat get thrown to the back and written off/shamed as ugly. She could’ve used a better choice of words, as some could mistake it as bodyshaming, but I fail to see what’s so wrong about a song promoting the glorification of non-thin people for once.

        • Okay? Where in my comment did I say it was wrong to celebrate non – thin body types. I was just bewildered by that particular line. I’m all for it if she wants to celebrate other body types but you don’t have to blatantly put down others in the process, which she did. People love to read what isn’t there…

      • Nameless

        ffs get over yourself

    • Superfly_Ghost

      The video is so embarrassing

    • STOP! They sound just like American netizens!!! LOL!

    • UnKnown

      Wow, i’m surprised at these girl channel comments, these comments are nicer than usual

    • Guest

      I’ve liked some of Nicki’s songs in the past but this one is beyond awful and I can’t understand how anyone can make it past the first 5 seconds.

      • yanderenightmares

        People tend to be more critical of their own.

    • pepp

      I like Anaconda solely because it’s fun.

    • OhSnap!

      Nice comments come because of double standards. They are OK with Nicki because she is not japanese. “Gaijin” artists can be sexy and show butt because “that’s how they are” Imagine a japanese singer doing something remotely similar, or coming up with lyrics like that. The backlash would be brutal.

      • Treechicken

        Some Jpop fans are guilty of that too. It’s ok for Asian idols to be cutesy and innocent but if a western girl is too feminine she must be like, an evil liar.

        • Guest

          So true and it applies to Western fans of all Asian genres tbh. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen K/C/J/T-Pop fans say they prefer stanning and supporting female Asian artists because they’re not sexualized like female Western artists as if Asian music wasn’t also full of sexual innuendos.

          • OMG that’s such a thing with KPop fans right now. A lot of them weren’t around back when KPop was sexy before the idol boom but now that it’s getting sexy again, they can’t take it.

          • yanderenightmares

            Or how they talk shit about Justin beiber and one direction while going apeshit for their Asian boy groups.

            • Guest

              LMAO. This is the best one, especially because most fans of Asian girl and boy groups get mad pressed when anyone tells them it’s all the same shit.

    • tiffany nicole

      they dead wrong for using that picture of her when she was a teenager lol

    • l3012

      ‘Anaconda’ is my summer guilty pleasure.

    • eplizo

      Yas. Clock her fake ass.

    • yacchaitai