Girls Beat!! suspend activities after arrest warrant issued for Ai Kago’s husband

Ai Kago announced on her blog that her unit, Girls Beat!!, has suspended activities until further notice.

She writes in her blog that they had to suspend their activities due to “current circumstances”. It appears that those circumstances are the fact that the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have issued an arrest warrant for her husband (47) on the act of loansharking.

Girls Beat!! was currently in the middle of taking applications for new members until the 31st and voting for new song lyrics until the 28th. However, all of those have been put on hold due to the current situation. Kago apologized, “I am truly sorry for causing you all problems.

(via: Sanspo)

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    • tiffany nicole

      mess, this girl just cant get a break

    • Krys

      Jfc, not again. I hope their child will be alright through all of this.

    • What

      awww, poor girl, hope she gets through this okay!

    • Kyle




    • OhSnap!

      why is she still with that loser

    • Shiroi

      Is anyone even helping this poor girl and her child?!

      • Treechicken

        She has friends she’s so close with that she calls them her pretend mom and dad, and they stuck by her side when this happened before so hopefully they are there for her now.

        • Shiroi

          I really hope so.

    • Treechicken

      As fan since before her first scandal until now, I think one of her biggest problems is that she doesn’t rely on herself enough. I can see how someone who was an idol from a young age would become that way, but she needs to either stop looking for people to fix her problems, or get better at choosing the people.

      I kind of wish you used a more current pic.

      • Just used what the original article had. The more current pictures I’ve seen of her have been atrocious.

        • Treechicken

          She’s freaking cute lately.

    • Non

      Oh, Aibon. :(

    • Love Rice

      Aibon is really just unlucky…

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      oh damn it.. I was looking forward to listen to her new girl group. She was one of my favorite members in MoMusu. She is such a cutey! I hope one day we will see Kago-chan back on screen without any drama.