GACKT’s appearance at the 2014 Kenshin Kousai Parade

This year GACKT appeared once again as Uesugi Kenshin, one of the most powerful lords (daimyo) of the Sengoku period, at this year’s Kenshin Kousai.

In the 2007 NHK Taiga drama ‘Fuurin Kazan’, GACKT played the role of Uesugi Kenshin, where he then began to portray it at the Joetsu city’s Kenshin Festival held every August. But this festival didn’t start with the singer, it has been an annual performance since 1926. However, the festival in fact has received a record high attendance rate since his participation, with over 240,000 visitors piling in to see GACKT.

This is a two day event that began August 23rd, but GACKT didn’t appear until the 24th at the event kick-off procession at Kasugatama Castle for the reenactment of the Kawanakjima battle. GACKT, adorned in a glamorous wig, led an army of 500 warriors on horseback.

The event was streamed on USTREAM, and at the end a preview of his newest single ‘DAY BREAKERS’. Check it out below!

(image via Natalie)

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    • MangoMagic

      Is it just me or does Gackt’s face get tighter and tighter every year?

      • RJtheGreendog

        Just you. He looks exactly the same as he did last year.

    • Guest

      I’m a Gackt fan but some fans have to be blind to deny his cosmetic touchups. I’m not shaming him or them, but sometimes we have to be real with ourselves.

      • Emolga

        Sorry, but you are obviously a troll. If you were a fan you would have something of substance to say about Gackt other than “OMG, He’s got so much plastic surgery”. Accusing Gackt of having too much plastic surgery has nothing to do with being honest and true. It is just a passive aggressive way to insult Gackt.

      • udunno

        It isn’t be real or not. Just the idea of some people has no worried and has any importance about little details.

      • Asuna

        It’s hard to tell with him. He’s obviously had at least some work done, but a lot of it is down to make-up.
        tbh I think he’d look a lot better if he gained some weight, got some sleep, drank a little less and toned it down on the make-up front.

      • Sammi

        I don’t think anybody (even fans) disputes that he’s had surgery tbh. His nose shape in particular has COMPLETELY changed in the past ten years (it used to be a little curved and have a rounder tip, but is now much thinner and more pointed)…

        • whata

          maybe photoshop

          • AsrunDear

            Nah, he said in an interview that he indeed have nosejob done, but only that, and I totally do think that. Of course he have his refreshments, just like anyother idol, Hyde, Acchan, everyone love botox, but its only refreshments, nothing big or too plastic. He really look the same: (And i fucking love his wrinkles)

            • Guest

              He is perfect! <3

    • rabuberii

      Gackt looks so fine with this samurai look.

    • jadedcrimson

      He looks like a mannequin…and no I am not praising him.

      • udunno

        You lost time writing it

    • Arron Hayre

      He has not aged well at all!

    • Jo

      His face is so stiff it’s full of Botox!

      • udunno

        I don’t think so

        • Jo

          Like i care about your opinion?

          • udunno

            Time lost with your 6 words