Former SMAP member Shingo Katori is on Instagram!

Former SMAP member Shingo Katori has created his own official Instagram account!

As fans are well aware Katori’s previous agency Johnny & Associates has extremely strict rules in-regards to social media, and the use of photos featuring any of their talents. They are completely banned from engaging with fans on any form of SNS.

According to the website 123accs Katori’s account was created after July 15th, 2017. He uploaded his very first photo today, with fellow former SMAP members Goro Inagaki and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi. In 9 hours his first post has already received nearly 300k likes, and his account itself has almost amassed 600k followers! Katori seems to be greatly enjoying his freedom with social media, he’s already posted 15 more times since his first.

Katori’s other posts feature the comedy duo Maple Chogoukin, Mari Yaguchi, and more.

はじめまして 慎吾です!

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炎上女王マシーン #ホンネテレビ

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Katori joins the very short list of former Johnnys & Associate members who have public social media accounts. This includes Jin Akanishi, Junnosuke Taguchi, and TAKA from ONE OK ROCK.

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    • Keny

      That’s adorable. Also makes me wish johnny’s members could have social media already. Part of me wants J&A to see this and feel the need to ‘compete’ and thus allow their idols to get on instagram too ..although that will never happen. But a kid can dream.

      • james

        Not goin to happened.

    • Roronoa

      Well, Tomoya Nagase have instagram too, right? But its private.

      • Dalooshe

        SHOW MEEEE!!!! O.O

        • Roronoa

          Well, its been a long time and i forgot the username. I just found it when i’m stalking one of japanese celebrity instagram on his/her following list, and yes i forgot it too who is it. Or maybe it just me, and i got it wrong, when i saw the profile picture, it looks like nagase for me. Cmiiw. Thats why i’m asking if tomoya nagase has an insta account too?. Sorry.

          • Dalooshe

            Haha that’s alright, but if you dooo end up coming across it again – please be kind and remember me ;)))

    • Bobson Dugnutt

      He looks so happy!

    • マイケル・タンザー


    • james

      It must be awesome for a former JE stars to be able to take selfie & upload to the Internet for the 1st time.

      • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

        They might have private ones, but yeah.. lmao, feels like they are finally coming into the 21st century from some ancient dark, dank cave.

    • REMISU

      They started YouTube too!!

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      Always feel weird seeing je people posting on social media for the first time. xD Like when koki and jin left and started twitter and stuff.. felt really weird, like they are suddenly more human or something

    • yamakita

      This is like in the old days when someone escaped communism and realized you didn’t need to watch clothes by hand.

      Meanwhile, reports get lectured about not taking pictures of the Hey! Say! Jump! lead.

      Edit: watch = wash. I need to go back to bed.

    • goingtojpn

      I think that Johnnys not having Instagram is good. Nowadays people are getting bashed over anything. And there are some crazy fans out there who have detective skills so they can know where they are, with whom they are, etc. This is also for their own safety. There are tons of actors and actresses who don’t have a social account and are ok with it.

      • kirin

        Totally agree with you. I think it’s enough with their jweb thingy to get an update from them. What I want them to change is the policy of not having their talents’ pics on media, it’s ridiculous to not see the talent himself when he is the main cast :/

      • trufax

        They could get official instagrams managed by the company, they dont even have to get private ones

    • These are too cute. Like an old person, lol.

    • please

      It makes me so happy to see A-list talent not being blocked by Johnny’s. This is good!

      Shingo is Yamapi’s SMAP mentor. I wonder how long until he decides it’s better on the other side. I hope it happens soon!

    • Dalooshe

      Good on him but……..mari yaguchi is still relevant?

    • Still striving for relevancy..

      gosh he looks so happy! wishing him all the best <3

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