Former Morning Musume Member Asami Konno and Tokyo Yakult Swallows Pitcher Toshihiro Sugiura are Married

Asami Konno, TV personality and former Morning Musume member, has announced happy news to her fans via her instagram. Just a few hours ago Asami uploaded two photos to the site of her and Tokyo Yakult Swallows pitcher Toshihiro Sugiura to announced that the two are now husband and wife!

Both from the northern island of Hokkaido, Asami and Toshihiro decided to complete the registry in the groom’s hometown of Obihiro on January 1st. Asami also posted a note for thanks to her father-in-law for taking pictures of the two in the snow and cold.

私事で恐縮ですがご報告があります。 1月1日、かねてお付き合いをして参りました 東京ヤクルトスワローズの杉浦稔大さんと 結婚しました。 2人とも北海道出身ということもあり 北海道・帯広で婚姻届を提出してきました! 彼は真面目で男らしくて、本当に優しい方です。 同郷だからか食や音楽の好みも似ていて 日々の何気ないことも 一緒にいるととても幸せに感じられ 自然とこれからもずっと共に歩んでいきたいなと いう気持ちが芽生えてきました。 今まで感じたことのないような安心感を たくさん与えてくれた方なので これからは私も、彼が安心してお仕事に集中できるよう少しでもお手伝いできたらと思っています。 周りの方々への感謝の気持ちを忘れず 結婚を機に、また人として成長できるよう より一層努力して参ります。 今後ともよろしくお願い申し上げます。 テレビ東京アナウンサー 紺野あさ美

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Arama!Japan sends our congratulations to the new couple!

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    • Bloodforge

      She looks really tiny standing next to him.

      • guest

        156 cm vs 189 cm


          Aww, how cute.

    • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

      Okay I slept very little last night, but the first pic…is there any photoshop in her face? It looks indented in a weird way and idk if maybe the photo is edited. No trolls I am not hating, visually that is what I see. Besides that congratulations to the couple ^_^. Marriage is beautiful thing :-).

      • After looking through her instagram I’ve come to the conclusion that her face naturally looks like that.

        • shirogane

          Ya I thought she photoshoped too, but she doesn’t do that to her other instagram pictures and most of it are even closer shots of her, so I think it’s just this photo.

      • Kanjo Maru

        I checked out the full pic and I think there might be minor photoshopping.
        I want to preface this with a statement that I am not judging anyone for anything. I believe there are little adjustments in the photo but these are standard with many phone cameras (especially ones Japanese girls have, in my experience) even I have filters which have changed some of my photos without my permission. So please remember as you read me picking out areas I think are shopped, it’s 100% curiosity, 0% judgement. Thank you.

        The left side of her face lights up in error analysis as do his ears. I don’t know why his ears might have been edited but it’s true their are artifacts around them where it looks copied.

        As for her face, it looks like the side facing him might have been tucked up. An area around her nose has a different skin tone for some reason, and her eyes seem to have been artificially brightened.

        • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

          Yeah cause the second pic does not have that weird thing going on in her face. Maybe there was some type of error going on when the photo was taken and not necessarily photoshop? Idk

          • Kanjo Maru

            Oh I definitely don’t think it was actually photoshop the application, I’m just using photoshop generically (sorry, Adobe). I’m sure it was just a phone app or something.

            • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

              LOLOL I am also using “photoshop” generically. I know nothing about any photo editing software etc. I am just using that term cause to me all of these things are photoshop (proof I know nothing lol).

    • Mino

      When they both graduated I thought Rika would be the first Golden Era member to get married, not last, and Konkon would be the first of 5th gen to get married, not last. My guess skills are shit.

      • MM Fan

        Konkon is actually the third in her generation to get married… Ai married Koji Abe in 2014, and Gaki married Kotani Yoshikazu last summer. xD

        • MM Fan

          Only after I posted this, did I reread your post and realize that you already knew that…

          I may as well add that I thought Ai would be that last to get married, so I was surprised that the relationship rumors with Abe were true. But if you look at her blog, she and her husband are almost always attached at the hip. They also seem like the type of couple that doesn’t want kids (not like that’s a bad thing). So if any of the 5th gen members were to have kids, I would guess Konkon would be first.

    • What is her face?
      Other than that, Congrats!

    • starlightshimmers

      That title tho, who swallowed what?

    • pink ranger

      She looks so tiny aww. I wonder if they ever argue, I assume it’d be hard to keep being mad at each other with their height difference. :’DD

    • andr

      i saw her first on utaban, cute couple happy marriage

      and Asami Konno-age 29

      Toshihiro Sugiura-age 24

      seems this is new trend after mukai osamu

    • Shinra-Electric

      Marriage is tough. Keeping him happy will be a tall order.

    • faifantc

      He’s a baby~ Aww, I’m so happy for Konkon!