Former members of AKB48 to appear in new single

AKB48’s upcoming single “Kibouteki Refrain” (Wishful Refrain) features 4 graduated members who appear in the new PV. The PV itself symbolizes the passing of the center position and features Atsuko Maeda (23) Yuko Oshima (26) Mariko Shinoda (28) and Tomomi Itano (23) along with the successive generations in a sprinting relay to pass on two black bags containing golden microphones. These microphones are passed from one member to another before finally ending up with Watanabe Mayu (20) and HKT48’s Sakura Miyawaki (16) who then perform with the rest of the members.

Mayu Watanabe states (in regards to working for the center position) that AKB48’s history is powered by the support of the fans and that the center position is a gift.

“Kibouteki Refrain” is to be released on the 26th of November.


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    • onemorelight

      I guess it’s nice symbolism, since this is a group with a graduation system, so passing the torch is a big part of AKB48. But let’s be real this is a marketing ploy to get fans of former members to snap up copies to own the PV

    • Can’t wait for for full MV since i heard this song after Janken Taikai. Yeah it’s maybe about money and so but who cares if you like them and can see them. It’s idol group and everytime i watch something from AKB48 i feel happier.

      Interested in Japan? Check out this facebook page and if you like it, give it a like.

    • Paddy Alfan

      this how the rock vs hulk hogan and cena vs the rock happen. keep bringing the old skool AKB! and somehow, matsui jurina/randy orton shifted to the sideways

    • Crystina

      Single cover look simple but pretty,i love it
      and can’t wait to watch full PV

    • Ryusei

      The PV is so cool finally they got a great PV again i love it

    • Non

      Mayuyu is an obvious choice, but this is a pretty big deal for Sakura, isn’t it?

      • Non

        Ah, I just watched the video. From the description I thought Mayuyu and Sakura were going to be the end of the relay race and it was going to come off as the the graduated members designating those to as centers/aces, but after watching the video it looks like it’s a little more vague.

    • AAApanda

      wow smart move

    • Nya

      I’m so happy seeing my lovely Yuko & Mariko again but aside of that If i was a girl of the current selected senbatsu I would be upset the main PV is all about graduated members “stealing the show” xD but then everybody love the old girls so It’s not a big deal.

      Whatever I love the song, I’ve been repeating it is my head for a while now…

    • Natsu-P

      That’s pretty desperate.

    • shirogane

      old members are still more interesting then the recent senbatsus

    • Guest

      I coincide with people here that seems desperate, looking for hype bringing back graduated members because, being honest, few to none of the current generation have reached the notoriety of the old ones

    • Kpop28

      I really miss the older members. T.T

    • l3012

      Can’t help but notice Itano’s boobs.

      My oshimen got zero screentime, I expected it tbh

      I bought a copy, this is the b-side:

    • yanderenightmares

      I like the Pv, looked good. At first I thought it was only meada and I was like why, but then the others showed up and I got the drift.