First Look At Live Action Bleach Film Starring Sota Fukushi

Leaked photos from film remakes never seem to be in shortage. The most recent comes from the new live-action Bleach film starring Sota Fukushi. After the photos were leaked online, fans weren’t afraid to voice their disappointment. Many complained about the quality of the costumes and some compared it to cheap cosplay. There hasn’t been official confirmation this shooting will be part of the movie. The release date is still very far off, in 2018.

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Anonymous 2016/09/30(Fri)
He has good style so he looks good no matter what
Anonymous 2016/09/30(Fri)
How embarrassing
Anonymous 2016/09/30(Fri)
It looks better than I expected
Anonymous 2016/09/30(Fri)
It looks worse than cosplayers LOL
Anonymous 2016/09/30(Fri)
I bet it’d get stuck through paper
Anonymous 2016/09/30(Fri)
Rather than a sword, it looks more like a huge butter knife
Anonymous 2016/09/30(Fri)
Zanpakuto’s* too cheap

*Name of the weapon used in Bleach

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    • Thomas

      It looks worse than cosplayers LOL [559] huge butter knife [23912]

      • Hey Thomas! I’m not sure I understand what numbers you’re referring to…

        • Thomas

          oh that’s a thing, sorry!
          On it means to copy paste someone’s previous comment, but followed by a bracket indicating the number of comments that said the exact same thing. Such as “I love this song! [2]” would just be someone copy pasting a previous comment that said that, and tacking on the bracket and number on their own. I’m not sure why this caught onto and (from my experience) only. It doesn’t even do it for you, the users do it manually.
          (shamelessly copy-pasted from here:

          • Ah, I see. No worries! Thanks for explaining. :D

            • Thomas

              You’re welcome! It’s kind of a meme over there and some people are spamming Beethoven’s artist page with comments like “Please come to Brazil [214823]” lol

    • eplizo

      He looks fine, but that sword….. They didn’t even try lol.

    • light

      The sword does look cheap lol

      • killercroc

        well they can still cg it….

    • MiKa✿

      LOL That zanpakuto xDD

    • poton

      Is he supposed to be Ichigo or what?

    • FromTokyo

      They’ll fix the sword in post. 😏

    • nothingsover

      The musical costumes/props look nicer than this…

    • Kokoro Ai

      God, I see better cosplay than this :( :/

    • BearSquad ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      mess !! MESS !!

    • kazumi

      I hope it weren’t the real shooting *crossfinger* I will be disapointed if it were true.
      The hair is not like ichigo’s at all. The hair is suppose to be orange.

    • pffft

      Sad. They dont even try anymore lol. Its just all about having a popular lead for a manga live action adaptation to rack up the money.

      • bankai

        the manga/anime is more popular than the leading actor though. so basically, they don’t care about quality (coz everybody knows sota can’t act for shit), just raking in money from the manga/anime hype.

        • pffft

          True but Im sure having a popular lead helps with the cash flow too. Thats why you also see Yamazaki Kento everywhere even though hes as shitty an actor as Sota. They have no respect for the creator lol

          • bankai

            Not a fan of Kento but he is more popular and a better actor than Sota though. Sota can only act as himself (like a piece of plywood) while Kento technically has wider range.

      • Fuyuko

        too early to tell. as indicated in the article, we don’t even know if those fan-taken pics are part of the filming.

    • Hillias

      Do they even try anymore? Hella bland

    • Fuyuko

      lol @ the comments. it’s too early to tell. if they’re official stills for the movie, the criticisms would be warranted. but obviously, people just love to share premature judging…

    • Vgodx6

      Until a trailer comes out I will judge it. The Full Metal Alchemist set pictures looked similar in the sense that they weren’t doing it right but the trailer is really good, it got me hyped for the movie !