Ryucheru wants you to play with his Silly Sausage

The HOTTEST party game has arrived: DOKIHARA wo Bakana Sausage, or Silly Sausage, from popular Japanese toy manufacturer TAKARA TOMY.

Think of it as extra and oddly phallic Japanese version of a Bop-it.

According to EXCITE, its appeal is in that it looks like a foreign toy like Spongebob or the Simpsons, and apparently it was a “big hit” overseas this past Christmas season. It actually is from America but it doesn’t have seemed to make as big a splash as presented, for shame, but it’s sure to make a splash in Japan.

Model and talent Ryucheru, who was responsible for voicing the toy’s commands and is pictured on the packaging, appeared at the press conference today to explain its appeal and took commands from his sausage to demonstrate how to play to the crowd of reporters.

There are five actions that require quick and accurate responses in order to proceed with the game: punch, touch, twist, stretch and shake. Follow the voice command and get into the rhythm before the timer ends!

Sometimes, playing with your Silly Sausage alone in “single mode” can be more fun, but “party mode” is suggested for maximum excitement. The Silly Sausage is a toy that everyone in the family can enjoy, passing it around from person to person before the timer ends, as exemplified by Ryucheru who invites his “family” on stage for a round of the game.

The Silly Sausage hits stores across Japan on July 20, 2017 and will retail for 3,974 yen, or roughly $35 USD. Mark your calendars because this is what we will be playing together in the Open Post in three weeks.

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    • rac

      this tarento guy is annoying ,dont know why he is popular

      • Azrul Hakim

        Not everyone can be Yamazaki Kento lol, someone have to be a comedic act….

      • circe154

        He’s married to Peco and teen girls love Peco. Otherwise he’s the poor man’s Yohdi.

        • yamakita

          Talk about a sham marriage. Unless his act is some sort of DMC reference, he is what of the many things that are wrong with Japan.

          • circe154

            Camp is one of the things I love about Japan, but he takes it too far and its just creepy.

    • Matcha

      imao, it looks like a dick!

    • delete this post immediately

    • hasawa

      “Sometimes, playing with your Silly Sausage alone in “single mode” can be more fun”

      • Samurai Heart

        then that makes it different being alone playing with it??? hahaha :P :P

    • ProllyWild


    • Samurai Heart

      hahaha! lol :P

    • Taima-kun


    • Shiki

      haha benis :DDDDD

    • Gomen NASAi

      The news must’ve moved at snail pace today in Japan.

    • What

      His expressions in that commercial….. cringe

    • Encha277

      Wow, that guy is creepy af

    • King of the Kats

      when the people use the wig to look like him i found scary

    • “Ryucheru wants you to play with his Silly Sausage”


    • Mio

      I don’t get the appeal of him, his wife and that Fujita Nicole girl. They all look so gross.

      • Diego

        Me neither, they all look creepy and call me crazy but I can’t believe such a feminine guy is supposed to like girls and have a wife…

        • ari

          people like you are so fucking ignorant it hurts

          • yamakita

            His act is offensive. He is actually highlighting a common stereotype. Who is the ignorant one here?

            • ari

              Tf are you talking about lol

        • Hane

          I watch many of their videos (TV guesting to personal video). I must say eventho he looks like that don’t be fool by his appearance, he actually very manly and gentleman towards her. He take care of her really well. No wonder Peko agree to date him and now married to him.

      • Wife? He’s not gay?

        • iGleaux

          No he married this girl that got really popular in fashion scene. Can’t think of her name right now.

          • circe154


          • That literally looks like every twink and his best girl friend…

        • eplizo

          That was my honest reaction the first time I heard he was married too LMAO. As Ryan said tho, it might just be PR, but I guess guys who are a bit more feminine can still like women. It’s just not that common…

          • Hane

            I was looking at their videos recently, i must say although from my point of view he is “overreacting” by using that high squeaky voice (he already have normal manly voice so I don’t get why he need to pretend that kind of creepy voice) and yes his name rise first because of being a boyfriend of Peko but he loves her tho. From the way he act during off shooting (I’m watching their normal videos, and there this chit-chat with fans video too) I can see he likes her. When they playing this hitting games, while Peko hit Ryucheru for real, Ryucheru on the other hand never hit her back eventho it his chance to hit her. During that chit-chat video it so obvious they looking like real couple. No doubt why Ryucheru said he want to always be with her before this. He does take care of her. Well I read somewhere that before he and Peko dating he used to text her via LINES every single days. And there this show guesting where all married couples guests, Peko talk how Ryucheru proposed to her by wearing a prince costume (although i’m not sure since i can’t understand japanese that much but there picture of it!) For me although Ryucheru is looking like that, heck people even mistaken him as gay, but from the look of it he is loyal to his girl. And actually a gentleman too!

    • hizurisama

      he’s so cringey it hurts

    • circe154

      He’ll be outed as an adult baby within the year.

    • omg!
    • Curel

      Note to self: Don’t read articles like these while drinking tea. The spittake was something, though.

      How do those people keep a straight face while promoting this? They must be compensated well, because I know I wouldn’t be able to.

    • angel223_

      I just don’t understand him.
      I just don’t understand why he is popular.
      yep, no at all.

    • omg *inhales sharply*

    • BAD KID

      this is HOT