Naomi Watanabe Shares Her Beauty Secrets with American Vogue

Today, the American edition of Vogue uploaded a video featuring Naomi Watanabe. The clip is a step by step tutorial showing how Naomi does her makeup before performing on stage. She goes from bareface, zits and all, to full on glamazon. Not only does she name the products that she uses, she also explains why she choses to wear them on stage. Besides being a makeup tutorial, this video is also a comedy routine, with Naomi displaying her unique sense of humor. Check it out below!

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    • yacchaitai

      legend! queen! encore!

    • hasawa

      Naomi Watanabe is one of the very few fashion it-girls that i’m rooting for
      She looks so genuine and approcheable and absolutely doesn’t take herself seriously. The industry need more women like this!

    • I’m Ken
      She’s adorable.

      Its from V6 latest PV I think. More!

      PV angle of that kiss

      Ken was so into her

      • I’m Ken

        I usually don’t read youtube comments but her videos has the nicest comments ever. Even those who have no idea who she is loves her. Naomi conquering the world!

      • T

        Ken is an angel…

      • eplizo

        Bless Ken. I’m jealous of her lol

    • l3012

      I love her so much!!

    • OMG! This was too cute!

      • Ken

        Her eye makeup was fantastic and so simple with just finger blending. Not sure about the lip color though. She was cuter without lol. Its stage makeup but lighter would’ve been lovelier with those strong eyes.

    • Kaido

      Gorgeous woman!

    • What

      She’s putting on eyeshadow like a pro with just her finger, I can’t even do eyeshadow properly with regular brushes without looking like a raccoon in the end :/

      • ChaiChai

        I wish I would look half as good as her everytime I use eyeshadow! I look like someone punched me on both eyes whenever I try smokey or something D:

        • What

          Lol right??? I just wish i could do a simple smokey eye 🙄

    • Neutron

      The eye lashes thing is hilarious, lol

    • Owari Konoyono

      I feel that Fujiyama Naomi (Other Naomi) has advanced to world wide with a sense of young rather than for older audiences in Osaka local.

    • kashiyuka

      i don’t wear makeup but really loved how she actually used her own stuff; all half empty tins and all

    • ilikeit

      It’s good and entertaining.
      Change my perspective a bit on her.