Kiko Mizuhara, Tosaka Hiroomi, Yamada Yu, and More Attend Dior Event in Tokyo

To coincide with the opening of their new store in the new GINZA SIX shopping mall, Christian Dior held two events in Tokyo. The first was a show of the house’s current haute couture collection, followed by a presentation of the men’s Pre-Fall 2017 collection. Various celebrities attended this event, including Kiko Mizuhara, Tosaka Hiroomi, Yamada Yu, Mademoiselle Yulia, Kozue Akimoto, and Hidetoshi Nakata. Check out what they were wearing below!

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    • Thomas

      Whoa, Lauren Tsai, Hiroomi and Kiko look amazing. So does Nakata (the Men’s non-no model and my current disqus avatar) in the Dior Homme promo video 😭

    • eplizo

      So many of these outfits are disasters lol. The videos were nice though.

    • I’m not really a fan of Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior. It just looks like Valentino. As for the bags, someone on PurseBlog said it best: The Bee bags look like Gucci, the J’adore bags look like Moschino, and the Tarot bags look like Olympia Le Tan. While, the Supple Lady Dior just has the structure of a well-loved vintage Lady Dior. There is nothing original, or even remotely Dior, about this collection. Such a complete and utter disaster.

      • hasawa

        As a french girl, i’m utterly embarassed of the current state of our classic fashion houses : Dior, Lanvin (i’m still not over Alber Elbaz messy forced departure), Vionnet… they are all directed lazy designer who can’t live up the cultural richness they embody. Only Chanel (haute couture and not read to wear which is a mess) and lowkey Louis Vuitton are doing okay.
        Some may argue it’s because most of these designers are not french thus they can’t really handle what “élégance à la française” really means (i mean that ‘roman romantism’ Chiuri is pulling out makes sense in Italia, but definitively not in France), but imo it’s more about that the fashion industry right now is pandering to millenials and ‘new rich’ demoraphic (China/east Asia, East Europe) when it’s more about wearing high-end brands with a tacky sense of style than actually having Elegance~ Look how desperate Dolce and Gabbana, the new Gucci and Moschino are currently pandering to them, this is ridiculous ; eventually all these brands are seeking money where it is…

        • I just read this to my co-worker and she nodded in agreement.

    • hasawa

      Jesus ficking Christ all of these women look so dull and/or out of place…
      Only Yuka Mizuhara is giving out some fresh vibes ad i like how she’s rocking that topless outfit even tho the skirt and bad are ugly af) but that’s it

    • PrinceOtaku

      Kiko Mizuhara <3

    • Matcha
    • omg I kept scrolling and it wasn’t ending!

    • HyperMoot .

      even Kiko looks like a doily, ugly collection

    • kashiyuka

      Yamada Yuu slays here.
      Everyone else’s styling is weird. sometimes the fit is nice but the hair/make looks unkempt, and not purposefully so