Kiko Mizuhara Launches Her Own Clothing Line

Kiko Mizuhara celebrated her 27th birthday on Sunday. As part of this celebration, she launched her own clothing line! The line is called OK, short for “Office Kiko.”

OK is designed by Kiko and her sister Yuka. The line is very casual. There are collage-print hoodies and t-shirts which feature drawings and photos of Kiko. There are also accessories! There are black baseball caps embroidered with “Kiko” and OK’s branding. Check out the Kiko’s clothing line below!

❤️ Hi everyone! I have an announcement to make! my new web shop "OK" is finally opened today on my birthday❤️ Me and my sister @ashley_yuka designed for hoodie and T shirt❤️ And photographed by our best girl @monimogi 💕 Hope you guys will check it out ✌🏼 Link in bio!! ➰❣️➰❤️➰❣️➰ 皆さまに告知があります! 今日、私の誕生日の日に、念願のオフィシャルウェブショップがオープンしました!❤️ これから"OK"というブランド名で、服だけではなく、色々なジャンルの物を作っていく予定です! まず第一弾は、パーカーとTシャツとキャップ! Only sweet things シリーズは私のイラスト😚✌🏼 Shake the earth シリーズは妹の佑果 @ashley_yuka がイラストを手がけました! 写真は友達であり、大好きなフォトグラファーの茂木モニカ @monimogi が撮ってくれました❤️ 私のプロフィールからチェックして見てください🙏❤️

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    • hasawa

      I’m a bit sceptical bc it’s not like Kiko shined by her compelling sense of style… Yuka always had more appeal than her on that side.
      The designs look pretty basic but I guess her name will be enough for her to sell… Sruggling fashion designer me is a bit salty about it tbh

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    • Azura Of Ylisse

      She needs to put weight on. She looks unhealthily skinny :/

      • I looked back up at the pictures to see what you were talking about and oh my! Her arms are so thin.

        • Azura Of Ylisse

          It’s worrying. Her and Mirei Kiritani really need to eat more.

    • This looks like those magnets with children’s art that schools sell to parents.

    • Morganalilith

      So her cloting line are basic doodles made by a teenager and her photos or her… on basic clothes… and this are designed by two persons… isn’t she in to fashion?
      her arm is freaking me out… and what the hell is happening with the full laying body photo…

      I swear that every time I see something about this girl, i get more the impression of seeing some instagram snowflake, I don’t get her charisma…

      • hasawa

        “isn’t she in to fashion”
        There’s a HUGE world between being a model and a designer. The problem is when the later start to feel somehow entitled to design (being in reach of useful connections in the industry), and you have those basic dull ass co-brandings/fashion lines models pull out of their *sses and selling them like groundbreaking material while they don’t have any added value whatsoever (concerning that “OK” line I could legit find the same kind of stuff at Zara’s Trafaluc or H&M’s DIVIDED)

        I second you about the charisma as well. She’s one of the dullest monodimensional models out there (that’s probably the reason she didn’t really make it outside Asia) – her only appeal is her being a perfect balance between and Asian and White. I cringe at how overrated she is within the JE fan circles in the West with those screaming “queen Kiko” and shit whenever she gets talked about lol

        • H&M’s DIVIDED

          But there’s a reason these popular Japanese models don’t make it overseas and ones like Mona Matsuoka and Chiharu Okunugi do.

          • oh i’m intrigued by this, can you tell me more? are you saying those popular Japanese models don’t make it to overseas because they don’t have the “appeals” (high cheekbones, sharp jaws, etc) like Mona and Chiharu do?

          • hasawa

            ” there’s a reason these popular Japanese models don’t make it overseas and ones like Mona Matsuoka and Chiharu Okunugi do.”
            Mona and Chiharu are models.
            Kiko is a celebrity happening to model.

      • circe154

        It reminds me of that Kardashian collection that was just the youngest two photoshopped onto t-shirts with 90s rappers on them.

      • Mayura

        Her business model is called Milking Fans 101.

        Never mind the designs or quality, her hardcore fans will buy simply because they are into HER, not her products.

    • oh

      “There are collage-print hoodies and t-shirts which feature drawings and photos of Kiko.”


    • DHInc

      Maybe the hoodies are an obvious way to hide an eating disorder (her arm is almost E.T like).

      • hasawa

        lol I see everyone freaking out about her arm when I think it’s just the angle tbh…

        • DHInc

          I hope you’re right because doesn’t look healthy at all.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      I was excited cause I like kiko and thought these would be nifty, but dang, these are ugly. also, gurl, your own face and stuff? :/

    • Ya’ll are so dramatic sometimes.

    • Still want to be relevant T_T


    • Jasmine Maris

      Trashy designs. Pass.

    • Karen Khoo

      Following GD’s footsteps aye ;)